List of One Piece Volumes

One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

All One Piece volumes

This list shows all currently published volumes of One Piece. For each volume, the original publication date, and the number of chapters and pages it includes are mentioned.

1Romance Dawn - The Dawn of the AdventureDecember 24, 19972088[Buy on Amazon]
2Versus!! The Buggy Pirate CrewApril 3, 19982009[Buy on Amazon]
3Things That Can't Be FakedJune 4, 19982009[Buy on Amazon]
4Crescent MoonAugust 4, 19981929[Buy on Amazon]
5For Whom the Bell TollsOctober 2, 19981929[Buy on Amazon]
6The OathDecember 3, 19981929[Buy on Amazon]
7Old FartMarch 4, 19991929[Buy on Amazon]
8I Ain't Gonna DieApril 30, 19991929[Buy on Amazon]
9TearsJuly 2, 199920810[Buy on Amazon]
10OK, Let's Stand Up!October 4, 19991929[Buy on Amazon]
11Greatest Evil of the EastDecember 2, 19991929[Buy on Amazon]
12The Legend Has BegunFebruary 2, 20001929[Buy on Amazon]
13It's Okay!!!April 28, 20001929[Buy on Amazon]
14InstinctJuly 4, 20001929[Buy on Amazon]
15Straight Ahead!!!September 4, 200021610[Buy on Amazon]
16Inherited WillDecember 4, 20001929[Buy on Amazon]
17Hiluluk's SakuraFebruary 2, 200120810[Buy on Amazon]
18Introducing AceApril 4, 200122411[Buy on Amazon]
19RebellionJuly 4, 200121610[Buy on Amazon]
20The End Will Be in AlubarnaSeptember 4, 200121610
21Ideal NationDecember 4, 20011929[Buy on Amazon]
22Hope!!February 4, 200221610[Buy on Amazon]
23Vivi's AdventureApril 4, 200223211[Buy on Amazon]
24A Man's DreamJuly 4, 200221610
25The Hundred Million ManSeptember 4, 200221610[Buy on Amazon]
26Adventure on God's IslandDecember 4, 200220010[Buy on Amazon]
27OvertureFebruary 4, 20031929[Buy on Amazon]
28Wiper the "Berserker"May 1, 20031929[Buy on Amazon]
29OratorioJuly 4, 200323211[Buy on Amazon]
30CapriccioOctober 3, 200321610[Buy on Amazon]
31I'm Right HereDecember 19, 200321610[Buy on Amazon]
32Love SongMarch 4, 200421610[Buy on Amazon]
33Davy Back Fight!!June 4, 200423211[Buy on Amazon]
34The Water Metropolis, Water 7August 4, 200423211[Buy on Amazon]
35CaptainNovember 4, 20041929[Buy on Amazon]
36The 9th JusticeFebruary 4, 2005 21610[Buy on Amazon]
37Tom-sanApril 28, 200523211[Buy on Amazon]
38Rocketman!!July 4, 200521610[Buy on Amazon]
39StruggleNovember 4, 200521610[Buy on Amazon]
40GearDecember 26, 200523211[Buy on Amazon]
41Declaration of WarApril 4, 200623211[Buy on Amazon]
42Pirates vs. CP9July 4, 200621610[Buy on Amazon]
43The Legendary HeroSeptember 4, 2006 22410[Buy on Amazon]
44Let's ReturnDecember 4, 200623211[Buy on Amazon]
45Understanding Your FeelingsMarch 2, 200721610[Buy on Amazon]
46Adventure on the Ghost IslandJuly 4, 20072009[Buy on Amazon]
47Cloudy With a Small Chance of BoneSeptember 4, 200722410[Buy on Amazon]
48Oars' AdventureDecember 4, 2007 23211[Buy on Amazon]
49Nightmare LuffyMarch 4, 200823211[Buy on Amazon]
50Arriving Once AgainJune 4, 200821610[Buy on Amazon]
51The 11 SupernovasSeptember 4, 200823211[Buy on Amazon]
52Roger and RayleighDecember 4, 200821610[Buy on Amazon]
53A King's DispositionMarch 4, 200921610[Buy on Amazon]
54No One Can Stop This NowJune 4, 200921610[Buy on Amazon]
55Okama in HellSeptember 4, 20092009[Buy on Amazon]
56Thank YouDecember 4, 200921610[Buy on Amazon]
57Conflict at the SummitMarch 4, 201021611[Buy on Amazon]
58I Call the Name of This Age "Whitebeard"June 4, 201021611[Buy on Amazon]
59Portgas D. Ace DiesAugust 4, 201021611[Buy on Amazon]
60My Little BrotherNovember 4, 201021610[Buy on Amazon]
61Romance Dawn for the new worldFebruary 4, 20112089[Buy on Amazon]
62Adventure on Fishman IslandMay 2, 201121611[Buy on Amazon]
63Otohime and TigerAugust 4, 201123212[Buy on Amazon]
64100,000 vs. 10November 4, 201122410[Buy on Amazon]
65To ZeroFebruary 3, 201221610[Buy on Amazon]
66The Path Towards the SunMay 2, 201221610[Buy on Amazon]
67Cool FightAugust 3, 201223211[Buy on Amazon]
68Pirate AllianceNovember 2, 201223211[Buy on Amazon]
69SADMarch 4, 201324812[Buy on Amazon]
70Doflamingo AppearsJune 4, 201321610[Buy on Amazon]
71Colosseum of RascalsAugust 2, 201321611[Buy on Amazon]
72The Forgotten of DressrosaNovember 1, 201321610[Buy on Amazon]
73Operation Dressrosa SOPMarch 4, 201421610[Buy on Amazon]
74I'll Always Be By Your SideJune 4, 201423211[Buy on Amazon]
75My RepaymentSeptember 4, 201420810[Buy on Amazon]
76Leave It and Go AheadDecember 27, 201421611[Buy on Amazon]
77SmileApril 3, 201523212[Buy on Amazon]
78The Charisma of EvilJuly 3, 201521610[Buy on Amazon]
79Lucy!!October 3, 201520010[Buy on Amazon]
80Opening DeclarationDecember 28, 201521611[Buy on Amazon]
81Let's Go See Master NekomamushiApril 4, 201620810[Buy on Amazon]
82A World AbuzzJuly 4, 201622411[Buy on Amazon]
83The Yonko, Charlotte Linlin the PirateNovember 4, 2016 21611[Buy on Amazon]
84Luffy vs. SanjiFebruary 3 2017 20010[Buy on Amazon]
85LiarMay 2 201720010[Buy on Amazon]
86Yonko Assassination PlanAugust 4, 201722411[Buy on Amazon]
87Not SweetNovember 2, 2017 20810[Buy on Amazon]
88LionMarch 2, 201820010[Buy on Amazon]
89Bad End MusicalJune 4, 201821611[Buy on Amazon]
90The Holy Land Mary GeoiseSeptember 4, 201820810[Buy on Amazon]
91Adventure in the Land of SamuraiDecember 4, 201822411[Buy on Amazon]
92The Oiran Komurasaki AppearsMarch 4, 201919210[Buy on Amazon]
93The Star of Ebisu TownJuly 4, 201920811[Buy on Amazon]
94The Warriors' DreamsOctober 4, 201921611[Buy on Amazon]
95Oden's AdventureDecember 28, 201920811[Buy on Amazon]
96I am Oden, and I Was Born to BoilApril 3, 202020010[Buy on Amazon]
97My BibleSeptember 16, 202020010[Buy on Amazon]
98The Brocade of Loyal RetainersFebruary 4, 202120010[Buy on Amazon]
99Straw Hat LuffyJune 4, 202120010[Buy on Amazon]
100HaoshokuSeptember 3, 202122411[Buy on Amazon]
101The Stars Take the StageDecember 3, 202120810[Buy on Amazon]
102The Pivotal ClashApril 4, 202220010
103Warrior of LiberationAugust 4, 202223211
104Shogun of Wano Country, Kozuki MomonosukeNovember 4, 20221929
105Luffy's DreamMarch 3, 202320010
106A Genius's DreamJuly 4, 202320811
107The Hero of LegendNovember 2, 202323212
108Better Off Dead in This WorldMarch 4, 202422412

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