List of Usopp Lies that Became true

One Piece

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Lies told by Usopp that somehow came true

This list presents all the lies Usopp told that in a certain way can be considered to have come true. The chapter of each lie is presented as setup, and the chapter when it came true is presented as the payoff. The last columns show the time it took for the payoff to happen in chapters, days and years.

23Says that Pirates are attacking the village28Kuro's army attacks the village5350.1
24Says he fought a huge goldfish whose poop is as large as a island128A giant goldfish that has pooped Nanimonai Island appears1047892.2
24Says that he saw a huge mole under Kaya's mansion184Miss Merry Christmas reveals her Mogu Mogu no Mi1601,2253.4
24Says that there is a Country of Dwarfs711Dwarves are introduced in Dressrosa6875,62815.4
24Says to be a brave warrior of the sea367Sogeking is revealed3432,6817.3
40Calls the shop owner an alien438Space Pirates appear on a Cover Story3983,1368.6
40Pretends chasing a Cerberus444Actual Cerberus appears in Thriller Bark4043,1908.7
40Pretends chasing a dragon655Actual Dragon appears in Punk Hazard6155,01213.7
41Usopp mentions a medicine that can cure everything1,017Miyagi reveals the super recovery drug9768,43523.1
42Says that he is an expert in sniping367Sogeking is revealed3252,5487.0
72Says that he has 8 thousand followers744Usopp saves the prisoners in Dressrosa6725,56515.2
115Claimed Luffy's 30M first bounty is his435Got his first bounty at 30 million Berry3202,5417.0
133Mentions snow monsters on Drum Island665The Yeti Cool Brothers are introduced5324,39612.0
458Says that a beautiful swordswoman has come with meat720Rebecca buys meat for Luffy2622,2896.3

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