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One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

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All Devil Fruit users in One Piece

List of characters in the One Piece manga who obtained the power of a Devil Fruit. Devil Fruits are special fruits that give unique powers to the characters that consume them. They are divided into three main categories: Paramecia, Zoan and Logia. Each user can train to the point of completely mastering the use of their Devil Fruit, unlocking its full power in a state that is known as Awakening. After the user dies, the Devil Fruit consumed is reborn elsewhere, and its power can be obtained by someone else.

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit
AbsalomSuke Suke no MiParamecia
AlpacamanAlpaca SMILESMILE
AlvidaSube Sube no MiParamecia
Azuki(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
BabanukiElephant SMILESMILE
Baby 5Buki Buki no MiParamecia
Bao HuangFlying Squirrel SMILESMILE
Bartholomew KumaNikyu Nikyu no MiParamecia
BartolomeoBari Bari no MiParamecia
Basil HawkinsWara Wara no MiParamecia
BellamyBane Bane no MiParamecia
Belo BettyKobu Kobu no MiParamecia
BenthamMane Mane no MiParamecia
BianMushi Mushi no Mi, Model: SuzumebachiZoan
Black MariaKumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale GrauvogeliZoan (Ancient)
BlamencoPoke Poke no MiParamecia
BluenoDoa Doa no MiParamecia
Boa HancockMero Mero no MiParamecia
Boa MarigoldHebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King CobraZoan
Boa SandersoniaHebi Hebi no Mi, Model: AnacondaZoan
BorsalinoPika Pika no MiLogia
BriscolaGorilla SMILESMILE
BrookYomi Yomi no MiParamecia
BuffaloGuru Guru no MiParamecia
BuggyBara Bara no MiParamecia
BunbukuInu Inu no Mi, Model: TanukiZoan
Caesar ClownGasu Gasu no MiLogia
CaimanladyCaiman SMILESMILE
Capone BegeShiro Shiro no MiParamecia
CaribouNuma Numa no MiLogia
CarmelSoru Soru no MiParamecia
Catarina DevonInu Inu no Mi, Model: KyubiZoan (Mythical)
ChakaInu Inu no Mi, Model: JackalZoan
Charlotte BrûléeMira Mira no MiParamecia
Charlotte CrackerBisu Bisu no MiParamecia
Charlotte DaifukuHoya Hoya no MiParamecia
Charlotte GaletteBata Bata no MiParamecia
Charlotte KatakuriMochi Mochi no MiParamecia (Special)
Charlotte LinlinSoru Soru no MiParamecia
Charlotte Mont-d'OrBuku Buku no MiParamecia
Charlotte NewshiGocha Gocha no MiParamecia
Charlotte OperaKuri Kuri no MiParamecia
Charlotte OvenNetsu Netsu no MiParamecia
Charlotte PerosperoPero Pero no MiParamecia
Charlotte PuddingMemo Memo no MiParamecia
Charlotte SmoothieShibo Shibo no MiParamecia
CrocodileSuna Suna no MiLogia
DachomanOstrich SMILESMILE
DaifugoScorpion SMILESMILE
DaltonUshi Ushi no Mi, Model: BisonZoan
Daz BonezSupa Supa no MiParamecia
DiamanteHira Hira no MiParamecia
Donquixote DoflamingoIto Ito no MiParamecia
Donquixote RosinanteNagi Nagi no MiParamecia
DrophyMogu Mogu no MiZoan
Edward NewgateGura Gura no MiParamecia
Emporio IvankovHoru Horu no MiParamecia
EnelGoro Goro no MiLogia
Eustass KidJiki Jiki no MiParamecia
FourtricksChicken SMILESMILE
FoxyNoro Noro no MiParamecia
FunkfreedZou Zou no MiZoan
GaldinoDoru Doru no MiParamecia
GazellemanGazelle SMILESMILE
Gecko MoriaKage Kage no MiParamecia
GemBomu Bomu no MiParamecia
Genrin(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
GiollaAto Ato no MiParamecia
GladiusPamu Pamu no MiParamecia
HamletGiraffe SMILESMILE
Han(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
HinaOri Ori no MiParamecia
InazumaChoki Choki no MiParamecia
IsshoZushi Zushi no MiParamecia
JabraInu Inu no Mi, Model: WolfZoan
JackZou Zou no Mi, Model: MammothZoan (Ancient)
Jewelry Bonney(unknown)Paramecia
Joy BoyGomu Gomu no Mi
(aka Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika)
Zoan (Mythical)
JozuKira Kira no MiParamecia
KabuMushi Mushi no Mi, Model: KabutomushiZoan
KaidouUo Uo no Mi, Model: SeiryuZoan (Mythical)
KakuUshi Ushi no Mi, Model: GiraffeZoan
KalifaAwa Awa no MiParamecia
Kelly FunkJake Jake no MiParamecia
KillerElephant SMILESMILE (Failed)
Kin'emonFuku Fuku no MiParamecia
KingRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: PteranodonZoan (Ancient)
Koito(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
Kozuki Momonosuke(unknown)Zoan (Artificial)
Kozuki TokiToki Toki no MiParamecia
Kurozumi HigurashiMane Mane no MiParamecia
Kurozumi KanjuroFude Fude no MiParamecia
Kurozumi OrochiHebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no OrochiZoan (Mythical)
Kurozumi SemimaruBari Bari no MiParamecia
KuzanHie Hie no MiLogia
LassooInu Inu no Mi, Model: DachshundZoan
LeoNui Nui no MiParamecia
MachviseTon Ton no MiParamecia
MadillomanArmadillo SMILESMILE
MagellanDoku Doku no MiParamecia
MansherryChiyu Chiyu no MiParamecia
MarcoTori Tori no Mi, Model PhoenixZoan (Mythical)
Marshall D. TeachGura Gura no MiParamecia
Marshall D. TeachYami Yami no MiLogia
MikitaKilo Kilo no MiParamecia
MizerkaGorilla SMILESMILE
MonetYuki Yuki no MiLogia
Monkey D. LuffyGomu Gomu no Mi
(aka Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika)
Zoan (Mythical)
MorgansTori Tori no Mi, Model: AlbatrossZoan
MorleyOshi Oshi no MiParamecia
MousemanMouse SMILESMILE
Nico RobinHana Hana no MiParamecia
Noriko(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
Nure-OnnaHognose Snake SMILESMILE
OnimaruHito Hito no Mi, Model: OnyudoZoan (Mythical)
Page OneRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: SpinosaurusZoan (Ancient)
PandamanPanda SMILESMILE
PekomsKame Kame no MiZoan
PellTori Tori no Mi, Model: FalconZoan
PeronaHoro Horo no MiParamecia
PicaIshi Ishi no MiParamecia
PierreUma Uma no MiZoan
PokerRattlesnake SMILESMILE
Portgas D. AceMera Mera no MiLogia
QueenRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: BrachiosaurusZoan (Ancient)
RabbitmanRabbit SMILESMILE
RaizoMaki Maki no MiParamecia
Rob LucciNeko Neko no Mi, Model: LeopardZoan
SaboMera Mera no MiLogia
SakazukiMagu Magu no MiLogia
Saki(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
Sanjuan Wolf(unknown)Paramecia
SarahebiSnake SMILESMILE
SasakiRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: TriceratopsZoan (Ancient)
Scratchmen ApooOto Oto no MiParamecia
SengokuHito Hito no Mi, Model: DaibutsuZoan (Mythical)
Senor PinkSui Sui no MiParamecia
SharinguruShari Shari no MiParamecia
SheepsheadSheep SMILESMILE
ShikiFuwa Fuwa no MiParamecia
ShinobuJuku Juku no MiParamecia
ShiryuSuke Suke no MiParamecia
ShuSabi Sabi no MiParamecia
SmileySara Sara no Mi, Model: AxolotlZoan
SmokerMoku Moku no MiLogia
SnakemanSnake SMILESMILE
SolitaireMonkey SMILESMILE
StreusenKuku Kuku no MiParamecia
SugarHobi Hobi no MiParamecia
Tama (Human)Kibi Kibi no MiParamecia
TamagoTama Tama no MiZoan
Tenjo-SagariWhite Snake SMILESMILE
Toko(unknown)SMILE (Failed)
Tony Tony ChopperHito Hito no MiZoan
Trafalgar D. Water LawOpe Ope no MiParamecia
TrebolBeta Beta no MiParamecia
Tsuru (Marine)Woshu Woshu no MiParamecia
UltiRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: PachycephalosaurusZoan (Ancient)
Vander Decken IXMato Mato no MiParamecia
Very GoodBeri Beri no MiParamecia
ViolaGiro Giro no MiParamecia
WapolBaku Baku no MiParamecia
Who's-WhoNeko Neko no Mi, Model: SabertoothZoan (Ancient)
X DrakeRyu Ryu no Mi, Model: AllosaurusZoan (Ancient)
YamatoInu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no MakamiZoan (Mythical)
ZalaToge Toge no MiParamecia

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