What is Dungeons & Dragons?

Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) is a fantasy tabletop RPG originally developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and first published in 1974. Today the game is published by Wizards of the Coast. The publication of D&D is considered to be the origin of modern RPGs.

Dungeons & Dragons Spells

There are 8 classes in Dungeons & Dragons that can cast spells: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard.
Ritual (RIT): The spell can be done through a ritual.
Concentration (CON): The spell requires concentration.
Verbal (V): The spell needs a verbal component.
Somatic (S): The spell needs a hand movement.
Material (M): The spell needs a material component.

All Cleric Spells from D&D 5th Edition

The next table lists all Cleric spells present in the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

1Bane1 action30 feetup to 1 minuteCharisma
1Bless1 action30 feetup to 1 minute
1Ceremony1 hourTouchInstantaneousWisdom
1Command1 action60 feet1 roundWisdom
1Create or Destroy Water1 action30 feetInstantaneous
1Cure Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneous
1Detect Evil and Good1 actionSelfup to 10 minutes
1Detect Magic1 actionSelfup to 10 minutes
1Detect Poison and Disease1 actionSelfup to 10 minutes
1Guiding Bolt1 action120 feet1 round
1Healing Word1 bonus action60 feetInstantaneous
1Inflict Wounds1 actionTouchInstantaneous
1Protection from Evil and Good1 actionTouchup to 1 hour
1Purify Food and Drink1 action10 feetInstantaneous
1Sanctuary1 bonus action30 feet1 minuteWisdom
1Shield of Faith1 bonus action60 feetup to 10 minutes
2Aid1 action30 feet8 hours
2Augury1 minuteSelfInstantaneous
2Blindness / Deafness1 action30 feet1 minuteConstitution
2Calm Emotions1 action60 feetup to 1 minuteCharisma
2Continual Flame1 actionTouchUntil dispelled
2Enhance Ability1 actionTouchup to 1 hour
2Find Traps1 action120 feetInstantaneous
2Gentle Repose1 actionTouch10 days
2Hold Person1 action60 feetup to 1 minuteWisdom
2Lesser Restoration1 actionTouchInstantaneous
2Locate Object1 actionSelfup to 10 minutes
2Prayer of Healing10 minutes30 feetInstantaneous
2Protection from Poison1 actionTouch1 hour
2Silence1 action120 feetup to 10 minutes
2Spiritual Weapon1 bonus action60 feet1 minute
2Warding Bond1 actionTouch1 hour
2Zone of Truth1 action60 feet10 minutesCharisma
3Animate Dead1 minute10 feetInstantaneous
3Beacon of Hope1 action30 feetup to 1 minute
3Bestow Curse1 actionTouchup to 1 minuteWisdom
3Clairvoyance10 minutes1 mileup to 10 minutes
3Create Food and Water1 action30 feetInstantaneous
3Daylight1 action60 feet1 hour
3Dispel Magic1 action120 feetInstantaneous
3Feign Death1 actionTouch1 hour
3Glyph of Warding1 hourTouchUntil dispelled or triggeredDexterity
3Life Transference1 action30 feetInstantaneous
3Magic Circle1 minute10 feet1 hourCharisma
3Mass Healing Word1 bonus action60 feetInstantaneous
3Meld into Stone1 actionTouch8 hours
3Protection from Energy1 actionTouchup to 1 hour
3Remove Curse1 actionTouchInstantaneous
3Revivify1 actionTouchInstantaneous
3Sending1 actionUnlimited1 round
3Speak with Dead1 action10 feet10 minutes
3Spirit Guardians1 actionSelf (15-foot radius)up to 10 minutesWisdom
3Tongues1 actionTouch1 hour
3Water Walk1 action30 feet1 hour
4Banishment1 action60 feetup to 1 minuteCharisma
4Control Water1 action300 feetup to 10 minutes
4Death Ward1 actionTouch8 hours
4Divination1 actionSelfInstantaneous
4Freedom of Movement1 actionTouch1 hour
4Guardian of Faith1 action30 feet8 hoursDexterity
4Locate Creature1 actionSelfup to 1 hour
4Stone Shape1 actionTouchInstantaneous
5Commune1 minuteSelf1 minute
5Contagion1 actionTouch7 daysConstitution
5Dawn1 action60 feetup to 1 minuteConstitution
5Dispel Evil and Good1 actionSelfup to 1 minuteCharisma
5Flame Strike1 action60 feetInstantaneousDexterity
5Geas1 minute60 feet30 daysWisdom
5Greater Restoration1 actionTouchInstantaneous
5Hallow24 hoursTouchUntil dispelledCharisma
5Holy Weapon1 bonus actionTouchup to 1 hourConstitution
5Insect Plague1 action300 feetup to 10 minutesConstitution
5Legend Lore10 minutesSelfInstantaneous
5Mass Cure Wounds1 action60 feetInstantaneous
5Planar Binding1 hour60 feet24 hoursCharisma
5Raise Dead1 hourTouchInstantaneous
5Scrying10 minutesSelfup to 10 minutesWisdom
6Blade Barrier1 action90 feetup to 10 minutesDexterity
6Circle of Death1 action150 feetInstantaneousConstitution
6Find the Path1 minuteSelfup to 1 day
6Forbiddance10 minutesTouch1 day
6Harm1 action60 feetInstantaneousConstitution
6Heal1 action60 feetInstantaneous
6Heroes’ Feast10 minutes30 feetInstantaneous
6Planar Ally10 minutes60 feetInstantaneous
6True Seeing1 actionTouch1 hour
6Word of Recall1 action5 feetInstantaneous
7Conjure Celestial1 minute90 feetup to 1 hour
7Divine Word1 bonus action30 feetInstantaneousCharisma
7Etherealness1 actionSelfUp to 8 hours
7Fire Storm1 action150 feetInstantaneousDexterity
7Plane Shift1 actionTouchInstantaneousCharisma
7Regenerate1 minuteTouch1 hour
7Resurrection1 hourTouchInstantaneous
7Symbol1 minuteTouchUntil dispelled or triggeredConstitution; Wisdom; Charisma; Intelligence
7Temple of the Gods1 hour120 feet24 hoursCharisma
8Antimagic Field1 actionSelf (10-foot-radius sphere)up to 1 hour
8Control Weather10 minutesSelf (5-mile radius)up to 8 hoursStrength
8Earthquake1 action500 feetup to 1 minuteConstitution; Dexterity
8Holy Aura1 actionSelfup to 1 minuteConstitution
9Astral Projection1 hour10 feetSpecial
9Gate1 action60 feetup to 1 minute
9Mass Heal1 action60 feetInstantaneous
9True Resurrection1 hourTouchInstantaneous
CGuidance1 actionTouchup to 1 minute
CLight1 actionTouch1 hourDexterity
CMending1 minuteTouchInstantaneous
CResistance1 actionTouchup to 1 minute
CSacred Flame1 action60 feetInstantaneousDexterity
CSpare the Dying1 actionTouchInstantaneous
CThaumaturgy1 action30 feetup to 1 minute
CToll the Dead1 action60 feetInstantaneousWisdom
CWord of Radiance1 action5 feetInstantaneous