One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 1997. This manga already has more than 1000 released chapters, and is close to reaching the mark of 100 published volumes, which tell the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates over 9 sagas and more than 30 arcs. One Piece has already been adapted to an animated series (with some filler episodes), several movies, special episodes, OVAs, omakes, featurettes, among other productions.

One Piece characters

This list features characters that appear in the One Piece manga. Characters introduced only in the One Piece anime, movies, TV Specials, fillers, or other non-canon material will not appear in this list. One Piece characters can be categorized by age, alias, birthday, blood type, bounty, devil fruit, epithet, faction, favorite/least favorite food, gender, haki, height, hometown, laugh, race or weapon.

All birthdays of One Piece characters

This list shows the days and months when the characters in the One Piece manga celebrate their birthday.

A O(01) January15
Absalom(12) December30
Acrobatic Fuwas(07) July13
Agyo(11) November29
Aisa(01) January3
Akumai(12) December27
Aladdin(01) January31
Albion(11) November9
Alvida(03) March14
Amadob(06) June20
Amazon(08) August4
An Zengaiina(01) January31
And(03) March31
Andre(05) May19
Anjo(01) January1
Ankoro(11) November23
Antonio(01) January21
Aphelandra(08) August1
Arlong(05) May3
Atmos(03) March19
Avalo Pizarro(09) September30
Babe(06) June19
Baby 5(05) May15
Bacura(11) November29
Bakkin(04) April12
Banchina(12) December17
Bartholomew Kuma(02) February9
Bartolomeo(10) October6
Bas(03) March30
Basil Hawkins(09) September9
Bastille(07) July14
Batchee(07) July1
Bell-mère(12) December3
Belladonna(10) October26
Bellamy(08) August7
Belo Betty(06) June15
Benn Beckman(11) November9
Bentham(08) August15
Bepo(11) November20
Big Pan(05) May25
Bizarre(02) February3
Blamenco(02) February5
Blenheim(08) August6
Blondie(02) February6
Blue Fan(07) July11
Bluegilly(11) November27
Bluejam(02) February16
Blueno(04) April20
Boa Hancock(09) September2
Boa Marigold(09) September5
Boa Sandersonia(09) September3
Bobby Funk(02) February19
Bomba(08) August14
Boo(08) August20
Boodle(01) January16
Borsalino(11) November23
Bourbon Jr.(04) April8
Braham(10) October10
Brannew(09) September3
Brogy(02) February1
Brontosaurus(11) November19
Brook(04) April3
Buchi(02) February7
Buffalo(04) April8
Buggy(08) August8
Byron(12) December18
Cabaji(09) September8
Caesar Clown(04) April9
Camie(11) November3
Candre(05) May19
Candy(06) June14
Capone Bege(01) January17
Capone Pez(01) January22
Capote(05) May1
Caribou(07) July4
Carmel(12) December21
Carne(02) February9
Carrot(05) May24
Catarina Devon(03) March29
Cavendish(08) August31
Cerberus(11) November29
Chabo(06) June14
Chadros Higelyges(02) February3
Chaka(04) April26
Charlotte Akimeg(12) December2
Charlotte Allmeg(12) December2
Charlotte Amande(12) December10
Charlotte Anana(04) April17
Charlotte Angel(02) February28
Charlotte Anglais(10) October19
Charlotte Basskarte(01) January23
Charlotte Bavarois(10) October29
Charlotte Broyé(12) December26
Charlotte Brûlée(03) March6
Charlotte Cabaletta(09) September29
Charlotte Cadenza(09) September29
Charlotte Chiffon(01) January27
Charlotte Cinnamon(10) October12
Charlotte Citron(10) October12
Charlotte Compote(10) October15
Charlotte Cornstarch(12) December16
Charlotte Counter(09) September29
Charlotte Cracker(02) February28
Charlotte Custard(02) February28
Charlotte Daifuku(11) November25
Charlotte Dolce(02) February21
Charlotte Dosmarche(01) January23
Charlotte Dragée(02) February21
Charlotte Effilée(12) December10
Charlotte Flampe(02) February11
Charlotte Fuyumeg(12) December2
Charlotte Gala(09) September29
Charlotte Galette(10) October19
Charlotte Hachée(12) December10
Charlotte Harumeg(12) December2
Charlotte Joscarpone(02) February27
Charlotte Katakuri(11) November25
Charlotte Linlin(02) February15
Charlotte Lola(01) January27
Charlotte Maple(11) November17
Charlotte Marble(11) November17
Charlotte Marnier(12) December20
Charlotte Mascarpone(02) February27
Charlotte Mash(12) December16
Charlotte Mobile(11) November17
Charlotte Mondée(12) December10
Charlotte Mont-d'Or(04) April23
Charlotte Moscato(12) December16
Charlotte Mozart(12) December20
Charlotte Myukuru(11) November17
Charlotte Newgo(12) December2
Charlotte Newichi(12) December2
Charlotte Newji(12) December2
Charlotte Newsan(12) December2
Charlotte Newshi(12) December2
Charlotte Noisette(12) December15
Charlotte Nusstorte(01) January23
Charlotte Nutmeg(12) December2
Charlotte Opera(09) September29
Charlotte Oven(11) November25
Charlotte Perospero(03) March14
Charlotte Poire(10) October19
Charlotte Praline(07) July22
Charlotte Prim(07) July22
Charlotte Pudding(06) June25
Charlotte Raisin(03) March23
Charlotte Smoothie(10) October12
Charlotte Snack(10) October29
Charlotte Yuen(10) October15
Chess(07) July20
Chew(05) May23
Chicken(02) February8
Chief(10) October4
Chimney(06) June2
Chinjao(12) December12
Chocolat(09) September21
Chouchou(11) November22
Clione(02) February17
Clover(04) April8
Cocoa(11) November7
Cocox(02) February19
Coffee Monkeys(11) November14
Columbus(05) May16
Comil(10) October1
Concelot(11) November2
Conis(05) May20
Corgi(08) August25
Coribou(05) May2
Cosette(05) May2
Cosmos(09) September26
Cowboy(04) April12
Crocodile(09) September5
Crocus(01) January4
Curiel(09) September12
Curly Dadan(08) August30
Dagama(09) September26
Daigin(08) August24
Daisy(02) February15
Dalmatian(11) November1
Dalton(06) June10
Daruma(07) July8
Daz Bones(01) January1
Decalvan Brother #1(05) May22
Decalvan Brother #2(05) May22
Delacuaji(09) September1
Dellinger(08) August11
Demaro Black(05) May5
Den(10) October10
Devil Dias(09) September18
Diamante(05) May29
Dirt Boss(08) August4
Disco(06) June12
Doberman(10) October8
Doc Q(10) October18
Dogra(12) December19
Doma(02) February1
Domino(10) October30
Domo-kun(01) January30
Donquixote Doflamingo(10) October23
Donquixote Mjosgard(12) December13
Donquixote Rosinante(07) July15
Dorry(10) October2
Dosun(10) October9
Dracule Mihawk(03) March9
Dragon Number Thirteen(06) June3
Drip(10) October22
Drophy(12) December25
Drug Peclo(09) September29
Du Feld(12) December29
Duval(08) August11
Edward Newgate(04) April6
Edward Weevil(12) December10
Elizabello II(02) February2
Elmy(06) June30
Emporio Ivankov(01) January8
Enel(05) May6
Enishida(02) February24
Epoida(06) June4
Époni(08) August2
Eustass Kid(01) January10
Farul(08) August29
Faust(12) December13
Fighting Bull(04) April21
Fisher Tiger(11) November5
Flapper(07) July28
Forest Boss(04) April10
Fossa(04) April15
Foxy(04) April4
Franky(03) March9
Fukaboshi(02) February4
Fukurou(06) June29
Fullbody(09) September7
Funkfreed(04) April28
Fuza(02) February3
Gaimon(08) August5
Galdino(03) March3
Gambia(02) February18
Gan Fall(12) December22
Gatz(08) August26
Gecko Moria(09) September6
Gedatsu(08) August10
Gem(07) July26
Genbo(02) February9
General Franky(01) January8
Genzo(06) June17
Gerd(02) February25
Giberson(08) August14
Gin(04) April7
Ginrummy(01) January23
Giolla(01) January25
Giovanni(07) July20
Gladius(08) August6
Gloriosa(02) February4
Going Merry(01) January22
Gol D. Roger(12) December31
Goldberg(05) May11
Gomorrah(08) August6
Gonbe(02) February8
Gorilla(05) May18
Goro(11) November26
Gotti(05) May21
Gyoru(03) March7
Gyro(06) June22
Hack (Fishmen)(08) August9
Hajrudin(08) August12
Ham Burger(07) July20
Hamburg(02) February22
Hammond(07) July17
Hanger(09) September23
Hannyabal(08) August28
Haredas(10) October14
Haruta(02) February4
Hatchan(08) August8
Hattori(08) August10
Heat(12) December1
Helmeppo(07) July16
Henohenounchi(02) February19
Heppoko(09) September2
Heracles(05) May10
Higuma(11) November18
Hikoichi(05) May1
Hiluluk(01) January12
Hina(03) March3
Hocker(05) May17
Hody Jones(04) April14
Hoe(09) September13
Hogback(12) December19
Hoichael(07) July18
Holy(11) November7
Hotori(03) March10
Hustle(07) July28
Hyouzou(04) April18
Iceburg(01) January3
Ideaman(03) March17
Ideo(10) October10
Igaram(12) December6
Ikaros Much(01) January13
Ikkaku(12) December7
Inazuma(08) August3
Indigo(12) December5
Inuarashi(10) October11
Inuppe(12) December16
Ipponmatsu(01) January31
Ipponume(12) December1
Ishilly(05) May4
Island Eater(04) April21
Islewan(01) January1
Issho(08) August10
Itomimizu(01) January11
Ivan X(01) January8
Izo(10) October13
Jabra(06) June5
Jack(09) September28
Jaguar D. Saul(03) March6
Jango(12) December28
Jarul(12) December8
Jean Ango(08) August14
Jean Bart(04) April6
Jean Goen(09) September24
Jerry(02) February22
Jesus Burgess(12) December25
Jewelry Bonney(09) September1
Jigoro (Zombie)(02) February21
Jinbe(04) April2
John Giant(05) May19
Johnny(11) November12
Jorul(12) December4
Jozu(11) November11
Judy(11) November2
Kabu(07) July1
Kadar(07) July29
Kagikko(10) October27
Kaido(05) May1
Kairiken(01) January24
Kaku(08) August7
Kalgara(10) October4
Kalifa(04) April23
Kamakiri(07) July10
Kaneshiro(12) December2
Karma(06) June6
Karoo(11) November8
Kashigami(11) November4
Kashii(04) April1
Kawamatsu(06) June14
Kaya(08) August24
Kelly Funk(12) December9
Kentauros(11) November23
Kerville(04) April1
Kikyo(07) July27
Killer(02) February2
Kin'emon(01) January29
Kinderella(01) January20
Kingbaum(07) July13
Kingdew(11) November13
Kiwi(09) September1
Koala(10) October25
Koby(05) May13
Kokoro(10) October5
Kong(05) May9
Kotori(03) March10
Koushirou(05) May4
Koza(05) May26
Koze(05) May27
Kozuki Momonosuke(10) October7
Kozuki Oden(02) February22
Krieg(09) September19
Kuina(09) September17
Kumadori(02) February20
Kumashi(09) September4
Kumate Tribe(09) September29
Kuro(04) April22
Kuromarimo(01) January26
Kuroobi(10) October25
Kurozumi Kanjuro(07) July21
Kuzan(09) September21
Kyros(09) September22
Kyuin(05) May30
Laboon(09) September16
Lacroix(06) June8
Lacuba(05) May31
Laffitte(03) March13
Lao G(10) October7
Lassoo(01) January4
Leo(07) July24
Lines(12) December27
Little Oars Jr.(02) February12
Lord of the Coast(09) September14
Louis Arnote(12) December20
Lucky Roux(07) July6
Machvise(08) August13
Macro (Fishmen)(09) September6
Magellan(10) October9
Magra(10) October30
Makino(02) February23
Mamboshi(03) March30
Manjaro(09) September9
Mansherry(01) January28
Mansion's Guards(07) July1
Marco(10) October5
Marguerite(04) April9
Marianne(04) April29
Marie(11) November2
Marin(10) October17
Marine "Grand Line" Fifth Branch(05) May5
Marshall D. Teach(08) August3
Mashikaku(12) December26
Masira(03) March4
Maskeredomo Bird(12) December8
Matsuge(08) August17
Maynard(05) May7
McGuy(09) September3
Megalo(04) April8
Merry(01) January22
Michael(07) July18
Mikazuki(02) February10
Mikio Itoo(03) March26
Mikita(02) February14
Minister of the Left(07) July2
Minister of the Right(04) April5
Minokoala(03) March5
Minorhinoceros(03) March1
Minoruba(02) February18
Minotaurus(03) March4
Minozebra(03) March7
Miss Catherina(03) March23
Miss Father's Day(06) June21
Miss Friday(01) January21
Miss Monday(01) January24
Miyagi(12) December22
Mocha(06) June28
Moda(06) June1
Mohji(10) October1
Momonga(06) June6
Momoo(04) April9
Monda(04) April3
Monet(08) August27
Monkey D. Dragon(10) October5
Monkey D. Garp(05) May2
Monkey D. Luffy(05) May5
Monster(10) October31
Mont Blanc Cricket(09) September11
Mont Blanc Noland(10) October9
Moodie(11) November17
Morgan(04) April13
Morgans(07) July14
Mornin(10) October15
Motobaro(08) August19
Motzel(09) September7
Mounblutain(01) January9
Mousse(06) June3
Mozu(01) January7
Mr. 11(11) November21
Mr. 13(05) May17
Mr. 9(09) September27
Mr. Beans(02) February24
Mr. Shimizu(12) December11
Mr Snowman(02) February18
Mummy Mee(11) November21
Nako(07) July1
Nami Fishman(07) July3
Nami(07) July3
Namur(07) July6
Napoleon(12) December2
Nefertari Cobra(02) February13
Nefertari Vivi(02) February2
Negikuma Maria(11) November14
Nekomamushi(11) November22
Neptune(07) July3
Nerine(12) December15
Nero(01) January26
Nezumi(12) December12
Nico Olvia(02) February6
Nico Robin(02) February6
Ninjin(02) February2
Noble Croc(10) October17
Nojiko(07) July25
Nola(03) March10
Nora Gitsune(04) April10
Nugire Yainu(07) July18
Nyasha(05) May28
Oars (Zombie)(10) October4
Oars(10) October4
Octopako(08) August5
Ohm(03) March25
Oimo(01) January6
Onigumo(02) February8
Orlumbus(06) June23
Otohime(01) January10
Packy(12) December9
Pagaya(08) August17
Palms(03) March11
Panda Shark(08) August29
Pandaman(02) February29
Pandawoman(02) February29
Pankuta Dakeyan(06) June29
Pansy(07) July20
Pappag(09) September21
Pascia(02) February21
Patty(03) March12
Paulie(07) July8
Peachbeard(03) March27
Pearl(07) July11
Pedro(06) June16
Peepley Lulu(01) January2
Pekoms(04) April11
Pell(08) August23
Penguin(04) April25
Peppoko(09) September2
Perona(06) June7
Peterman(01) January4
Pica(12) December14
Pickles(01) January9
Pierre(10) October8
Piiman(04) April9
Pinky(09) September29
Pisaro(08) August14
Poppoko(09) September2
Poppy(05) May17
Porche(11) November16
Porchemy(04) April3
Poro(05) May11
Portgas D. Ace(01) January1
Portgas D. Rouge(06) June10
Pound(08) August21
Prometheus(07) July19
Pudding Pudding(05) May16
Raideen(11) November14
Raizo(02) February26
Raki(07) July7
Rakuyo(09) September8
Ramba(07) July10
Ran(11) November24
Rebecca(08) August4
Richie(07) July23
Rika(06) June18
Riku Doldo III(06) June27
Rindo(09) September16
Ripper(06) June13
Ririka(11) November15
Road(02) February19
Rob Lucci(06) June2
Rock (Yeti)(12) December11
Rockstar(06) June9
Rokkaku(06) June19
Ronse(06) June2
Roronoa Zoro(11) November11
Roshio(06) June15
Roxanne(01) January23
Ryuboshi(06) June24
Ryuma (Zombie)(11) November6
Sabo(03) March20
Sadi(03) March5
Sai(08) August13
Saint Charlos(06) June1
Saint Jalmack(11) November9
Saint Rosward(06) June28
Saint Shalria(03) March29
Sakazuki(08) August16
Saldeath(06) June8
Salome(03) March6
Sam(10) October21
Samurai Batts(03) March8
Sanjuan Wolf(03) March2
Sapi(03) March22
Sarie Nantokanette(07) July31
Sarquiss(07) July12
Saru(03) March28
Satori(03) March10
Scarlett(10) October28
Scotch (Yeti)(12) December11
Scratchmen Apoo(03) March19
Sea Bunny(10) October19
Sengoku(05) May9
Senor Pink(06) June12
Sentomaru(03) March10
Seto(07) July16
Shachi(04) April7
Shakuyaku(05) May8
Sham(04) April19
Shanba(11) November8
Shanks(03) March9
Sheepshead(06) June6
Shelly(10) October31
Shiki(03) March20
Shimotsuki Ryuma(11) November6
Shioyaki(03) March27
Shirahoshi(04) April4
Shirley(09) September9
Shiryu(06) June11
Shishilian(04) April4
Shoujou(05) May8
Shura(09) September20
Sicily(06) June5
Silvers Rayleigh(05) May13
Smiley(07) July18
Smoker(03) March14
Sodom(08) August6
Soro(11) November11
Spacey(03) March21
Spandam(03) March11
Spandine(01) January19
Speed Jiru(04) April6
Splash(01) January18
Splatter(01) January18
Spoil(09) September15
Squard(09) September6
Stalker(09) September28
Stansen(05) May27
Sterry(03) March12
Stomp(10) October10
Strawberry(01) January5
Streusen(04) April27
Stronger(04) April16
Stussy(04) April24
Sugar(10) October22
Suleiman(01) January30
Superhuman Domingo(02) February19
Surume(06) June9
Suu(09) September24
Sweet Pea(01) January14
T Bone(09) September10
Tacos(12) December9
Take(08) August21
Tamachibi(06) June17
Tamago(05) May14
Tamanegi(04) April10
Tank Lepanto(11) November28
Taroimo(10) October16
Tashigi(10) October6
Terracotta(09) September25
Thalassa Lucas(07) July27
Thatch(03) March24
The Snow Queen(02) February18
Thousand Sunny(03) March25
Tibany(06) June19
Tightrope Funan Bros.(02) February25
Tilestone(01) January6
Tom(03) March16
Tonjit(10) October2
Tony Tony Chopper(12) December24
Toto(06) June17
Trafalgar D. Water Law(10) October6
Trebol(03) March18
Tsukimi(08) August15
Tsuru (Marine)(03) March26
Turco(10) October29
Tyrannosaurus(10) October20
Ukkari(02) February17
Umit(09) September23
Urouge(08) August1
Usopp(04) April1
Van Augur(10) October5
Vander Decken IX(08) August22
Vasco Shot(08) August5
Vegapunk(08) August9
Vergo(07) July5
Very Good(09) September10
Victoria Cindry (Zombie)(05) May4
Victoria Cindry(05) May4
Vinsmoke Ichiji(03) March2
Vinsmoke Judge(05) May12
Vinsmoke Niji(03) March2
Vinsmoke Reiju(11) November30
Vinsmoke Sanji(03) March2
Vinsmoke Sora(07) July9
Vinsmoke Yonji(03) March2
Viola(04) April30
Vista(02) February5
Vito(10) October21
Wadatsumi(02) February9
Wanda(11) November1
Wanze(09) September4
Wapol(08) August9
Whitey Bay(10) October31
Wire(07) July18
Woop Slap(02) February28
Wyper(08) August18
X Drake(10) October24
Yama(10) October3
Yamakaji(04) April5
Yamato(11) November3
Yasopp(08) August2
Yorki(04) April9
Yosaku(11) November10
Yu(07) July19
Yuda #1(12) December7
Yuda #2(12) December7
Yuki(12) December17
Zala(07) July30
Zambai(03) March8
Zeff(04) April2
Zeo(11) November11
Zeus(06) June26
Zunesha(12) December18