Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a Japanese franchise that originated with a manga published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1985 by Akira Toriyama. The original work ended its publication 11 years later after 519 chapters and more than 25 sagas. Dragon Ball was adapted into two animes, called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In addition, other adaptations have expanded the story like Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super animes, as well as a vast array of TV specials, OVA’s, Public Service Videos, 4D attractions, animated films, and even a Live Action Movie.

All Dragon Ball sagas

This list compiles all the Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super sagas.

Manga %
Anime %
DB 01Emperor Pilaf Saga233583.91%133122.03%
DB 02Tournament Saga314695.27%153602.35%
DB 03Red Ribbon Army Saga152252.55%174082.66%
DB 04General Blue Saga142112.38%122881.88%
DB 05Commander Red Saga131952.21%102401.56%
DB 06Fortuneteller Baba Saga162412.72%153602.35%
DB 07Tien Shinhan Saga223293.74%194562.97%
DB 08King Piccolo Saga274044.59%215043.29%
DB 09Piccolo Jr. Saga334955.61%317444.85%
DBZ 01Raditz Saga111651.87%61440.94%
DBZ 02Vegeta Saga365406.12%296964.54%
DBZ 03Namek Saga406016.80%327685.01%
DBZ 04Captain Ginyu Saga101501.70%71681.10%
DBZ 05Frieza Saga385676.46%337925.16%
DBZ 05.1Garlic Jr. Saga000.00%102401.56%
DBZ 06Trunks Saga71091.19%81921.25%
DBZ 07Androids Saga213203.57%143362.19%
DBZ 08Imperfect Cell Saga162412.72%133122.03%
DBZ 09Perfect Cell Saga152292.55%133122.03%
DBZ 10Cell Games Saga334895.61%296964.54%
DBZ 10.1Other World Saga000.00%51200.78%
DBZ 11Great Saiyaman Saga111611.87%102401.56%
DBZ 12World Tournament Saga141942.38%102401.56%
DBZ 13Babidi Saga141862.38%122881.88%
DBZ 14Majin Buu Saga243114.08%225283.44%
DBZ 15Fusion Saga243124.08%225283.44%
DBZ 16Kid Buu Saga91171.53%122881.88%
DBZ 17Peaceful World Saga3440.51%4960.63%
GT 01Black Star Dragon Ball Saga000.00%163842.50%
GT 02Baby Saga000.00%245763.76%
GT 03Super 17 Saga000.00%71681.10%
GT 04Shadow Dragon Saga000.00%174082.66%
Super 01God of Destruction Beerus Saga4650.68%184322.82%
Super 02Golden Frieza Saga000.00%92161.41%
Super 03Universe 6 Saga92301.53%143362.19%
Super 04Copy-Vegeta Saga000.00%51200.78%
Super 05Future Trunks Saga135432.21%307204.69%
Super 06Universe Survival Saga167202.72%551,3208.61%
Super 07Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga251,1254.25%000.00%
Super 08Granolla the Survivor1450.17%000.00%