List of World Records for Largest Living Organisms

The largest living organisms in the world

The next list presents some world records of living organisms, which include animals, plants, fungus, bacteria, among others. This list will be expanded regularly.

Largest Bacteria (Living)Thiomargarita Namibiensis0.75 mm
Largest CeratopsiansEotriceratops Xerinsularis 8.5 m
Largest DinosaurBarosaurus Lentus26 - 48 m
Largest Fungus (Living)Honey Fungus8.9 km2
Largest OrnithopodsShantungosaurus Giganteus14.7 - 18.7
Largest PachycephalosaursPachycephalosaurus Wyomingensis4.5 m
Largest PrimateGigantopithecus Blackii3 m
Largest SauropodomorphsBarosaurus Lentus26 - 48 m
Largest Snake (Living)Green Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus)8.8 m
Largest TheropodsSpinosaurus Aegyptiacus15 - 18 m
Largest ThyreophoransStegosaurus Ungulatus7 - 9 m
Largest Virus (Living)Pithovirus Sibericum1.5 μm

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