List of CTWC 2017 Results


Tetris is a videogame released in 1984 developed by Alexey Pajitnov. Today it is one of the best selling and most popular games in the world. Here you can find some lists related to Tetris:

Classic Tetris World Championship

Classic Tetris World Championship, commonly abbreviated as CTWC, is an annual competition where the best Classic Tetris (version released in 1989 for the Nintendo NES) players in the world of participate. It is the most highly regarded event of this version of Tetris. Check the results from all editions here:

All results of the Classic Tetris World Championship 2017

The next table shows the detailed raking of the 2017 Classic Tetris World Championship.

Games Won
Losing Match
Σ Score
Losing Match
1Jonas Neubauer5N/AN/A
2Alex Kerr501,462,140
4Matt Buco401,070,446
5Jani Hertevi311,401,246
6Harry Hong311,360,716
7Chad Muse31359,860
8Eli Markstrom30778,229
10Trev Harrison21878,000
11Bo Steil21437,780
12Ben Mullen21299,930
13Sean Miller20955,920
14Christopher Brady20954,447
15Jeff Moore20803,096
16Peter Grisafi20390,180
17Sam Parry11513,405
18Mike Winzinek11342,758
19frank Westphal10566,960
20Gin Morgan10765,488
21Matthew Schoolmaster10749,325
22Joey Parker10558,321
24Kevin Birrell10454,822
25Stacy Schierholz10405,893
26Vince Clemente10400,060
27Paul Tesi10385,016
28Robin Mihara10383,932
29Rigel Pierce10340,253
30Mary Powell10252,568
31Douglas Arcadi10244,144
32Greg Vander Velden10136,867

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