List of Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spells (Artificer)

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Dungeons & Dragons (DnD or D&D) is a fantasy tabletop RPG originally developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and first published in 1974. Today the game is published by Wizards of the Coast. The publication of D&D is considered to be the origin of modern RPGs. Check out our D&D lists:

Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spells

There are 9 classes in Dungeons & Dragons that can cast spells: Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard. Other classes may also have access to certain spells under certain conditions. Spells can be filtered by:

Information about spells was collected in the following books:

Acquisition's Incorporated / Elemental Evil Player's Companion / Explorer's Guide to Wildemount / Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica / Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden / Lost Laboratory of Kwalish / Players Handbook / Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide / Tasha's Cauldron of Everything / Xanathars Guide To Everything / Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos / Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

All Artificer Spells from D&D 5th Edition

The next table lists all Artificer spells present in the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

0Acid Splash1 Action60 feetInstantaneousDexterity
0Booming Blade1 ActionSelf (5-foot radius)1 Round
0Create Bonfire1 Action60 feet1 MinuteDexterity
0Dancing Lights1 Action120 feet1 Minute
0Fire Bolt1 Action120 feetInstantaneous
0Frostbite1 Action60 feetInstantaneousConstitution
0Green-Flame Blade1 ActionSelf (5-foot radius)Instantaneous
0Guidance1 ActionTouch1 Minute
0Light1 ActionTouch1 HourDexterity
0Lightning Lure1 ActionSelf (15-foot radius)InstantaneousStrength
0Mage Hand1 Action30 feet1 Minute
0Magic Stone1 Bonus ActionTouch1 Minute
0Mending1 MinuteTouchInstantaneous
0Message1 Action120 feet1 Round
0Poison Spray1 Action10 feetInstantaneousConstitution
0Prestidigitation1 Action10 feet1 Hour
0Ray of Frost1 Action60 feetInstantaneous
0Resistance1 ActionTouch1 Minute
0Shocking Grasp1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
0Spare the Dying1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
0Sword Burst1 ActionSelf (5-foot radius)InstantaneousDexterity
0Thorn Whip1 Action30 feetInstantaneous
0Thunderclap1 Action5 feetInstantaneousConstitution
1Absorb Elements1 ReactionSelf1 Round
1Alarm1 Minute30 feet8 Hours
1Catapult1 Action60 feetInstantaneousDexterity
1Cure Wounds1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
1Detect Magic1 ActionSelf10 Minutes
1Disguise Self1 ActionSelf1 Hour
1Expeditious Retreat1 Bonus ActionSelf10 Minutes
1Faerie Fire1 Action60 feet1 MinuteDexterity
1False Life1 ActionSelf1 Hour
1Feather Fall1 Reaction60 feet1 Minute
1Grease1 Action60 feet1 MinuteDexterity
1Healing Word1 Bonus Action60 feetInstantaneous
1Heroism1 ActionTouch1 Minute
1Identify1 MinuteTouchInstantaneous
1Jump1 ActionTouch1 Minute
1Longstrider1 ActionTouch1 Hour
1Magic Missile1 Action120 feetInstantaneous
1Purify Food and Drink1 Action10 feetInstantaneous
1Ray of Sickness1 Action60 feetInstantaneousConstitution
1Sanctuary1 Bonus Action30 feet1 MinuteWisdom
1Shield1 ReactionSelf1 Round
1Snare1 MinuteTouch8 HoursDexterity
1Tasha's Caustic Brew1 ActionSelf (30-foot line)1 MinuteDexterity
1Thunderwave1 ActionSelf (15-foot cube)InstantaneousConstitution
2Aid1 Action30 feet8 Hours
2Alter Self1 ActionSelf1 Hour
2Arcane Lock1 ActionTouchUntil Dispelled
2Blur1 ActionSelf1 Minute
2Branding Smite1 Bonus ActionSelf1 Minute
2Continual Flame1 ActionTouchUntil Dispelled
2Darkvision1 ActionTouch8 Hours
2Enhance Ability1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Enlarge/Reduce1 Action30 feet1 MinuteConstitution
2Flaming Sphere1 Action60 feet1 MinuteDexterity
2Heat Metal1 Action60 feet1 Minute
2Invisibility1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Kinetic Jaunt1 Bonus ActionSelf1 Minute
2Lesser Restoration1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
2Levitate1 Action60 feet10 MinutesConstitution
2Magic Mouth1 Minute30 feetUntil Dispelled
2Magic Weapon1 Bonus ActionTouch1 Hour
2Melf's Acid Arrow1 Action90 feetInstantaneous
2Mirror Image1 ActionSelf1 Minute
2Protection from Poison1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Pyrotechnics1 Action60 feetInstantaneousConstitution
2Rope Trick1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Scorching Ray1 Action120 feetInstantaneous
2See Invisibility1 ActionSelf1 Hour
2Shatter1 Action60 feetInstantaneousConstitution
2Skywrite1 ActionSight1 Hour
2Spider Climb1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Vortex Warp1 Action90 feetInstantaneousConstitution
2Warding Bond1 ActionTouch1 Hour
2Web1 Action60 feet1 HourDexterity
3Ashardalon's Stride1 Bonus ActionSelf1 Minute
3Aura of Vitality1 ActionSelf (30-foot radius)1 Minute
3Blink1 ActionSelf1 Minute
3Catnap1 Action30 feet10 Minutes
3Conjure Barrage1 ActionSelf (60-foot cone)InstantaneousDexterity
3Create Food and Water1 Action30 feetInstantaneous
3Dispel Magic1 Action120 feetInstantaneous
3Elemental Weapon1 ActionTouch1 Hour
3Fireball1 Action150 feetInstantaneousDexterity
3Flame Arrows1 ActionTouch1 Hour
3Fly1 ActionTouch10 Minutes
3Gaseous Form1 ActionTouch1 Hour
3Glyph of Warding1 HourTouchUntil Dispelled or TriggeredDexterity
3Haste1 Action30 feet1 Minute
3Hypnotic Pattern1 Action120 feet1 MinuteWisdom
3Intellect Fortress1 Action30 feet1 Hour
3Lightning Bolt1 ActionSelf (100-foot line)InstantaneousDexterity
3Mass Healing Word1 Bonus Action60 feetInstantaneous
3Protection from Energy1 ActionTouch1 Hour
3Revivify1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
3Tiny Servant1 MinuteTouch8 Hours
3Water Walk1 Action30 feet1 Hour
3Wind Wall1 Action120 feet1 MinuteStrength
4Arcane Eye1 Action30 feet1 Hour
4Aura of Purity1 ActionSelf (30-foot radius)10 Minutes
4Blight1 Action30 feetInstantaneousConstitution
4Death Ward1 ActionTouch8 Hours
4Elemental Bane1 Action90 feet1 MInuteConstitution
4Fabricate10 Minutes120 feetInstantaneous
4Fire Shield1 ActionSelf10 Minutes
4Freedom of Movement1 ActionTouch1 Hour
4Greater Invisibility1 ActionTouch1 Minute
4Ice Storm1 Action300 feetInstantaneousDexterity
4Leomund's Secret Chest1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
4Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound1 Action30 feet8 Hours
4Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum10 Minutes120 feet24 Hours
4Otiluke's Resilient Sphere1 Action30 feet1 MinuteDexterity
4Stone Shape1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
4Stoneskin1 ActionTouch1 Hour
4Summon Construct1 Action90 feet1 Hour
4Wall of Fire1 Action120 feet1 MinuteDexterity
5Animate Objects1 Action120 feet1 Minute
5Banishing Smite1 Bonus ActionSelf1 Minute
5Bigby's Hand1 Action120 feet1 Minute
5Cloudkill1 Action120 feet10 MinutesConstitution
5Cone of Cold1 ActionSelf (60-foot cone)InstantaneousConstitution
5Creation1 Minute30 feetSpecial
5Greater Restoration1 ActionTouchInstantaneous
5Mass Cure Wounds1 Action60 feetInstantaneous
5Passwall1 Action30 feet1 Hour
5Raise Dead1 HourTouchInstantaneous
5Skill Empowerment1 ActionTouch1 Hour
5Transmute Rock1 Action120 feetUntil DispelledDexterity
5Wall of Force1 Action120 feet10 Minutes
5Wall of Stone1 Action120 feet10 Minutes
6Heal1 Action60 feetInstantaneous

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