List of CTWC 2015 Results


Tetris is a videogame released in 1984 developed by Alexey Pajitnov. Today it is one of the best selling and most popular games in the world. Here you can find some lists related to Tetris:

Classic Tetris World Championship

Classic Tetris World Championship, commonly abbreviated as CTWC, is an annual competition where the best Classic Tetris (version released in 1989 for the Nintendo NES) players in the world of participate. It is the most highly regarded event of this version of Tetris. Check the results from all editions here:

All results of the Classic Tetris World Championship 2015

The next table shows the detailed raking of the 2015 Classic Tetris World Championship.

Games Won
Losing Match
Σ Score
Losing Match
+ Qualifying
1Jonas Neubauer5N/A2,220,443
3Alex Kerr412,193,613
4Harry Hong402,077,140
5Bo Steil312,126,727
6Bu co301,907,738
7Terry Purcell301,879,729
8Chad Muse301,329,356
9Jan i Herlevi211,777,740
10Chris Brady211,592,045
11Joey Parker211,499,098
12Jeff Moore202,270,491
13Mike Winzinek201,498,920
14David Vulich201,362,239
15Peter Grisafi201,265,500
16Matt Schoolmaster201,184,664
17Dana Wilcox111,449,559
18Cameron Eure111,358,858
19Vin ce Clemente111,282,975
20Trey Harrison101,572,069
21Danny Vulich101,500,429
22Frank Westphal101,327,299
23Robin Mihara101,168,582
24Chris Extine101,074,981
25Rigel Pearce101,051,033
26Adam Cornelius101,049,038
27Steve Hugn es10939,995
28Gin Morgan10916,469
29Ryan Ritchie10815,677
30Jason Simoneaux10813,490
31Brian Glessner10637,363
32Kim Arceo10471,739

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