List of Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Classes by Wavelength

Wavelength of all electromagnetic spectrum classes

Wavelength is the distance between successive repeated values in a wave pattern. The next table shows the range of wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation.

1γGamma rays1 pm10 pm
2HXHard X-rays10 pm100 pm
3SXSoft X-rays100 pm1 nm
4SXSoft X-rays1 nm10 nm
5EUVExtreme ultraviolet10 nm100 nm
6NUVNear ultraviolet / visible100 nm1 μm
7NIRNear infrared1 μm10 μm
8MIRMid infrared10 μm100 μm
9FIRFar infrared100 μm1 mm
10EHFExtremely high frequency1 mm1 cm
11SHFSuper high frequency1 cm1 dm
12UHFUltra high frequency1 dm1 m
13VHFVery high frequency1 m10 m
14HFHigh frequency10 m100 m
15MFMedium frequency100 m1 km
16LFLow frequency1 km10 km
17VLFVery low frequency10 km100 km
18ULFUltra low frequency100 km1000 km
19SLFSuper low frequency1000 km10000 km
20ELFExtremely low frequency10000 km100000 km

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