List of Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Classes by Energy per Photon

Photon Energy

Energy per photon of all electromagnetic spectrum classes The amount of energy is directly related to the frequency and the electromagnetic wavelength of the photon. The higher the frequency of the photon, the greater its energy and the longer the photon wavelength, the less its energy. The next table presents the energy per photon for … Read more

List of Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Classes by Frequency

Electromagnetic Wave

Frequency of all electromagnetic spectrum classes Electromagnetic radiation can be classified according to the frequency of the wave, in ascending order, in the following ranges: radio waves, microwaves, terahertz radiation, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma radiation. The next table shows the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

List of WWE Wrestlers by Total Participations in Royal Rumble

WWE Royal Rumble Mick Foley

List with all participations of WWE Superstars in the Royal Rumble This list shows the total number of appearances that each superstar had in the Royal Rumble. Participants who went up to the ring with various names like Triple H / Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Steve Austin / The Ringmaster are counted as a single … Read more