List of One Piece Magazines

One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

All One Piece Magazines

One Piece Magazine is a set of three magazines produced to celebrate One Piece’s 20th anniversary. After the release of these first editions, other issues of the magazine were being released. This list features all One Piece Magazines.

1One Piece Magazine Vol.1July 7, 2017170
2One Piece Magazine Vol.2August 4, 2017170
3One Piece Magazine Vol.3September 1, 2017170
4One Piece Magazine Vol.4October 19, 2018148
5One Piece Magazine Vol.5January 25, 2019156
6One Piece Magazine Vol.6June 17, 2019164
7One Piece Magazine Vol.7August 9, 2019172
8One Piece Magazine Vol.8December 13, 2019172
9One Piece Magazine Vol.9April 24, 2020172
10One Piece Magazine Vol.10September 16, 2020202
11One Piece Magazine Vol.11February 4, 2021204
12One Piece Magazine Vol.12September 2, 2021180
13One Piece Magazine Vol.13December 2, 2021188
14One Piece Magazine Vol.14April 5, 2022188

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