List of CTWC 2014 Qualifying Scores


Tetris is a videogame released in 1984 developed by Alexey Pajitnov. Today it is one of the best selling and most popular games in the world. Here you can find some lists related to Tetris:

Classic Tetris World Championship

Classic Tetris World Championship, commonly abbreviated as CTWC, is an annual competition where the best Classic Tetris (version released in 1989 for the Nintendo NES) players in the world of participate. It is the most highly regarded event of this version of Tetris. Check the results from all editions here:

Ranking of qualifications for the Classic Tetris World Championship 2014

The next list presents the final scores and respective ranking of all players qualified for the Classic Tetris World Championship 2014.

Best Score
1Douglas Quaid1999,999
2Jonas Neubauer0949,900
3Terry Purcell0911,169
4Bo Steil0897,734
5Harry Hong0890,363
6Josh Tolles0861,805
7Chris Brady0860,799
8Jani Herlevi0856,280
9Eli Markstrom0840,701
10Mike Winzinek0825,344
11Ben Mullen0795,203
12Jeff Moore0765,615
13Jake Stein0758,467
14Matt Buco0752,380
15Matt Schoolmaster0751,869
16Robin Mihara0719,230
17Alex Kerr0714,253
18Chad Muse0674,846
19Dana Wilcox0670,897
20Frank Westphal0634,880
21Kristen Stein0613,813
22Jason Simoneaux0539,010
23Vince Clemente0523,432
24Patrick Nyffeler0514,854
25Cameron Eure0514,840
26Jon Baker0512,558
27Chris Extine0505,520
28Grant Siefker0504,580
29Steven Hughes0500,761
30Ryan Ritchie0490,278
31Trey Harrison0490,129
32Rigel Pearce0489,294

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