List of CTWC 2012 Qualifying Scores


Tetris is a videogame released in 1984 developed by Alexey Pajitnov. Today it is one of the best selling and most popular games in the world. Here you can find some lists related to Tetris:

Classic Tetris World Championship

Classic Tetris World Championship, commonly abbreviated as CTWC, is an annual competition where the best Classic Tetris (version released in 1989 for the Nintendo NES) players in the world of participate. It is the most highly regarded event of this version of Tetris. Check the results from all editions here:

Ranking of qualifications for the Classic Tetris World Championship 2012

The next list presents the final scores and respective ranking of all players qualified for the Classic Tetris World Championship 2012.

Best Score
1Jonas Neubauer0970,630
2Harry Hong0914,325
3Ben Mullen0905,002
4Eli Markstrom0848,576
5Matt Buco0744,634
6Mike Winzinek0722,462
7Alex Kerr0721,580
8Sean Ritchie0623,018
9Trey Harrison0596,805
10Robin Mihara0595,469
11Dana Wilcox0570,783
12Joshua Tolles0550,601
13Jesse Kelkar0539,230
14Bo Stiel0538,324
15Rigel Pierce0538,089
16Chris Brady0534,468
17Steve Hill0533,814
18Kevin Birrel0490,921
19Louis S.0477,597
20Chris Extine0450,160
21Ryan Ritchie0420,617
22Shawn Schwartz0414,695
23Jon Baker0361,535
24Vince Clemente0352,587
25Paul Fujita0342,975
26Nathan Graybeal0333,180
27Dain Anderson0320,003
28Shakil Assi0294,678
29Terry Purcell0288,411
30Bob Jenkins0286,917
31Steven Hughes0271,155
32Jack Slater0236,197

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