List of Women’s Performance vs Men in Sports

Performance comparison between men and women in sport

This list compares men’s and women’s athletes performance for various sports such as athletics, swimming, and other. For this analysis we considered the world records of each discipline for each genre. Performance was calculated by dividing the difference between results by the men’s result (Women’s WR – Men’s WR / Men’s WR), and is presented in percentage format. Disciplines that have a negative result mean that women underperformed men. Disciplines marked with (1) have different rules for men and women. Check here the world records for men and for women.

Athletics10 Kilometres-11.16%
Athletics10,000 Metres-11.41%
Athletics100 Kilometres-6.49%
Athletics100 Metres-9.50%
Athletics1000 Metres-12.90%
Athletics1500 Metres-11.68%
Athletics20 Kilometres Race Walk-10.49%
Athletics20,000 Metres-15.97%
Athletics20,000 Metres Race Walk-12.20%
Athletics200 Metres-11.20%
Athletics2000 Metres-13.68%
Athletics25,000 Metres-20.26%
Athletics30,000 Metres-21.94%
Athletics3000 Metres-10.31%
Athletics3000 Metres Steeplechase-10.70%
Athletics400 Metres-10.62%
Athletics400 Metres Hurdles-11.59%
Athletics4x100 Metres Relay-10.80%
Athletics4x1500 Metres Relay-15.24%
Athletics4x200 Metres Relay-11.23%
Athletics4x400 Metres Relay-11.98%
Athletics4x800 Metres Relay-11.30%
Athletics5 Kilometres-9.27%
Athletics50 Kilometres Race Walk-12.56%
Athletics50 Metres-7.19%
Athletics50 Metres Hurdles-5.28%
Athletics5000 Metres-12.39%
Athletics60 Metres-9.15%
Athletics60 Metres Hurdles-5.21%
Athletics800 Metres-12.26%
AthleticsDecathlon (1)-8.42%
AthleticsDiscus Throw (1)3.67%
AthleticsDistance Medley Relay-14.58%
AthleticsHalf Marathon-11.23%
AthleticsHammer Throw (1)-4.33%
AthleticsHeptathlon (1)9.72%
AthleticsHigh Jump-14.69%
AthleticsJavelin Throw (1)-26.60%
AthleticsLong Jump-15.98%
AthleticsOne Hour-13.00%
AthleticsOne Mile-13.09%
AthleticsPole Vault-17.86%
AthleticsRoad Relay-12.45%
AthleticsShot Put (1)-2.12%
AthleticsTriple Jump-15.25%
CanoeingC1 200m-18.85%
CanoeingC1 4x200m relay-2.56%
CanoeingC1 5000m-22.28%
CanoeingC1 500m-16.46%
CanoeingC2 200m-20.75%
CanoeingC2 500m-16.96%
CanoeingK1 1000m-13.21%
CanoeingK1 200m-13.54%
CanoeingK1 5000m-12.04%
CanoeingK1 500m-12.02%
CanoeingK2 1000m-14.44%
CanoeingK2 200m-17.60%
CanoeingK2 500m-12.22%
CanoeingK4 1000m-15.94%
CanoeingK4 200m-16.38%
CanoeingK4 500m-13.49%
Finswimming100m BF-8.98%
Finswimming100m IM-10.31%
Finswimming100m SF-12.37%
Finswimming1500 SF-7.09%
Finswimming200m BF-8.69%
Finswimming200m SF-8.60%
Finswimming4×100m SF relay-13.18%
Finswimming4×200m SF relay-10.13%
Finswimming400m BF-8.69%
Finswimming400m IM-10.02%
Finswimming400m SF-8.57%
Finswimming50m AP-10.22%
Finswimming50m BF-11.46%
Finswimming50m SF-12.93%
Finswimming800m IM-9.06%
Finswimming800m SF-8.12%
Short Track Speed Skating1000 meters-7.15%
Short Track Speed Skating1500 meters-5.01%
Short Track Speed Skating3000 meters-5.55%
Short Track Speed Skating3000m relay-2.71%
Short Track Speed Skating500 meters-7.16%
Speed Skating1000 meters-8.20%
Speed Skating10000 meters-9.52%
Speed Skating1500 meters-9.64%
Speed Skating3000 meters-6.78%
Speed Skating500 meters-8.18%
Speed Skating500 meters x 2-7.67%
Speed Skating5000 meters-11.10%
Speed SkatingOne hour-7.24%
Speed SkatingSmall combination-5.61%
Speed SkatingSprint combination-7.59%
Speed SkatingTeam sprint (3 laps)-9.74%
Sport Stacking3-3-3-7.72%
Sport Stacking3-6-3-9.60%
Sport StackingCycle-7.07%
Swimming100 Backstroke LCM-11.03%
Swimming100 Backstroke SCM-12.58%
Swimming100 Breaststroke LCM-12.75%
Swimming100 Breaststroke SCM-12.14%
Swimming100 Butterfly LCM-12.08%
Swimming100 Butterfly SCM-13.58%
Swimming100 Freestyle LCM-10.23%
Swimming100 Freestyle SCM-11.82%
Swimming100 Medley SCM-12.44%
Swimming1500 Freestyle LCM-5.68%
Swimming1500 Freestyle SCM-8.45%
Swimming200 Backstroke LCM-10.21%
Swimming200 Backstroke SCM-12.88%
Swimming200 Breaststroke LCM-10.30%
Swimming200 Breaststroke SCM-11.99%
Swimming200 Butterfly LCM-10.01%
Swimming200 Butterfly SCM-10.50%
Swimming200 Freestyle LCM-10.76%
Swimming200 Freestyle SCM-11.13%
Swimming200 Medley LCM-10.63%
Swimming200 Medley SCM-11.16%
Swimming400 Freestyle LCM-7.45%
Swimming400 Freestyle SCM-10.21%
Swimming400 Medley LCM-9.24%
Swimming400 Medley SCM-9.95%
Swimming4x100 Freestyle Relay LCM-11.59%
Swimming4x100 Freestyle Relay SCM-12.84%
Swimming4x100 Medley Relay LCM-11.15%
Swimming4x100 Medley Relay SCM-13.07%
Swimming4x200 Freestyle Relay LCM-10.26%
Swimming4x200 Freestyle Relay SCM-11.32%
Swimming4x50 Freestyle Relay SCM-14.80%
Swimming4x50 Medley Relay SCM-13.20%
Swimming50 Backstroke LCM-12.42%
Swimming50 Backstroke SCM-15.53%
Swimming50 Breaststroke LCM-13.29%
Swimming50 Breaststroke SCM-13.11%
Swimming50 Butterfly LCM-9.70%
Swimming50 Butterfly SCM-12.09%
Swimming50 Freestyle LCM-13.20%
Swimming50 Freestyle SCM-13.18%
Swimming800 Freestyle LCM-7.23%
Swimming800 Freestyle SCM-8.10%
Track Cycling4000 m team pursuit-9.75%
Track CyclingFlying 200 m time trial-11.58%
Track CyclingFlying 500 m time trial-17.01%
Track CyclingHour record-12.86%
Track CyclingHour record (UCI best human effort)-14.57%
Track CyclingTeam sprint (1)23.75%

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