List of Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Classes by Energy per Photon

Energy per photon of all electromagnetic spectrum classes

The amount of energy is directly related to the frequency and the electromagnetic wavelength of the photon. The higher the frequency of the photon, the greater its energy and the longer the photon wavelength, the less its energy. The next table presents the energy per photon for each class of electromagnetic radiation.

per Photon
per Photon
1γGamma rays124 keV1.24 MeV
2HXHard X-rays12.4 keV124 keV
3SXSoft X-rays1.24 keV12.4 keV
4SXSoft X-rays124 eV1.24 keV
5EUVExtreme ultraviolet12.4 eV124 eV
6NUVNear ultraviolet / visible1.24 eV12.4 eV
7NIRNear infrared124 meV1.24 eV
8MIRMid infrared12.4 meV124 meV
9FIRFar infrared1.24 meV12.4 meV
10EHFExtremely high frequency124 μeV1.24 meV
11SHFSuper high frequency12.4 μeV124 μeV
12UHFUltra high frequency1.24 μeV12.4 μeV
13VHFVery high frequency124 neV1.24 μeV
14HFHigh frequency12.4 neV124 neV
15MFMedium frequency1.24 neV12.4 neV
16LFLow frequency124 peV1.24 neV
17VLFVery low frequency12.4 peV124 peV
18ULFUltra low frequency1.24 peV12.4 peV
19SLFSuper low frequency124 feV1.24 peV
20ELFExtremely low frequency12.4 feV124 feV

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