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One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

All One Piece arcs in order

This list presents all One Piece story arcs in order. Each arc shows the number of manga chapters and pages, and anime episodes and minutes. This list also shows the 1st chapter and episode of each arc. Arcs are numbered according to the manga. Arcs with decimal values refer to filler arcs that only appear in the anime. Use this list as a reference to know which chapter and episode each arc begins, and to know which arc is after another.

Start on
Start on
(avg 24)
1Romance Dawn Arc171780.9%13720.3%
2Orange Town Arc8142731.3%451200.5%
3Syrup Village Arc22203961.9%9102400.9%
4Baratie Arc42275142.5%19122881.1%
5Arlong Park Arc69275142.5%31153601.4%
5.1Buggy Side Story Arc0000.0%462480.2%
6Loguetown Arc9651000.5%4861440.5%
6.1Warship Island Arc0000.0%5481920.7%
7Reverse Mountain Arc1015960.5%622480.2%
8Whiskey Peak Arc10691690.8%644960.4%
8.1Koby and Helmeppo Arc0000.0%682480.2%
9Little Garden Arc115152881.4%7081920.7%
10Drum Island Arc130254772.3%78143361.3%
11Alabasta Arc155631,1995.9%92399363.5%
11.1Post-Alabasta Arc0000.0%13151200.5%
11.2Goat Island Arc0000.0%1363720.3%
11.3Ruluka Island Arc0000.0%13951200.5%
12Jaya Arc218193611.8%14492160.8%
13Skypiea Arc237661,2426.1%153431,0323.9%
13.1G-8 Arc0000.0%196112641.0%
14Long Ring Long Land Arc303193651.8%207153601.4%
14.1Ocean's Dream Arc0000.0%22051200.5%
14.2Foxy's Return Arc0000.0%2252480.2%
15Water 7 Arc322531,0094.9%229358403.2%
16Enies Lobby Arc375561,0605.2%264491,1764.4%
17Post-Enies Lobby Arc431112091.0%313133121.2%
17.1Ice Hunter Arc0000.0%326112641.0%
18Thriller Bark Arc442489124.5%337451,0804.1%
18.1Spa Island Arc0000.0%3823720.3%
19Sabaody Archipelago Arc490244562.2%385215041.9%
19.1Special Historical Arc0000.0%4062480.2%
20Amazon Lily Arc514112091.0%408143361.3%
21Impel Down Arc525254732.3%422317442.8%
21.1Little East Blue Arc0000.0%4264960.4%
22Marineford Arc550315292.6%457337923.0%
23Post-War Arc581173171.6%490276482.4%
24Return to Sabaody Arc5985980.5%51761440.5%
25Fishman Island Arc603519334.6%523521,2484.7%
25.1Z's Ambition Arc0000.0%5754960.4%
26Punk Hazard Arc654468564.2%579471,1284.3%
26.1Caesar Retrieval Arc0000.0%6263720.3%
27Dressrosa Arc7001021,8309.0%6291182,83210.7%
27.1Silver Mine Arc0000.0%7474960.4%
28Zou Arc802233971.9%751296962.6%
28.1Marine Rookie Arc0000.0%7803720.3%
29Whole Cake Island Arc825781,3496.6%783952,2808.6%
30Levely Arc90361000.5%878122881.1%
31Wano Country Arc: Act 1909162781.4%890266242.4%
31.1Cidre Guild Arc0000.0%8952480.2%
32Wano Country Arc: Act 2925335602.7%918419843.7%
33Wano Country Arc: Act 39581001,7268.5%9591253,00011.3%
33.1Uta's Past Arc0000.0%10292480.2%
34Egghead Arc1058579414.6%1086204801.8%

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  1. Words cannot express how much I love this site cause now I’m able to know what arc I’m in and how much left I have to watch ❤️

  2. Ay ngl without this I wouldve still been on episode 400-500 because f all them dam FILLERS AUGHHH but I was able to skip them thanks to you 🙂

    • Bro, don’t skip fillers, at least not of One Piece’s. You can skip Buggy’s Side Story, but except that, please don’t skip any. My recommendation is to watch them

  3. one little gripe i have is that the helmeppo and koby arc and buggys adventure and etc is essential in the anime and is still based upon events from OP’s cover storys so listing them as filler is weird to me, could we use letters to distinguish theyre anime canon

  4. Are filler arcs just a way for anime studios to put a footprint on the story? Or would Oda work closely with the studio on those? Thanks anyone who can help me out here

    • fillers are made so that the anime doesnt catch up with the manga; if the studio uses up all the source material they wont have anything to continue animating, so they “fill” it with side stories until theres a comfortable amount of content to animate without running out of the source

      cant animate a story that doesnt exist yet

  5. It’s really good, i’ve been using this every since the fishmen island post-ts, its really useful and now im nearing the whole cake island arc, one issue is that your list is not really updated, im not sure if its based off of dub or sub, but is it possible you can copy it and make another one on the same site that is caught up all the way up to the 1016th episode?

  6. Ok so I don’t wanna be annoying buuutttt can you make the whole “Arc, start chapter,start episode,etc” thing like move down while your scrolling because its kinda a pain to scroll all the way up to see what your tyna look at because you forgot what your looking at XD but if no then thats ok.

    • Neverlacking, I understand what you’re asking, I know it can sometimes be useful. The downside is that adding non-essential features can weigh on the site, which I want to be as light and fast as possible. So I’m not thinking about adding the functionality, at least for now… Perhaps in the future if the need so requires!

    • oh ok lol don’t push yourself because the anime is making fillers here and there…. before I found out about this site I watched that one arc with the dragon and the little girl and like a devil fruit no one talks about anymore aka the whisper whisper fruit.

  7. There is a little mistake between:

    14.2 Foxy’s Return Arc 0 0 0 0.0% 225 2 48 0.2%
    15 Water 7 Arc 322 53 1,009 5.3% 229 35 840 3.5%

    Either the “Foxy’s Return Arc” starts at E225 and got 2 episodes.
    -> Then the “Water 7 Arc” starts at E227.
    Or the “Foxy’s Return Arc” starts at E225 and the “Water 7 Arc” starts at E229.
    -> Then the “Foxy’s Return Arc” got 4 episodes.

    • Thanks for the alert! This may seem a little confusing, but what actually happens is that Foxy’s Return Arc is only 2 episodes, but then there are 2 episodes that still belong to the previous Long Ring Long Land Arc, giving the 4 episodes gap to the beginning of the Water 7 Arc. Something similar happens with the Cidre Guild Arc that appeared between episodes of the Wano Arc. You can se what I’m saying in more detail on the Wiki page:

  8. Great list, I love this! Just wanted to point out something is wrong with the impel down and little east blue episode count! just got to this point in the anime and noticed the list suddenly went off xd

    • Thank you so much Eman!!! Little East Blue Arc is a small arc that takes place already inside the Impel Down Arc, so it can be confusing just looking at the numbers of when they start and their duration. Regarding the Impel Down Arc also there may be a discrepancy between other sources, as episodes 453-456 adapt cover pages, and can also be considered as their own mini-arc. In our case we included the episodes still in the Impel Down Arc.

  9. Brooooo…. THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH TY and now I will tell you how I 100% killed 10 sea beasts and now I am the true King if sea beasts…. I promise


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