List of Dragon Ball TV Specials

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese franchise that originated with a manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. It was later adapted into two animes, called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which have become one of the most popular and profitable ones ever. Here are some lists about Dragon Ball:

All Dragon Ball TV Specials

This list features all the special television episodes from the Dragon Ball series.

1Bardock – The Father of GokuOctober 17, 199048
2Summer Vacation SpecialAugust 3, 199243
3The History of TrunksFebruary 24, 199348
4Looking Back at it All: The Dragon Ball Z Year-End Show!December 31, 19935
5Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration SpecialApril 7, 201343
6A Hero's LegacyMarch 26, 199745
7This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!!October 8, 201745
8History of JapanSeptember 9, 20171,620
9Right Before the Dragon Ball Super Movie Debuts! Looking Back on the TV Show’s ClimaxDecember 2, 201860

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