List of Dragon Ball Fillers

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese franchise that originated with a manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. It was later adapted into two animes, called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which have become one of the most popular and profitable ones ever. Here are some lists about Dragon Ball:

All Dragon Ball filler episodes

A filler is an episode of the anime that is not based on the original manga. They are usually created so that the animation series doesn’t get too close to the manga on which it is based. This list presents all Dragon Ball episodes that are filler.

29Another Adventure — The Wandering Lake / The Roaming LakeSeptember 10, 1986Mixed
30Pilaf and the Mysterious Army / Pilaf and the Mystery ForceSeptember 17, 1986Filler
31Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!! / Wedding Plans?September 24, 1986Filler
32Vanished!? The Flying Fortress in the Sky / The Flying Fortress — Vanished!October 1, 1986Filler
33Legend of the Dragon / The Legend of a DragonOctober 8, 1986Filler
42Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan / The Secret of Dr. FlappeDecember 10, 1986Mixed
44Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger / Master Thief, HaskyDecember 24, 1986Mixed
45Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap / Danger in the AirJanuary 7, 1987Filler
79Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd / Terror and PlagueSeptember 16, 1987Filler
80Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long / Goku vs. Sky DragonSeptember 23, 1987Filler
81Goku Goes to the Demon World / Goku Goes to Demon LandSeptember 30, 1987Filler
82The Ferocious Beast, Inoshi Kacho / The Rampage of InoShikaChoOctober 7, 1987Filler
83Hurry to the Tenkaichi Martial Arts Tournament, Goku! / Which Way to Papaya Island?October 14, 1987Filler
127Faster than Lightning!! / Quicker than LightningSeptember 21, 1988Filler
128Quiet as the Sky / Secret of the WoodsSeptember 28, 1988Filler
129Time Traveler Goku / The Time RoomOctober 12, 1988Filler
130Goku's Opponent is... Goku?! / Goku's DollOctober 19, 1988Filler
131Each on Their Own Way / Walking Their Own WaysOctober 26, 1988Filler
132Hotter than Magma / Hotter than LavaNovember 2, 1988Filler
149Wedding Dress in Flames / Dress in FlamesMarch 15, 1989Filler
150The Phantom Fire-Eating Bird / The Fire-EaterMarch 22, 1989Filler
151Thanks to Chi Chi's Homemaker Training... / Outrageous OctagonApril 5, 1989Filler
152Hurry, Goku! The Mysterious Mountain of Five Elements / Mystery of the Dark WorldApril 12, 1989Filler
153Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey / The End, the BeginningApril 19, 1989Filler

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