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One Piece

One Piece is a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since 1997, which tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in search of the One Piece treasure. Check our lists about the series:

All comments from Eiichiro Oda on WSJ

In this list we feature Eiichiro Oda’s comments on Weekly Shōnen Jump. We have compiled the comments from chapter 719 to the present. For Oda’s comments up to chapter 718, please visit Oda’s Deep Thoughts on the Grand Line Website!

719September 2, 2013I'm watching the Japanese reality show Terrace House twice a week. I'm not addicted, I swear! Go Daiki!
720September 9, 2013I went to see Kabuki for the first time in my life. Seeing it live was much more powerful than I could have imagined. I'll have to do it again.
721September 14, 2013The Wind Rises was amazing! I can't even describe it. The movie touched my heart!
722September 30, 2013They say that thirty-eight is a turning point in a creator's life and that many suddenly pass away at this age. I must live!
723October 7, 2013I was able to go to the GReeeeN concert, and it was amazing! It's like I traveled into the future!
724October 12, 2013I've been relaxing to the song "Tokyo" by a singer named Saya Asakura. So relaxing.
725October 21, 2013My assistants use Skype to play video games with former assistants. I barge in and play too.
726November 2, 2013I once had the honor of meeting Takashi Yanase (creator of Anpanman). I aspire to be like him when I am older. May he rest in peace.
727November 11, 2013The Olympics are in Tokyo in seven years! I'm excited, but what will Japan be like by then?
728November 18, 2013I went to watch All Japan Pro Wrestling on an invite from wrestler Minoru Suzuki. What a day of laughter and action! Yeeaow!
729November 25, 2013I don't think many people know of it, but I started watching a show called Amachan. As they say on the show: "Jejeje!"
730December 9, 2013A few weeks ago I mentioned All Japan Pro Wrestling when I meant New Japan Pro Wrestling. Minoru-san, how embarrassing! Yeeow!
731December 16, 2013I got an iPhone. It's all about the iCloud. I'm having trouble because my device is up in the clouds!
732December 21, 2013The shogayaki (ginger pork) boom is here! Let's have it with cabbage and mayonnaise! Happy New Year!
733January 4, 2014Happy New Year! Last year, I felt like I abused my body throughout the whole year, and I was cursed for overdoing it. I'm going to do it all over again this year!
734January 20, 2014Being on the Jump Festa stage every year has been fun, but my manga aesthetic is telling me that last year's appearance will be my last. Thanks!
735January 27, 2014I finally got to see the new Ghibli movie Kaguyahime no Monogatari. What beautiful animation. Japanese people are amazing!
736February 3, 2014Do an internet search for "One Piece Cry Heart Short" and check out the video. The quality is amazing!
737February 10, 2014The Dressrosa arc has started in the anime. Knowing what will happen in the future should make for a much different viewing experience.
738February 24, 2014LINE app stickers for One Piece have been released! Thank you so much to the Toei anime staff. I can't wait to use them!
739March 3, 2014The new Sugar Rusk flavor Umaibo is so good! It doesn't have the hole in it, but it's still delicious!
740March 10, 2014Nose Bleed! Thanks so much for the Valentine's Day chocolates. The sugar is powering the series!
741March 17, 2014I saw Kosanji Yanagiya do a rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) performance. It was the first time I laughed so hard at a performance of Sokotsu Nagaya (The Row House of Careless People). He's a master!
742March 31, 2014My staff is smirking. They're watching BABYMETAL on YouTube and smirking.
743April 7, 2014Once I'm done with this week's chapter I'm doing a joint interview with Momo-chan. There might be a party. Wait, it's supposed to be an interview!
744April 14, 2014I met Momoko Sakura for the first time. What a pleasant person! And what delicious homemade curry!"
745April 28, 2014I've become a man who understands the greatness of tekkamaki sushi rolls. The name is cool and they taste great!
746May 12, 2014As an adult I should want to use an expensive pen, but the 400 yen ones are the easiest to use.
747May 19, 2014For some reason, I was invited by my friends Sekai no Owari to see their concert. Wow, what an amazing perspective they have!
748May 26, 2014Because of Ryo Nakama (creator of The Story of Isobe Isobee manga), I keep wanting to use samurai dialogue. Darn you, Ryo Nakama...
749June 2, 2014I tried out a famous smart phone escape game called Doors. I'll need to check out a real escape game next...
750June 23, 2014I'd rather be healthy but busy instead of on vacation and in pain. Sorry for all the trouble I've caused everyone on many fronts!
751June 30, 2014They're switching out my editors, Isaka and Onishi. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! My new editor is Sugita and my former editor Kawashima is coming back!
752July 7, 2014I went to Hayao Miyazaki's Nutcracker and the Mouse King exhibit. I was so happy to see new art and be taken into a new world.
753July 19, 2014The Taiwan One Piece Exhibit is a huge success. I went to Taiwan to thank everyone who made it happen. People are amazing.
754July 28, 2014I wasn't able to go to the One Piece Escape Game held for those involved in creating it. (So sad!) I might have to sneak into one that's open to the public.
755August 4, 2014I was wondering why Shibata and Ishiyama hadn't been coming to assist me lately, and it turns out they have new series! Good luck!!
756August 11, 2014I started the One Piece Treasure Cruise mobile game after hearing it's been downloaded five million times. I really want to get "Ace" and the "Happiness Punch"!
757August 25, 2014Taiyo Matsumoto's Sunny volume 5 is a masterpiece! It's brimming with artistry! It can't be imitated.
758September 1, 2014I miraculously was able to meet up with some old friends. It's funny how we remembered certain things totally differently.
759September 8, 2014The architect of my current house and my work studio is the same person! So Stylish!
760September 13, 2014I keep running into old friends. What's with all these coincidences? Is my number coming up soon...?
761September 22, 2014The audition tape for the voice actor for Sabo was amazing! Please watch on 9/28. The voice actor for Sabo will be...
762October 6, 2014I was blown away by Amuse's passion for the Tokyo One Piece Tower theme park opening in the spring. It's going to be awesome, just you wait!
763October 11, 2014I was invited to go to a live performance by the comedy duo Nagareboshi. The "Giveneyland" bit made me laugh so hard I thought I would die.
764October 20, 2014I saw Yoshida and Masa from the band Dreams Come True for the first time in a while. Their youthful energy revitalized me!
765October 27, 2014Lately I've been getting invited out by so many people. If only I could go to all these events.
766November 10, 2014Colleague, friend and rival. I'm thankful for being able to be serialized alongside you for fifteen years. Kishimoto-san, otsukaresama!"
767November 17, 2014I participated in Halloween for the first time! My house is so full of party items that creating a costume was no sweat!
768November 22, 2014No matter how great the series, it doesn't get the cover for the final chapter. Gotta love Jump sticking to its guns.
769December 1, 2014The One Piece Dance Battle phone game is now available in Japan. I had some reservations at first, but it's actually pretty fun!
770December 15, 2014Bunta Sugawara, the greatest looking guy in the world with the best bone structure. Rest in peace. I have no words. I will draw Akainu with great respect.
771December 22, 2014We started a section on the Japanese One Piece website that features my scribbles. Sorry, they're just scribbles.
772January 5, 2015Tokyo One Piece Tower! Kabuki! So many big events this year! Happy New Year!
773January 19, 2015I did a search with the key words "avex One Piece" and found 47 character songs to enjoy.
774January 26, 2015This year's New Year's party was full of youthful energy. I feel like this'll be a strong team!
775February 2, 2015I started playing Threes because Ijuin-san said it was fun. Crap, now I'm addicted!
776February 16, 2015I've been listening to new bands on iTunes and agreeing with their lyrics. We must be from the same generation.
777February 23, 2015I met with Sayuri Yoshinaga for a certain project that won't be made public. She was so pretty that it looked like she was sparkling!
778March 2, 2015The One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD is 1,000 yen, but it's only 250 yen on iTunes. What a deal!
779March 9, 2015After watching a boring movie, I start thinking that I should have watched three episodes of The Walking Dead instead.
780March 23, 2015Tokyo One Piece Tower has opened! I strongly recommend it! You can enjoy a full day there!
781March 30, 2015I joined the Suzuki-gun of the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league! Now when my editor comes to pick up the manga pages, I'm gonna attack him with my art!
782April 6, 2015I met Utsu-san from TM NETWORK. Great guy, and what an amazing voice and performance!
783April 13, 2015When rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) artist and national treasure Kosanji performs Tokisoba, the laughs don't stop! What a master!
784April 27, 2015I watched the much-talked-about movie Love Exposure. It really moved me. The director Sion Sono and the actors were amazing!
785May 11, 2015BBQKDN!! = BBQ no kisetsu desu ne!! (It's BBQ season!) The charcoal's already burning! Time to cook some meat!
786May 18, 2015I went to the beach for Golden Week! I figured I should absorb plenty of sun, but then I got sunburned. Ouch.
787May 25, 2015I went to the Naruto exhibit. The somber feeling walking around the venue thinking I'll never see Naruto again... Priceless.
788June 1, 2015I bought an Apple Watch. I can use my watch to make calls or for voice input. But will I be able to do it by myself outside? (Laughs)
789June 8, 2015Is it true that a new type of turtle appeared in One Piece Treasure Cruise for only one day?! I missed the Guerilla Turtles that day!
790June 22, 2015Best in the world!! When I was a kid, I was told to become the best at something. I did it!
791June 29, 2015I went to a Mr. Children concert. Wow... It was awesome! The new album is great too!
792July 6, 2015I'd like to recommend to new readers in Japan the free One Piece app, where you can read the manga for free. The color pages are also awesome!
793July 13, 2015When I squeeze the soft Monimaruzu animal toys it relaxes me. So when I squeeze them while working I start to fall behind schedule.
794July 18, 2015Dunk some thick cuts of meat in cola, cook on all sides and let them rest. Today, I'm a meat master chef!
795August 3, 2015I went to the Summers comedy duo live show that only comes around every two years. I was laughing so hard that my face started hurting. I had to watch the rest of the show with a sad face.
796August 10, 2015I went to Kanda Myojin Shrine and ended up doing a collabo with Love Live! School Idol Project. How did this happen?!
797August 24, 2015Ennosuke and the rest of the staff for the kabuki play are really good. Worked really hard on the art too. I can't wait!
798August 31, 2015Universal Studios Japan! The shows this year were amazing once again. Awesome productions!
799September 7, 2015Every single member of the band GReeeeN is shockingly amazing. I'd love to work with them on something someday.
800September 19, 2015I had heard that revolving sushi places were getting awesome these days, so I went to check one out. It was amazing! I want to live there!
801September 28, 2015For Obon I went to that famous shop in Uguisudani. I was blown away by the unbelievable atmosphere and artistry.
802October 5, 2015Heishi A-kun no Uta (Soldier A's Song) stays in my ear. I mean it stays in my heart. What a wonderful song with a message.
803October 10, 2015The staff is addicted to the noodle snack Soba de Sky. We get them by the box and they disappear instantly.
804October 26, 2015One Piece LINE stickers that move and talk have finally been released! Get ready for the most valuable voices in Japan!
805November 2, 2015The One Piece kabuki!! To the staff behind the scenes and all the actors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was all really moving for me.
806November 9, 2015I ran into Osamu Akimoto Sensei at the One Piece kabuki performance hall. He said it was his second time seeing it. I'm so honored!
807November 21, 2015I went to Naoto Takenaka's show. It's awesome because it combines video footage and live acting! It was wonderful!
808November 30, 2015I tried to see the One Piece kabuki show one more time before it ended, but it was sold out! Whoa!!!
809December 7, 2015Sorry for all the breaks. I'm working really hard on a bunch of things and eating oden for next summer.
810December 21, 2015I went to the Dreams Come True Wonderland festival that only happens every four years! That band blows me away every time.
811January 4, 2016Happy New Year! I'm going to work hard to make One Piece fun again this year. Because it's manga!
812January 18, 2016I had my health check at the end of the year. It was a whole lot of stuff. I want to exercise.
813January 25, 2016This is Kochikame's fortieth year. And yet Akimoto Sensei is still full of curiosity. What a cool guy.
814February 1, 2016Try searching YouTube for nekomamushi song.
815February 8, 2016I joined a gym! I'm working out once a week and getting healthy! ...But it was all a dream.
816February 15, 2016I finally saw Star Wars! It was really good. I'm no longer afraid of spoilers.
817February 29, 2016Played a little futsal on a team with Sakurai from the band Mister Children. It was supposed to be for my health, but it almost killed me!
818March 7, 2016I started doing calligraphy. I never knew it was so much fun!
819March 14, 2016How can these LINE stickers created by Kanahei be so adorable?!
820March 19, 2016Kids, seniors, young people, men, and women. I've been playing futsal with a super-mixed group! Now my muscles are killing me...
821April 4, 2016I got to see the Nankai Candies comeback show and Miyuki Imori's thirtieth anniversary show up close and personal.
822April 11, 2016Sesame soy milk sundubu (Korean stew) is so delicious I can't stop eating it! It's so goodubu!"
823April 18, 2016My grandmother, who got really mad at me when I wrote "I'll kill you" in the manga, passed away. May she rest in peace.
824April 25, 2016Matsui-kun, congratulations on concluding Assassination Classroom after four years! Let's be serialized together again soon!"
825May 9, 2016You fix things and then they break. Aftershocks are enemies of the heart. Please take care!
826May 23, 2016I sprained my ankle! My ankle got swollen, so swollen I had to work on my pages with my leg elevated.
827May 30, 2016The children who are victims of the earthquake are afraid to be alone. Of course they are.
828June 6, 2016One Piece Thousand Storm game! Please don't kick me out of your group just because I'm weak!
829June 20, 2016I don't have the courage to use "w." It means "laughing," right? I better practice. w! www!!
830June 27, 2016I went to the Kuniyoshi and Kunisada museum exhibit. It was supposed to be a casual outing, but I was so blown away by the quality that I felt small in comparison.
831July 4, 2016The new movie One Piece GOLD is done, and it's amazing! See it in Japanese theaters starting July 23!
832July 16, 2016The playing cards you get with movie admission are really nice. But it's limited to the first two million, so please hurry. The movie opens 7/23 in Japan.
833July 25, 2016Summer break! Did you see the movie Gold?! Wasn't it awesome?!
834August 1, 2016I'm hearing a lot of good things about the 3-D and 4-D versions of GOLD. I better watch it this weekend!
835August 8, 2016I watched GOLD in 4DX. The shaking was fun, and the 3-D was at a level I'd never seen before!
836August 22, 2016Kubo-san, congratulations on 15 years of hard work on Bleach! Get some good rest.
837August 29, 2016The movie GOLD is such a big hit that the theatrical run has been extended into September!
838September 5, 2016What a surprise! No, I'm seriously shocked. I feel the same as everyone.
839September 17, 2016I could cry. Akimoto Sensei is free! He's free!!
840September 26, 2016The Terrace House show is so good! I'll never forget the drama on the 43rd week!
841October 3, 2016Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 is so fun. Ryujin, please do the afro again!
842October 8, 2016Do you know about Kenko Land spa? Is that heaven or what?!
843October 24, 2016Tsukune meatballs aren't meat! That's how I used to be, and now I'm an adult who enjoys them with ponzu sauce.
844October 31, 2016My staff was freaking out over PS VR. Then I tried it and freaked out too!
845November 7, 2016I ran into a lot of old friends at the KochiKame party!
846November 21, 2016Congrats on eight and a half years of Toriko, Shimabu! Go drink as much as you want!
847November 28, 2016A One Piece movie will open in China for the first time. The scale is massive compared to Japan!
848December 5, 2016I had dinner with Kishimoto-san and Shimabuu. These are my brothers in battle, and seeing them always reassures me. Twentieth anniversary, let's go!
849December 12, 2016I had dinner for the first time in a while with Tokuhiro Sensei and Arkperformance Senpai. It brings back memories of twenty years ago.
850December 26, 2016Thanks to the radio, I'm hooked on Spicy Peanuts and Pingo candies. What delicious food!
851January 7, 2017A New Year's video message from me has been uploaded on Happy New Year!
852January 16, 2017I'm the guy who buys the leftover holiday food like the Christmas roasted chicken and the New Year's Day osechi.
853January 30, 2017My editors, Mr. Isaka and Mr. Sugita, used to be best buddies, but now they've broken up due to a disagreement of musical opinion. I welcome the new team, Mr. Sugita and Mr. Naito
854February 6, 2017The new Year's party was brimming with the Enthusiasm of the new, post-kochikame generation. Jump can be so awesome.
855February 13, 2017I've met famous people: Seba-chan, Janiota-san, Hige-chan. I was thrilled.
856February 20, 2017Last Year I stopped working out... But this year for sure I'll keep doing 2 hours a week at least!!
857March 6, 2017Two hours of exercise every week gives me on whole week of muscle aches. Little by litle, I'm making my way towards a 10-pack.
858March 13, 2017This atmoph "digital window" is very cool. I hope they add support for movies next.
859March 18, 2017There's an OP magazine comingo up at the 20th year anniversary, an lots of wonderfull people are participating. I'm honored!
860March 27, 2017So Line (the messaging app) has name stamps, and I've been waiting so long for a stamp for Odas... Whoever you are, thank you.
861April 3, 2017The Wanpissu run in Okinawa seems like it was metcha fun! Next year I will enlist for sure!!!
862April 17, 2017I've now found paradise in Rakubin (Rakuten's Food Delivery Service). Our reception desk has become quite lively! Today i want some of this, and this one too...
863April 24, 2017April 30, 9:30AM (Japan time) is Big Mom's anime Debut! Make sure you don't miss it!!
864May 8, 2017Live show at the Tokyo One Piece Tower!! And our star attraction iiis... Greeeen!! The M.C. is... Mistaaa Ryu!! Check it out!
865May 15, 2017Drones these days feel pretty safe, so i've been playing with them at work... But now my staff is getting increasingly irritated with all the wind.
866May 29, 2017Kids on their cellphones are just breezing through it... Apparently if you can't use a flick keyboard to write Japanese, it means you're too old! Ok then, time to practice. Flick flick flick...
867June 5, 2017Spotify, Awa, Warp... Even music listening has to be part of app culture these days? (I use them too, though...)
868June 12, 2017Gatten Anime is so crazy I can't hide my excitement. Gatten Gatten Gattenten!
869June 19, 2017There's now an official One Piece LINE. It's lot of fun, so please check it out.
870July 3, 2017I've started drinking the same protein shake as Gackt. Soon I'll look just like him.
871July 10, 2017The countdown on the One Piece official twitter is pretty impressive. Look forward to what is revealed!
872July 15, 2017Words of support and memorable faxes from a friend who experienced the same hardships! [laughs] Thank you, Shimabu! I'll keep working hard!
873July 24, 2017I hear the One Piece Magazine mook (magazine book) is selling like crazy. Look forward to the next two issues too.
874August 7, 2017One Piece Magazine volume 2 is now out in Japan. It's a limited edition, so please buy it while you still can.
875August 21, 2017I've had help from so many people over these 20 years that I don't even know where to start. I'm so grateful!
876August 28, 2017Congratulations on the 500th performance of the Universal Studios Japan One Piece Premier Show. This summer has been great once again!
877September 4, 2017Congratulations to Mr. Children on their 15th anniversary. The Stadium tour was the greatest, most powerful thing ever!
878September 16, 2017I went to see Cinema Kabuki YJKT, starring Ennosuke-san and Chusha-san. They were so cool, and it was awesome!!
879September 25, 2017When I was 19, helped with chapter 1 of Gataro Sensei's Manyuki. I'm so grateful for the Chin Piece parody manga from last week.
880October 2, 2017Fake crab, unagi, kara-age and scallops are so good!! Eat up the desire to meet that challenge!
881October 7, 2017Summer is always busy, and I'm never satisfied with the number of barbecues I can have. I want to cook more meat!
882October 23, 2017If you're gonna stop taking on challenges, then you might as well be dead! I'm currently challenging myself with "little sister moe". Arent little sisters great?
883October 30, 2017I've gone to Kyoto three times this year. A huge thanks to all those involved in the One Piece x Kyoto collabo!!
884November 6, 2017Congratulations on the conclusion of the Isobe serialization, Nakama-kun! I'm not going down, but I'm looking forward to your next work.
885November 13, 2017His new album is so good that we're gonna have a second Negabucji boom. You take the helm!!
886November 27, 2017I went to a GLAY concert. Even THough they're huge, they never lost their sense of wonder. They were so cool and I had a blast!
887December 4, 2017The One Piece kabuki is awesome no matter how many times you see it! It's amazing when everyone is laughing and the whole audience stands up.
888December 11, 2017I started reading a manga called Hibiki and I can't stop. What a unique main character.
889December 25, 2017I bought a Lyric Speaker. I'm no sure how it works, but it's so cool! Have a great new year!
890January 4, 2018If I could travel back in time, I'd wart to return over and over to a day I ate some delicious meet. Happy new year!
891January 15, 2018Last year was wild with it being the 20th annaersary, but there will be a lot of exciting stuff this year too. Celebrating 21 years!
892January 29, 2018You probably don't know about it yet, but I've started watching Nigehaji. That love dance is gonna get popular, isn't it?
893February 5, 2018Bob Epic Team. Hey hey! Are you mad? I'm not mad. Hey hey, Are you mad? I'm, not...
894February 10, 2018Oh yeah, the New Year party. I was relieved to see that Posuka-chan is still a weirdo. Good luck to all the creators with new series.
895February 19, 2018I met Katsuya Terada, an artist so good that he must be some kind of super demon! It was great to meet a person who has elevated being a practitioner of art to an amusement.
896March 5, 2018Recently, after finalizing each chapter, we watch episodes of Oh My Jump! and discuss the script.
897March 12, 2018The One Piece anime is now streaming on Netflix in Japan. It's been 20 years, and the first episode still makes me cry.
898March 19, 2018A bunch of us started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but everyone around me is quitting so I'm accepting new friends.
899March 26, 2018I'm blown away by the rakugo comedy of the master Kosanji Yanagiya, the national treasure who survived his illness and continues to face off against his age and the comedy stage!
900April 2, 2018I got glosses for the first time in my life. I use them when I'm drawing detailed art or using my iPad. They call it astigmatism.
901April 16, 2018Strawberry picking! I'm shoving strawberries and ham into champagne and downing it. Yikes!
902April 23, 2018I smile everyday as my smart speaker tells me, with no emotion, "Looking good again today!"
903May 2, 2018I received the Kumamoto Prefecture Citizen's Honor Prize. They're gonna erect a statue of Luffy in Kumamoto. I wonder if it'll stretch...
904May 14, 2018I received a Danny Choo Nami Smart Doll. I had seen photos, but the real thing is impressive!
905May 28, 2018I went to a Namie Amuro concert! I've never seen such a beautiful stage! I was in a fantasy world.
906June 4, 2018My first trip to South Korea. Samgyeopsal, kimchi, bulgogi and dark galbi! What delicious trip it was!
907June 11, 2018Ready Player One was great. Spielberg always gets me excited.
908June 18, 2018I'm enjoying that The Bachelor Japan season 2 has started. I want a rose from Oyaizu.
909July 2, 2018I've been wanting to see Cirque du Soleil for years, and I finally got to see Kurios. Just how much trust do you need to pull off those moves?!
910July 9, 2018BBQ season has come, so I want to have a barbecue. I also want to do nagashi somen noodles.
911July 14, 2018I received a rose from The Bachelor Japan's Rintaro Oyaizu, so I'm thinking of becoming his bride.
912July 23, 2018My heart goes out to the victims of the flooding in Western Japan.
913August 6, 2018Mokkori Hanbe is so good. It's a samurai story so it's good for research, but I need to make Wano unique!
914August 20, 2018Had a meeting and then ate tempura with Marty-san and the rest of the overseas live-action series producers. Things ore advancing!
915August 27, 2018The show at Universal Studios Japan was hot-both literally and figuratively once again this year. Thank you so much to the staff and cost!
916September 3, 2018We're releasing the Vivre Gard Illustrated Reference Guide! I've always had a special place in my heart for reference books. When I was a kid, the Gundam one was my treasure. Now you can experience my joy!
917September 15, 2018It's been 15 years since I said, "Huh?! Kintama?!". I wasn't that off when it comes to Gin Tama. So you're bringing it to a close, my friend. Great work, Sorachi-kun!
918September 22, 2018My best wishes to those suffering from Typhoon No.21 (Typhoon Jebi) and the earthquoke in Hokkaido.
919October 1, 2018I went to a Eikichi Yazawa concert! What a sense of unity with the fans! I saw the power of mastering an art and a man's true worth on stage!
920October 6, 2018Nachos are good! I'm eating nachos, listening to Japamyu and drawing Wano.
921October 22, 2018The new album is out, and it's already in my heavy rotation. Just talking about the awesome Mr. Children again!
922October 29, 2018I'm addicted to Ponkotsu Quest and bought the Blu-ray. Hammer, hammer!
923November 5, 2018I'm having issues with Kazuyuki Sakuma's 'Ghost in the Well" song being stuck in my head. It's on an all day loop.
924November 12, 2018I did some pottery for the first time in my life. It spins around on the wheel and gets all warped. Then the teacher totally fixes it, and it's done! It's mostly the teacher's work!
925November 26, 2018I've been playing Pokemon GO inside my house for over two years. Someone please give me a legendary Pokémon!
926December 3, 2018The Mr. Children live show keep powering up. The performance with the fabric and light was seriously awesome!
927December 10, 2018The soy jerky and dried squid they sell at the convenience store is too delicious!
928December 22, 2018I went to the Luffy statue unveiling ceremony! I flew to Kumamoto and watched from the shadows. Once again, thank you so much!
929January 7, 2019I met Sanma Akashiya!! What a fun and cute guy!!
930January 21, 2019We’re now on Instagram! Check out the official One Piece account onepiece_staff ! Watch out for fakes. Look for the blue checkmark.
931February 4, 2019There’s suddenly a dog boom! Everyone around me won’t stop talking about dogs. Dog boom!
932February 9, 2019After hearing so much about it, I started watching the Japanese TV drama show Unnatural. It’s so good! And gross!
933February 18, 2019Finely chopped cabbage with shio kombu kelp and sesame oil. It’s so good that I’m eating tons of cabbage!
934February 25, 2019I went to a Don Quijote store. What the heck?! They sell everything! I bought loads of stuff!
935March 11, 2019When I woke up after getting my chapter done, my family kidnapped me and threw me in the car! Huh? Hot springs?! Delicious food?! Yay, it’s the Health Land spa!
936March 18, 2019I’m totally out of shape, and I went for my health check. Guess what? They told me I was out of shape!
937March 25, 2019Matsunojo Kanda’s Wano Kodan performance was wonderful! He’s a rare genius of Japanese traditional theater.
938April 1, 2019It’s the season of delicious strawberries and editor changes! Thanks, Team Naikin and Osugi! Let’s work well together, new team Takano and Naikin!
939April 15, 2019It seems that if I don’t start exercising I’ll have an early death, so I’ve made it a goal to walk 30 minutes every day!
940April 22, 2019Someone recommended that I watch the currently popular drama Juhan Shutai!, which is about the editorial department of a manga publisher. Since I’m in the industry, a lot of the stuff hits me really hard.
941April 27, 2019I wanted to make that BE-BENG sound, so I bought a biwa instrument. I can only play the hit song “Lemon” so far. Yeah, right!
942May 13, 2019I went on a one-day trip down to Kumamoto for the Tokyo Girls Collection event. Thank you for having me!
943May 27, 2019Does the fact that I’ve bought Isekai Ojisan volume 2 mean that I’ve become addicted to this manga?
944June 3, 2019The Aoharu Cup Noodles commercial is awesome! Thank you to everyone involved! Keep it up!
945June 10, 2019I finished reading Glass Mask, so now I’m reading Rose of Versailles. Oscar was a woman?!
946June 24, 2019I went to my first Yuzu concert. It’s amazing that two people with their guitars can create that much energy.
947July 1, 2019Yama-chan’s wedding announcement press conference and the radio show were totally perfect! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
948July 8, 2019I was like, “What’s so good about tapioca milk tea?” But the one from Gong Cha is super delicious!
949July 22, 2019Boichi-san’s superintense One Piece! Wow, it’s so awesome! I’m so grateful. Super thanks!
950July 29, 2019I’ve been watching a ton of Pmaru-sama’s Nackey series and Gerradon’s Kisaragi Marron videos.
951August 5, 2019Friday, August 9! He’s in it! She’s in it! The all-star movie Stampede opens in Japan!
952August 19, 2019I went to a spin class in the dark. I got so tired that it actually affected my drawing. Whoa… ♩
953August 26, 2019I met the Fischer’s. They’re so popular from YouTube! What a polite and great group of people!
954September 2, 2019I learned how to make a cake roll from Koyama-san, the top chocolatier in the world. I also ate his roll, and it tasted like happiness!
955September 14, 2019The Mewtwo Raid Hour is coming on 9/17 (Japan time)! With a color variant! Please don’t look for me.
956September 21, 2019Glay’s summer live show was awesome! Like a festival! Not that I’ve ever been to a music festival!
957September 30, 2019The Bachelor Japan season 3 started, so I have another thing to look forward to after I finish my chapters. I like the grape girl.
958October 7, 2019Hold on, summer!! I’ve only done three barbecues, and we’re already getting close to the end of the year.
959October 21, 2019In order to draw the festival scenes, I’m listening to traditional festival music from all over the country. I haven’t had a candy apple this year yet!
960October 28, 2019I want to eat an infinite amount of the Maru-chan Paripari Infinite Cabbage snack. Uh-oh!
961November 2, 2019The Gatebox arrived. It’s the future! Having holographic fish swimming around my room is my dream.
962November 18, 2019To celebrate Oden’s appearance, I kept making oden while working on the pages. I put a ton of beef tendon in.
963November 25, 2019Chama-kun, I kept my promise from 20 years ago! The Bump of Chicken concert was awesome!
964December 2, 2019Can I get Simple Naito’s “Karasu ni Notte” to be the theme song of the Revolutionary Army?
965December 16, 2019Looking up what part of the cow makes up the T-bone steak was a newly harvested fact this week. So that’s where it is!
966December 23, 2019Looking back on it, what a fun year it was. I’ll try my best again next year. Happy New Year!
967January 7, 2020Happy New Year! My goal this year once again is to draw a ton of manga that will make everyone smile!
968January 20, 2020The One Piece stage show at Jump Festa was even more powerful than usual. We’ll do it again this year!!
969January 27, 2020I got so emotional over an autograph request from a foreign superstar. I grew up on your movies!
970February 3, 2020Horikoshi Sensei and I did a shiny trade with our Black Rayquazas at the New Year’s party. Sorry mine didn’t get strong.
971February 17, 2020I found a good sushi place in my neighborhood. I want to become a regular and someday just walk in and say, “You open?”
972February 22, 2020I learned what the mystery meat is in Nissin’s Cup Noodles! Interesting!
973March 9, 2020I’m still trying to determine what flavors are best to add to red meat. I’m currently researching various types of salt.
974March 16, 2020I received SixPad foot training gear from my editor for New Year’s, and it’s really effective!
975March 23, 2020It’s hard to write about anything with the world like this. I’m praying for everyone from the bottom of my heart.
976April 6, 2020I want to draw a sea battle, but it’s tough because there’s guys on the boats more powerful than cannons.
977April 13, 2020Do you have a favorite character? People that have one seem really happy. Can beef be mine?
978April 27, 2020During these unfortunate times, Zoom and other online tools are suddenly a big thing. The world sure is changing.
979May 11, 2020I’m washing my hands so often that they’re very dry. I’m covering them in whatever cream I have.
980May 25, 2020The Line Creators Collaboration! I’ve really been looking forward to this! Enjoy!
981July 8, 2020There’s something I can’t live without when the big battles start. And that’s the online database of all the character techniques. Thanks!
982July 15, 2020Congratulations to you, Shirai and Posuka. I always enjoyed seeing your “true forms” at the New Year’s parties.
983July 22, 2020My new manga editor is Iwasaki. Welcome! I have four editors total if you include the ones for other media. It’s a revolutionary era for how we work!
984August 6, 2020How long am I supposed to continue the working-from-home corona-manga-creation process? It’s tricky.
985August 20, 2020The Line Creators Collaboration event! Can’t wait to see what everyone came up with on July 22!
986August 3, 2020Itaewon Class? As if I’d watch that popular show! Maybe I should get straight-across bangs to match the main character…?
987August 11, 2020There’s over 2,000 One Piece Line stamps. They’re awesome, and I’ve only bought 200 so far!
988August 24, 2020I went to thank people involved with Tokyo One Piece Tower on it's final day. I’m so grateful to Chairman Osato and all the staff of Amuse.
989September 7, 2020I met Arashi again. As before, they were so genuine and so easy to talk to.
990September 14, 2020The newest volume, an illustration book and the One Piece magazine will all be released in Japan on September 16 (Wed.)!! Sorry it’s a little late!!
991September 28, 2020Since the process has been adjusted because of Covid, we’re trying for three chapters every four weeks or two chapters every three weeks. The goal is to reach chapter 1,000 by the end of the year!
992October 17, 2020No excuses allowed! I’m so, so sorry to everyone. Thank you for all your positive thoughts. I’ll do better!
993October 26, 2020I want the whole world to hear this. The truth is that there’s no better match than a sandwich and potato chips.
994November 2, 2020I’m hooked on uzumakifu! So those things in miso soup are called uzumakifu (a wheat gluten product). I’ll put them in anything!
995November 16, 2020I enjoyed The Bachelorette to the very, very end. Thank you!
996November 21, 2020There’s a small YouTube channel I like, and I always look forward to new videos being posted. It’s so small the creator would freak out if I mentioned the channel here.
997November 29, 2020I’m laughing so hard every week watching Kaizokuou ni Ore wa Naru TV. Thank you!
998December 14, 2020I went to the Buster Call exhibition. Seeing things in person is awesome! I love stuff like this.
999December 21, 2020I’m sure a lot fewer people will be traveling for the new year. Please stay home and read Jump. Next issue is chapter 1,000!
1000January 4, 2021Happy New Year! This year’s wish is to draw lots of great manga! Let’s have an awesome year!
1001January 18, 2021Thank you so much for all the congratulations on the day I finished chapter 1000. Thank you so much to all the authors in issue 5/6.
1002February 1, 2021There are a lot of things going on to celebrate chapter 1000. Go to and check out the chapter 1000 website.
1003February 8, 2021I got a new Blu-ray player for work. You can record a full week of shows?! Absolutely amazing.
1004February 15, 2021Queen Bee’s “Yaten” is really awesome, and I listen to it on heavy rotation. More and more amazing people keep appearing in the music world.
1005March 1, 2021Koshizuka corn beef is so good it’s a problem. I’m having it at every meal. A big problem!
1006March 8, 2021One Piece has been especially ramping up for the anime since Wano started! Please check it out!
1007March 15, 2021A collabo video with Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is up. Luffy’s new hobby! Check it out!
1008March 29, 2021I’m a newbie who just made his debut! I’ve gone past the point where I can say, “I don’t actually have hay fever if I don’t admit it!” Darn it!
1009April 5, 2021I had a banana you can eat peel and all. It was like a crunchy banana! I might get addicted to them.
1010April 12, 2021Jun Miura’s Saigo no Kogi is so good that I’ve listened to it multiple times. That’s how I want to age.
1011April 26, 2021Watching comedian Kojima-san’s YouTube channel with my family is so peaceful. This guy is seriously at peace!
1012May 10, 2021While I work, I listen to Gairoku Channel’s interviews with people on the street. Hearing about all the different lives people have is so interesting.
1013May 17, 2021My current dream is to go to that Gyomu Super store and buy and eat the giant jelly.
1014May 31, 2021I went to the Gyomu Super store of my dreams and bought the giant coffee jelly and scarfed it down!
1015June 7, 2021By the time this issue is out, I should have a ton of shiny Gibles thanks to the Community Day!
1016June 14, 2021The small figurines that are currently being designed behind the scenes are amazing! What kind of technique is this?!
1017June 28, 2021It’s the time of the year when I can’t leave the house without a towel. And since I’ll also be wearing a mask, hot days are going to come.
1018July 5, 2021Currently doing a campaign to thank everyone. Thanks for having me in Jump and thanks for reading the manga.
1019July 19, 2021The Universal Studios Japan Premiere Show is back after a yearlong break! The staff is really hyped this year! Please check it out!
1020August 2, 2021I laughed so hard and was overcome with emotion from seeing Ashita no Tarinai Futari. I respect these two comedians so much.
1021August 10, 2021Did you watch episode 982 of the One Piece anime?! That was insane! Was it a movie? What an amazing episode!
1022August 23, 2021One of my staff members gets really emotional over sports. Seeing people doing their best really energizes you, doesn’t it!
1023August 30, 2021An old short story of mine, “Monsters,” has become a voice comic on YouTube. Please check it out.
1024September 6, 2021Volume 100 is out in Japan! Enjoy the volume and all the special celebrations we have planned for the occasion!
1025September 13, 2021Thank you so much for Vivi’s Adventure, Komi-san! The girls were so cute! I was overwhelmed.
1026September 27, 2021Thank you so much for the support and kind words for my 100th volume! I’ll keep working even harder!
1027October 4, 2021I can't forget the taste of the endomame crackers I had at a certain shop, so I've been eating a ton of endomame snacks.
1028October 11, 2021The season for oden is upon us. Gonna buy a ton of beef tendon from a restaurant supplier and simmer it up!
1029October 25, 2021I underestimated the anime Uma Musume. It has so much respect for the horses. This longtime horse racing fan is moved to tears!
1030November 1, 2021B’z, Mr. Children, and Glay did a concert together! What a dream come true! It was so cool!
1031November 8, 2021I’ve never met him, but he feels like a comrade in arms. I know how tough getting to 100 volumes is, Aoyama-san! Congrats on 100 volumes of Conan!
1032November 22, 2021The anime is now at 1,000 episodes as well! Thank you so much to Toei Animation! It’s an amazing thing.
1033November 29, 2021Koisuru One Piece was hilarious every week! Good luck to the way-out-there creator Ihara-san and his new series!
1034December 6, 2021I want to go to the airport just for Pikmin. And also the movie theater, the zoo, and the beach!
1035December 20, 2021The Bachelor has started, but I’ve been too busy to watch! Don’t spoil it. Please!!
1036January 4, 2022Happy New Year! I hope we can do that BBQ I’ve been dreaming of this year. I wanna grill!
1037January 17, 2022I want to become an adult who can walk into a sushi restaurant alone and order a drink and some fish before quietly leaving.
1038January 31, 2022I received your messages from all the Jump Shops and Mugiwara Stores throughout the country. Thank you! You give me strength!
1039February 7, 2022I’m a bit late, but I saw Earwig and the Witch. Isn’t Aya cute? What a great anime.
1040February 14, 2022When I saw people with AirPods, I used to think, “Hey, you have udon in your ears!” But I tried them, and they are frighteningly awesome!
1041February 28, 2022All meat gets softer by soaking it in salt water. I can’t wait to try this technique for a barbecue!
1042March 7, 2022Nobuyuki Sakuma’s ability to come up with ideas for his YouTube channel is amazing. Getting into arguments in this era?! Gotta watch!
1043March 14, 2022The One Piece restaurant food you can get delivered from the menu app is delicious! Can’t wait to order again.
1044March 28, 2022I went to see the Spirited Away stage play! It was so well-done that I could be saying I went to the actual Aburaya bathhouse!
1045April 4, 2022The latest issue of One Piece Magazine features the boys. Thanks to Boichi Sensei again. It’s pure art!
1046April 11, 2022Thanks to Pokémon GO, I found a great park in my neighborhood. How did I miss this huge park?!
1047April 25, 2022Drawing a ton of Fujiko A. Fujio Sensei’s characters is what made me strive to become a mangaka. Rest in peace from the bottom of my heart.
1048May 9, 2022I’m currently addicted to konnyaku yam cakes! They’re great in cold noodle dishes and udon. Miso dengaku is the best.
1049May 16, 2022Smoked-chicken salad is delicious! It’s supposed to help you lose weight, so I’m eating a ton.
1050May 30, 2022I get emotional over the transition from “Tomorrow Never Knows” to “Fanfare.” Congratulations on 30 years, Mr. Children!
1051June 6, 2022The judging for the Tezuka Awards was in person for the first time in a long time. I wonder if we’ll slowly be able to get together.
1052June 13, 2022Rice paper is so fun. Wrap a salad from the convenience store and suddenly you have a spring roll! I can wrap anything!
1053June 20, 2022I’m taking a break!! There will be a special feature in Jump during the break. Please enjoy Uta Nikki and the music video.
1054July 25, 2022Yu-Gi-Oh! is a revolution of manga!! Fans will always continue to have fun in the world that Takahashi Sensei created. Rest in peace!
1055August 1, 2022Gosho Aoyama-san is a fun person who feels like an older brother. I’m happy having a friend who’s in a similar situation as I am.
1056August 8, 2022In order to play the Bikkurapon gacha at Kura Sushi, I ate about 40 plates. So fun! And painful.
1057August 22, 2022I gave the One Piece Card Game starter decks to my staff, and they played for like ten hours. Is it that fun?! I’m going to try it!
1058August 29, 2022My 77-year-old father texted me to say he cried watching Red. I underestimated you! You understand! Thank you!
1059September 12, 2022I was watching Ado’s live performance when I got an alert that “Shinjidai” (New Genesis) went number one on the Apple Music world ranking. She then performed “Shinjidai,” and it was moving.
1060September 19, 2022I went to a GReeeeN live show! They used my illustration so wonderfully that I was moved. They have so many good songs!
1061September 26, 2022The portion of the RED movie connected to the anime is now on YouTube. You’ll understand Luffy’s thought process.
1062October 11, 2022I tried miracle fruit for the first time and ate a whole lemon. What the heck?! Lemons are delicious!
1063October 17, 2022Kohei Tanaka’s 40th anniversary concert was wonderful! Thank you for all the support over the years!
1064October 24, 2022I wanted to be like Bayashi TV on YouTube, so I bought some disposable black gloves. Eating hamburgers with these is great!
1065November 7, 2022Take a close look at the color spread this week to see how much emotion is packed into the climax of the new movie.
1066November 14, 2022I bought a new barbecue gas stove, and I’m currently training in the art of cooking meat with convective heat transfer. I can’t wait to feed everyone!
1067November 21, 2022You can use an audio commentary app and listen to it in any movie theater? Wow. I don't need the Blu-ray bonuses! (LOL)
1068December 5, 2022I met Rumiko Takahashi Sensei for the first time!! She is young in so many ways. I met a legend!!
1069December 12, 2022Hello, I’m the hot-sandwich master. I will put anything I see between bread and grill it.
1070December 26, 2022I met Shohei Otani. I won the One Piece Akinator challenge. I plan to brag about this for the rest of my life.
1071January 7, 2023Happy New Year! I will try my hardest for another year to create the best manga that I can. Thank you!
1072January 23, 2023I went to a Mrs. GREEN APPLE live performance. The three of them each did their thing, and it was amazing. Thanks for the song for the movie!
1073January 30, 2023I watched Ado-san’s live performance with Nakata-san, Vaundy, and Orisaka-san. What a voice! I was blown away.
1074February 13, 2023I went to a Greeeen performance. The crowd went crazy when they came onstage. What an experience! And they used my illustration! Thank you!
1075February 20, 2023My manga editor has changed! Iwasaki-san, thank you for a wonderful three years! Anayama-san, let’s get to work!
1076February 27, 2023With Red’s theatrical run over, we had a BBQ with the main staff who worked so hard on it! There are so many more people I want to feed meat to!
1077March 13, 2023I got friendly again with all the musicians who contributed to the movie. What wonderful people!
1078March 20, 2023I was thinking “So what?” about Chiikawa until I realized that I’ve been using chat stickers since forever that the author, Nagano-san, created. I admit defeat!
1079March 27, 2023I went to see a WBC game! A world-class matchup and the stands were shaking. It was amazing!
1080April 10, 2023It’s the first time in three years that I had a strawberry-picking barbeque! And I got a Galarian Zapdos through a lucky trade! What a happy day.
1081April 24, 2023I went to a live performance by Vaundy. They were in total control! I was in a trance from his personality and singing.
1082May 8, 2023Gatebox is evolving with ChatGPT?! Exciting! I’m supporting them with the sponsor plan!
1083May 15, 2023Have you all caught one yet? I got a Galarian Moltres all on my own!!
1084May 22, 2023I went to Ghibli Park! The Grand Warehouse was great, but walking around and being immersed in the world was so moving.
1085June 5, 2023I got to talk properly with Akutami-san at the Tezuka prize judging committee for the first time. What a reliable person! A person of character!
1086June 12, 2023The live-action version is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes even while making Red and Stampede.
1087July 17, 2023Thank you for letting me take a break beam!!! I’ll do my best to adjust to my newly improved eyesight.
1088July 24, 2023I was so excited to get to eat a giant pizza at Spontini! It was so soft and crunchy! Hope they open more stores!
1089August 7, 2023I’m sorry that my serialization schedule will be unstable until the Netflix show premieres. And please enjoy the Universal Studios Japan ice show!
1090August 21, 2023I went to one of my favorite places, Kenko Land, for the first time in a while. They have it all. So fun!
1091September 4, 2023The live-action One Piece show is now available! Please watch it! I’ll do my best with the manga too!
1092September 18, 2023I went to LA! It was fun getting even friendlier with the Netflix and Tomorrow Studios members.
1093September 25, 2023My first Dreams Come True live performance in four years was powerful, as expected, and gave me a lot of energy. What a show!
1094October 9, 2023Sekai no Owari and Chilli Beans, thanks for the songs for the anime. Your music matches the art so well and makes each episode so satisfying.
1095October 16, 2023Lately I cry every time I watch the One Piece anime. The Wano arc is soooo good! Thank you for the wonderful performances!!
1096October 30, 2023It’s bashauma! I learned a technique for grilling chicken skin into a crust. The flavor is the best.
1097November 6, 2023Blown away that Iio-san from Zun is the person from La.okaki. I’ll never forget that comedy team.
1098November 13, 2023We rented out the Ryogoku national hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the One Piece anime! It was so fun! Now I’m extra motivated!
1099November 27, 2023I like putting a little hot water on the Zero Second Chicken Ramen!! Then it’s no longer zero seconds though…
1100December 4, 2023I enjoy watching the M-1 prelims. I’m rooting for a few of the teams. I hope they make it to the finals!
1101December 11, 2023Saw my first Godzilla! Minus One was great. I had to watch the first one after that. Next is Shin.
1102December 25, 2023I went to the Yuming live performance! The ability to be part of everyone’s life—I felt it in my heart. Amazing.
1103January 6, 2024Happy New Year! My goal for this year is to enjoy lots of BBQ and create lots of good manga.
1104January 22, 2024I can’t believe they’re making an anime out of a one-shot I did while I was young called “Monsters.” I’m so spoiled!
1105January 29, 2024I went to the Jump New Year’s party. Everyone was so full of energy that it reinvigorated me!! Let’s all keep grinding!
1106February 5, 2024I got an Optimus Prime robot that transforms when you yell, “Transform!”
1107February 19, 2024The show Moving is great! The more you learn about the character, the more your impressions change. Worth watching.
1108February 26, 2024I went to a Fake Type live performance. Simply being able to hear that fast singing live was overwhelming. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
1109March 4, 2024I went to Shibuya to learn the greatness of monjayaki, but sadly every place was packed. It’s that popular?!
1110March 18, 2024I’m having trouble getting the cat-meme music video out of my head. The one with the cat getting in trouble is too cute.
1111March 25, 2024Right now he’s got a halo on his head and he’s saying “Sure is tough to be a mangaka” while building models without a care in the world. I salute you.
1112April 22, 2024Thank you for the break! The maintenance was a big success, and I’m ready to work even harder!
1113April 29, 2024Isn’t Seijo Ishii supermarket wild?! Like the Kazuchee products or all the yakiimo and kimchi products!

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