List of Dragon Ball Super Fillers

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese franchise that originated with a manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. It was later adapted into two animes, called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which have become one of the most popular and profitable ones ever. Here are some lists about Dragon Ball:

All Dragon Ball Super filler episodes

This list features all Dragon Ball Super Filler, Mixed, or Anime Canon episodes.

1The Peace Reward – Who Will Get the 100 Million Zeni? / A Peacetime Reward: Who Gets the 100,000,000 Zeni?!July 5, 2015Mixed
2To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?! / To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip!July 12, 2015Mixed
4Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action! / Bid for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission!August 2, 2015Filler
15Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A Challenge from Outer Space! / Valiant Mr. Satan, Work a Miracle! A Challenge from Outer Space!October 18, 2015Filler
16Vegeta Becomes an Apprentice?! Winning Whis Over! / Vegeta Becomes a Student?! Win Over Whis!October 25, 2015Anime Canon
17Pan Is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Trip?! / Pan is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?!November 1, 2015Anime Canon
22Change! An Unexpected Return! His Name is Ginyu!!December 6, 2015Anime Canon
42Trouble at the Victory Celebration! Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku! / A Chaotic Victory Party! Showdown at Last? Monaka vs. Goku!May 8, 2016Filler
43Goku's Ki is Out of Control?! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble! / Goku's Energy is Out of Control? The Struggle to Look After PanMay 15, 2016Filler
44Seal of Planet Potofu – Secret of the Superhuman Water Is Unleashed! / The Seal of Planet Pot-au-feu; Secrets of the Unleashed Superhuman Water!May 22, 2016Filler
45Vegeta Disappears?! The Threat of Duplicated Vegeta! / Vegeta Disappears?! Menace of the Duplicate Vegeta!May 29, 2016Filler
46Goku vs. Duplicated Vegeta! Who's Gonna Win?! / Goku vs. the Duplicate Vegeta! Which One is Going to Win?June 5, 2016Filler
50Goku vs. Black! The Closed Path to the Future / Goku vs. Black! A Closed-Off Road to the FutureJuly 3, 2016Anime Canon
52Teacher and Student Reunited – Son Gohan and Future Trunks / Master and Pupil Reunited Gohan and Future Trunks!July 17, 2016Anime Canon
68Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish Will Be Granted?November 27, 2016Filler
69Goku vs. Arale! A Ridiculous Battle Will End the Earth?! / Goku vs. Arale! An Off-the-Wall Battle Spells the End of the Earth?December 4, 2016Filler
70Champa's Challenge! This Time We Fight with Baseball!! / A Challenge From Champa! This Time, a Baseball Game!December 11, 2016Filler
71The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission / Goku Dies! An Assassination That Must Be Executed!December 18, 2016Anime Canon
72Will There Be a Counterattack?! The Invisible Killing Strike!! / Will He Strike Back? The Unseen Killing Technique!December 25, 2016Anime Canon
73Gohan's Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie?! / Gohan's Plight! The Preposterous Great Saiyaman Film Adaptation?!January 8, 2017Filler
74For the Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!! / For My Beloved Ones! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!January 15, 2017Filler
75Goku and Krillin Back to the Old Training Grounds / Goku and Krillin! Back to the Old Familiar Training Ground!January 22, 2017Filler
76Defeat These Terrifying Enemies! Krillin's Fighting Spirit Returns! / Conquer the Terrifying Foes! Krillin's Fighting Spirit Rebounds!January 29, 2017Filler
78The Gods of Every Universe in Shock?! Losers Erased in the Tournament of Power / Even the Universes' Gods are Appalled?! The Lose-and-Perish Tournament of PowerFebruary 12, 2017Anime Canon
79Universe 9's Basil the Kicker VS Universe 7's Majin Buu!! / The 9th Universe's Kicking Basil vs. the 7th Universe's Majin Buu!!February 19, 2017Anime Canon
80Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan's Fight!! / Awaken Your Dormant Fighting Spirit! Gohan's Fight!February 26, 2017Anime Canon
81Bergamo the Crusher Vs Son Goku! Which One Wields the Limitless Power?! / Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder?March 5, 2017Anime Canon
89An Unknown Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo's Mystery?! / A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Enigma of the Tien Shin-Style Dojo?May 7, 2017Mixed
90See The Wall That Must Be Passed! Goku vs Gohan / Staring Down the Wall to be Overcome Goku vs. GohanMay 14, 2017Anime Canon
91Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!! / Which Universe Will Win Their Place? The Mighty Warriors Gradually Assemble!May 21, 2017Anime Canon
94The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?! / The Evil Emperor Returns! A Reception from Mysterious Assassins?June 11, 2017Anime Canon
95The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!! / Most Heinous! Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!June 18, 2017Anime Canon
105A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi's Sacrifice!! / A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!August 27, 2017Anime Canon
113With Great Joy! The Repeat Battle-Crazy Saiyan Fight!! / With Great Joy! The Fighting Freak Saiyans' Battle Rejoined!October 29, 2017Anime Canon
120The Perfect Survival Tactic! Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!! / A Perfect Survival Strategy! The 3rd Universe's Menacing Assassin!December 17, 2017Anime Canon

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