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One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

Prices of various things in One Piece

This list presents the prices of various things from the One Piece universe in Belly, the series currency. If you are interested in knowing the bounties, please check our complete list of bounties!

1Value set by Doflamingo to sell Dressrosa฿10,000,000,000
2Ope Ope no Mi฿5,000,000,000
3Value bid by Charlos on Camie฿500,000,000
4New Ship (minimum)฿300,000,000
4Value stolen by Straw Hats on Sky Island฿300,000,000
6Adam Wood (black market)฿200,000,000
6Value stolen by the Franky Family from the Straw Hats฿200,000,000
8Devil Fruits (average)฿100,000,000
8Second-hand Ship฿100,000,000
8Information on Lunarian whereabouts฿100,000,000
8Value set by Arlong to sell Cocoyasi Village฿100,000,000
12Merfolk female slaves฿70,000,000
13Giant male slaves฿50,000,000
14Wado Ichimonji sword (at least)฿10,000,000
14Giant female slaves฿10,000,000
14Merfolk parted female฿10,000,000
17Sandai Kitetsu sword฿1,000,000
17Fish-Men slaves฿1,000,000
17Merfolk male slaves฿1,000,000
20Dwarve slaves฿700,000
20Mink Tribe slaves฿700,000
20Longarm Tribe slaves฿700,000
20Longleg Tribe slaves฿700,000
20Snakeneck Tribe slaves฿700,000
25Human slaves฿500,000
26Log Pose฿100,000
26Bell-mère life savings฿100,000
26Extorted money by Arlong (adult)฿100,000
29Lowest quality sword฿50,000
29Extorted money by Arlong (chuld)฿50,000
31Nami's jacket฿28,800
32A full course meal at Baratie฿13,000
33Bon Chari฿10,000
33Doskoi Panda brand shirt฿10,000
35Yagara Bull for two (rental)฿1,000
36Franky's "battle underpants"฿880
37Foxy's Exclusive Pin Badge฿800
38Davy Back Fight's cotton candy฿500
38Bon Chari (rental)฿500
38Hachi's Takoyaki฿500
41Normal Pin Badge฿300
42One cabbage฿150
43Newspaper copy฿100
44Genzo's pinwheel฿50
451 Extol (Skypiea currencie)฿0.0001

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