List of Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spells by Class

Dungeons and Dragons Warlock

All D&D 5th spells divided by class The next list shows all the spells that are available in the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and which classes have access to each of them. Spells annotated with a ball can be learned by the respective class only by fulfilling certain subclass requirements.

List of Bleach Arcs

Bleach Characters

All Bleach arcs in order This list presents all Bleach story arcs in order. Each arc shows the number of manga chapters and pages, and anime episodes and minutes. This list also shows the 1st chapter and episode of each arc. Arcs are numbered according to the manga. Arcs with decimal values refer to filler … Read more

List of Bleach Fillers

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki

All Bleach filler episodes The next list shows the episodes of Bleach that are totally filler. Partially filler episodes are included in this list as “Mixed”. Take a look at Reelmovienation for more information on Bleach fillers.

List of Bleach Manga Chapters

Bleach Manga

All Bleach chapters The next list presents all the chapters of the Bleach manga. Some chapters have numbers in parentheses, such as 168.5 (-12.5). In these cases, the chapter number is the one in parentheses, and the other value exists to define the order in which the chapter was released.