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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese franchise that originated with a manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. It was later adapted into two animes, called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which have become one of the most popular and profitable ones ever. Here are some lists about Dragon Ball:

All Dragon Ball arcs in order

This list presents all Dragon Ball story arcs in order (includes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super arcs). Arcs are a group of episodes with a similar plotline, and can be grouped into Sagas. Check out our list of Dragon Ball Sagas for a broader view. Each arc shows the number of manga chapters and pages, and anime episodes and minutes. This list also shows the 1st chapter and episode of each arc. Arcs are numbered according to the manga. Arcs with decimal values refer to filler arcs that only appear in the anime. Use this list as a reference to know which chapter and episode each arc begins, and to know which arc is after another.

(avg 24)
DB 01Emperor Pilaf Arc1233583.0%1133122.0%
DB 02Tournament Arc24314693.9%14153602.3%
DB 03Red Ribbon Army Arc55152251.9%29174082.7%
DB 04General Blue Arc70142111.8%46122881.9%
DB 05Commander Red Arc84131951.6%58102401.6%
DB 06Fortuneteller Baba Arc97162412.0%68153602.3%
DB 07Tien Shinhan Arc113223292.8%83194563.0%
DB 08King Piccolo Arc135274043.4%102215043.3%
DB 09Piccolo Jr. Arc162334954.2%123317444.9%
DBZ 01Raditz Arc195111651.4%161440.9%
DBZ 02Vegeta Arc206365404.5%7296964.5%
DBZ 03Namek Arc242406015.0%36327685.0%
DBZ 04Captain Ginyu Arc282101501.3%6871681.1%
DBZ 05Frieza Arc292385674.8%75337925.2%
DBZ 05.1Garlic Jr. Arc0000.0%108102401.6%
DBZ 06Trunks Arc33071090.9%11881921.3%
DBZ 07Androids Arc337213202.7%126143362.2%
DBZ 08Imperfect Cell Arc358162412.0%140133122.0%
DBZ 09Perfect Cell Arc374152291.9%153133122.0%
DBZ 10Cell Games Arc388334894.1%166296964.5%
DBZ 10.1Other World Arc0000.0%19551200.8%
DBZ 11Great Saiyaman Arc421111611.4%200102401.6%
DBZ 12World Tournament Arc432141941.6%210102401.6%
DBZ 13Babidi Arc446141861.6%220122881.9%
DBZ 14Majin Buu Arc460243112.6%232225283.4%
DBZ 15Fusion Arc484243122.6%254225283.4%
DBZ 16Kid Buu Arc50891171.0%276122881.9%
DBZ 17Peaceful World Arc5173440.4%2884960.6%
GT 01Black Star Dragon Ball Arc0000.0%1163842.5%
GT 02Baby Arc0000.0%17245763.8%
GT 03Super 17 Arc0000.0%4171681.1%
GT 04Shadow Dragon Arc0000.0%48174082.7%
Super 01God of Destruction Beerus Arc14650.5%1184322.8%
Super 02Golden Frieza Arc0000.0%1992161.4%
Super 03Universe 6 Arc592301.9%28143362.2%
Super 04Copy-Vegeta Arc0000.0%4251200.8%
Super 05Future Trunks Arc14135434.6%47307204.7%
Super 06Universe Survival Arc27167206.0%77551,3208.6%
Super 07Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc43251,1259.4%0000.0%
Super 08Granolla the Survivor Arc68209007.5%0000.0%
Super 09Super Hero Arc88156755.7%0000.0%

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