List of Dragon Ball Super Episode to Chapter Conversion

Dragon Ball Super Tournament

All Dragon Ball Super episodes and their corresponding chapters This list features all episodes of the Dragon Ball Super anime, and which manga chapters correspond to each of those episodes. Some episodes were adapted from movies. Unmatched episodes are marked as “Anime Canon” or “Filler”. This list is useful for those who wants to make … Read more

List of Dragon Ball Episode to Chapter Conversion

Dragon Ball Original

All Dragon Ball episodes and their corresponding chapters The next list presents all the episodes of the original Dragon Ball anime, and the respective chapters of the manga that were used as a reference for each of the episodes. Essentially this is an episode to chapter converter. Episodes that did not use any reference chapter … Read more

List of 10 Strongest Characters in Naruto You Should Know About

Naruto Characters

The Naruto series has showcased many powerful ninjas. Their unique powers and abilities kept upgrading from one season to another. But among all the unique ninjas, there have been some characters whose development is remembered even after the end of the series. Those characters were the strongest and most famous among the anime watchers from … Read more