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The heaviest living organisms in the world

The next list presents some of the heaviest living organisms in the world, which include animals, plants, fungus, bacteria, among others. This list will be expanded regularly.

Heaviest AnimalBlue Whale110 - 190 t
Heaviest Bird (Living)Ostrich (Struthio Camelus)104 - 156.8 kg
Heaviest CeratopsiansTriceratops Horridus9 - 13.5 t
Heaviest DinosaurMaraapunisaurus Fragilimus78.5 - 120 t
Heaviest Fungus (Living)Honey Fungus605 t
Heaviest MammalBlue Whale110 - 190 t
Heaviest OrnithopodsShantungosaurus Giganteus9.9 - 22.5 t
Heaviest PrimateGigantopithecus Blackii540 kg
Heaviest Reptile (Living)Saltwater Crocodile450 - 2,000 kg
Heaviest SauropodomorphsMaraapunisaurus Fragilimus78.5 - 120 t
Heaviest Snake (Living)Green Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus)227 kg
Heaviest Terrestrial Animal (Living)African Bush Elephant4.9 - 12.25 t
Heaviest TheropodsSpinosaurus Aegyptiacus6 - 20.9 t
Heaviest ThyreophoransAnkylosaurus Magniventris4.8 - 8 t