List of 10 Strongest Characters in Naruto You Should Know About

Naruto Characters

The Naruto series has showcased many powerful ninjas. Their unique powers and abilities kept upgrading from one season to another. But among all the unique ninjas, there have been some characters whose development is remembered even after the end of the series. Those characters were the strongest and most famous among the anime watchers from … Read more

List of Dr. Slump (The Brief Return) Manga Chapters

Dr. Slump The Return

All chapters of The Brief Return of Dr. Slump manga The Brief Return of Dr. Slump, also known as “Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While”, is a sequel to the Dr. Slump manga. Is not written and illustrated by the original creator Akira Toriyama. This list features all chapters and their original … Read more

List of Pokémon by Gender

Pokémon Gender Male Female

All Pokémon by gender Some Pokémon are only male or female, some have no gender, and some exist in both. In some it is possible to identify differences between the male and the female, in others the difference is imperceptible. The next list presents all the Pokémon and the probability of being of each gender.