List of WWE Wrestlers by Total Time in Royal Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio

List with the cumulative duration of all WWE Superstars in the Royal Rumble This list shows the total time that each Superstar that participated in the Royal Rumble was in the ring, accumulating all the participations in the event. Participants who went up to the ring with various names like Triple H / Hunter Hearst … Read more

List of Causes of Death Compared to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Death Candle

All causes of death compared to Coronavirus The following list presents the causes of death in the world. The Death Rate represents the number of people per million who died within a specific cause. Percent of all Deaths refers to the percentage of deaths that each Death Rate value represents in relation to the total … Read more

List of Best-Selling Books


List of best-selling book series of all time The next list features the best-selling book series of all time. It includes all literary works with 100 million sales or more. Individual books that have surpassed that margin, Comic Books, Mangas in the Tankōbon format, and regularly updated reference books are also included. Books marked as … Read more

List of Countries by Corruption Perception


Corruption Perception Index of all countries in the world The Corruption Perception Index is an analysis made by the Transparency International that ranks 180 countries and territories by perceived levels of corruption in the public sector, according to experts and entrepreneurs. The higher the CPI Score, the less corrupt the country is perceived.