List of Super Sentai Episodes

Super Sentai

The Super Sentai series is a Japanese franchise of television series aimed at children and young people produced by Toei Company, on the air since 1975, usually with one series per year. The basic premise of the series is that of a group of generally five heroes who gain special powers, wear clothes each of a certain color, and have an arsenal including giant robots to fight alien threats or those coming from Earth itself. In 1993 Saban Entertainment launched the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series using as base material the action scenes of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. The series tells an original story, independent of the fictional universe of Super Sentai, about five teenagers who are chosen to become superheroes to save the world.

All episodes of Super Sentai

The Super Sentai series has thousands of episodes spread across dozens of seasons that have been released annually since 1975. This list features all of those episodes up to the most recent season.

11.1The Crimson Sun! The Invincible Gorangers5 April 1975
21.2The Blue Earth! The Deforestation Plan of Death12 April 1975
31.3Big Counterattack! A Yellow Whirlwind19 April 1975
41.4A Crimson Kick! Smash the Micro Big Plan26 April 1975
51.5Green Anger, Immortal Gas-Person3 May 1975
61.6Red Riddle! Chase the Spy Route to the Sea10 May 1975
71.7Pink Moonlight! Wolf Corps24 May 1975
81.8Black Fear! The Murderous Poison Fang31 May 1975
91.9Blue Shadow, Variblune Secret Strategy7 June 1975
101.1The Red Balloon! Wind Speed at 100 Meters14 June 1975
111.11Green Shudder! The Escape From Ear Hell21 June 1975
121.12Super Energy of Silver! Burning Hell28 June 1975
131.13The Pink Secret! Defeat the Human Bomb5 July 1975
141.14The Red Coffin! The Mysterious Skull Mansion12 July 1975
151.15The Big Blue Fortress! Big Raging Variblune26 July 1975
161.16White Weirdness! The Eye in the Mirror2 August 1975
171.17The Purple Theme Park! A Demonic Cemetery9 August 1975
181.18Horrible Black Crusaders! Attack According to the (Secret) Plan16 August 1975
191.19A Blue Spark! The Spy Front That Floats in the Sea23 August 1975
201.2Crimson Fight to the Death! Sunring Mask vs. Red Ranger30 August 1975
211.21Blue Miracle! The Mysterious Airship That Came From Antiquity6 September 1975
221.22Yellow Air Raid! Nightmares of Atlantis13 September 1975
231.23Green Dogfight! The End of the Mysterious Airship20 September 1975
241.24Blue Anger! Strong Greenmerang, Big Counterattack4 October 1975
251.25Crimson Fuse! The Eighth Torpedo Attack11 October 1975
261.26Seven Vein Changes! The Dreadful Poison Expert18 October 1975
271.27Yellow Object Q! Goranger Base S.O.S.25 October 1975
281.28Big Red Eruption! Infiltrate the Underground Base1 November 1975
291.29Red Pursuit! The Mysterious Seal Train8 November 1975
301.3Golden Columns of Fire! Consecutive Mines, Big Explosions15 November 1975
311.31The Black Challenge! Enrage, Five Stars of Justice22 November 1975
321.32Hot Blue Wind! No Response from Variblune29 November 1975
331.33The Red Target! A Fake Goranger Appears6 December 1975
341.34Yellow Spy Battle! You Saw the Power of YTC20 December 1975
351.35Big Strange Black Bird! Gondola War Bomber Fleet27 December 1975
361.36Fierce Crimson Charge! The Mobile Fortress Invincible Battleship10 January 1976
371.37A Pure White Flash! The Black Cross Führer's True Form17 January 1976
381.38Blue Cliff! The Search for Demonic Pirate Treasure31 January 1976
391.39Crimson Sea of Japan! The Mysterious Meteorite's ESP7 February 1976
401.4The Crimson Vengeance Demon! Momoranger From Hell14 February 1976
411.41Big Black Counterattack! The Battle of Tottori Dune28 February 1976
421.42The Black Ironman Dies! Farewell, Variblune13 March 1976
431.43The Crimson Phoenix! Enter, the Invincible Varidreen20 March 1976
441.44Blue Multi-Purpose Tank! Varitank Launches27 March 1976
451.45Dark Sword Shark! Attack of Marine Hitmen3 April 1976
461.46Black Super Express! Locomotive Mask's Big Rampage10 April 1976
471.47Big Red Counterattack! Angry Goranger17 April 1976
481.48The Black Supply Depot! Close Call at the Theme Park24 April 1976
491.49The Big Green Escape! The Swastika's Trick Play1 May 1976
501.5The Blue-Winged Secret! Dangerous Varidreen8 May 1976
511.51The Making of Blue Counterfeit Money! The Sunset Gunman15 May 1976
521.52The Pink Telephone Demon! The Murderous Dial29 May 1976
531.53The Red Home Run King! The Deadly Number 16 June 1976
541.54Crimson Challenge! Fire Mountain's Last Big Eruption19 June 1976
551.55The Colored Daishogun! Tutankamen's Curse3 July 1976
561.56Blue Summer Vacation! A Demon's Killing Beach10 July 1976
571.57The Black Encircling Net! Five-Faced Peggy31 July 1976
581.58Crimson Ambition! His Excellency the Führer's Gold Castle7 August 1976
591.59The Crimson South! The Mysterious Big Gold Plan4 September 1976
601.6Blue Inland Sea! The Floating Secret Fortress Island11 September 1976
611.61Pink KO Punch! End Ball Game18 September 1976
621.62White Mystery! Trap of the Grim Reaper's Mansion25 September 1976
631.63Flash of Black Lightning! Protruding Cannon2 October 1976
641.64Blue UFO!! The Space Army's Big Invasion16 October 1976
651.65Crimson Suicide Squad!! Crowded Fight at Black Cross Castle23 October 1976
661.66Red Hostage Exchange!! Battlers' Big Charge30 October 1976
671.67Crimson Special Attack!! Yellow Ranger Dies at Sunset6 November 1976
681.68The Pink Rebellion!! The Big Attack of Needle-Needle-Needle13 November 1976
691.69The New Multicolored Vehicle!! Varikyūn Launches20 November 1976
701.7Blue Counterattack!! Stop the Space Express27 November 1976
711.71Big Crimson Decisive Battle!! The Earth Migration Plan4 December 1976
721.72Blue Secrecy!! Baridreen Left to be Dismantled11 December 1976
731.73Black Whirlwind!! It's a Contest! A Straight Line18 December 1976
741.74Freezing Blue Wave!! The Plan to Freeze Earth25 December 1976
751.75Fiery Crimson Hell!! Stove Mask's Conspiracy8 January 1977
761.76Crimson Infiltration!! Did You See Kaijou Tsuyoshi?15 January 1977
771.77Black Fear!! The Bloodsucking Snake-Woman22 January 1977
781.78Black Jamming!! A Primeval Roar29 January 1977
791.79Crimson Pursuit!! The Formless Assassin's True Form5 February 1977
801.8Crimson Crossing in Enemy Territory! Escape to Hope12 February 1977
811.81Black Doubt!! The Murder Spy's Trap19 February 1977
821.82Black Magician!! Mystery of the Dollhouse?!26 February 1977
831.83Orange First Love!! The Roaring Megalopolis12 March 1977
841.84Great Crimson Victory!! Shine Forever, Five Stars26 March 1977
852.14 Cards!! As For Trump J.A.K.Q.2 April 1977
862.25 Flashes!! The O Obtain The Panther9 April 1977
872.32 Ten Jacks!! The Secret Factory Electric Shock It Does16 April 1977
882.41 Joker!! Dead Angle of Complete Crime23 April 1977
892.53 Snaps!! Ballad of Betrayal30 April 1977
902.69 Pokers!! Trap Of Beauty7 May 1977
912.78 Super Cars!! Speed Per Hour 300 Kilometer14 May 1977
922.86 Targets!! The Flower Which Explodes21 May 1977
932.97 Straight!! Necessary The Shooting Fist Of The Hell28 May 1977
942.111 Collections!! The Invitation To Happiness11 June 1977
952.1113 Jack Points!! Burning! Flame Of Friendship18 June 1977
962.1210 Pyramids!! Maze Of Golden Mask25 June 1977
972.13Blue Key Quiz!! Murder In A Locked Room Incident2 July 1977
982.14All Super Car!! Fierceness!! Large Intense Running!!9 July 1977
992.15Deep-Red Occult!! Ghost Story Vampire16 July 1977
1002.16Black Baseball!! The Demon Sphere Which Attacks23 July 1977
1012.17The Demoniac Being Attached Which is Black! ! House Of Ghost Story Hell6 August 1977
1022.18Blue Eddy Tide!! Face Of Secret Spy13 August 1977
1032.19Deep-Red Large Venture!! The Bottom It Is Not Ogre Suppression Of Demon Boundary20 August 1977
1042.2Messenger of Darkness!! The Transparent Monster Runs The Darkness27 August 1977
1052.21Baseball Age Of Rose Color!! Power Hitter Of Climb3 September 1977
1062.22Red Large Reversal!! It Attacks The Suicide Bombing Corps10 September 1977
1072.23White Superhuman! Big One1 October 1977
1082.24Demon? Angel? Strange Whistle Blowing Man8 October 1977
1092.25Victory? Death?! Ogre General And Mechanization Corps15 October 1977
1102.26Invader?! Space Pirate Boat Of Puzzle22 October 1977
1112.27Ambition Of Dictator!! Breaking! Internment Camp Of Death29 October 1977
1122.28My Secret! Space Living Thing In Pocket5 November 1977
1132.29It Goes, Seven Changes! Nail Anti- Big One Of Iron12 November 1977
1142.3The Code Which Calls Death! Fatally Poisonous Cobra Twist19 November 1977
1152.31Red Impact! As For Spy Elementary School 4th Grade26 November 1977
1162.32Either One This Ones!? It Is Dangerous , It Does , Big One3 December 1977
1172.33Lightning Party Total Destruction? Cooking Classroom Of Climb10 December 1977
1182.34Disappearance! Climb Fortress Island17 December 1977
1192.35Large Victory! Good - Bye24 December 1977
1203.1Charge!! Run To The Ball Park3 February 1979
1213.2Mysterious Human Manufacturing Method10 February 1979
1223.3Search The Spy!17 February 1979
1233.4It Is The Trap Of Super Bewitchment!24 February 1979
1243.5Robot Large Dogfight3 March 1979
1253.6The Universal Battleship It Departs10 March 1979
1263.7The House Burns!!17 March 1979
1273.8Puzzle Of Iron Arm Ace24 March 1979
1283.9Woman Of Country Of Ice31 March 1979
1293.1You Looked At The Elephas Nanmanni7 April 1979
1303.11Pet Kidnapping Large Incident14 April 1979
1313.12Cursing Shooting Method Rose Snowstorm21 April 1979
1323.13Egg And Fried Egg Of Gold28 April 1979
1333.14Marriage Of Beauty And Beast5 May 1979
1343.15Egos' Hades Cooking12 May 1979
1353.16Tragedy Of Grapple Skill Queen19 May 1979
1363.17Take The Monster Machine26 May 1979
1373.18The Pigeon Hurry To The Nest Of Badness2 June 1979
1383.19Worldwide Strongest Beauty!!9 June 1979
1393.2Dangerous Ghost Hunt16 June 1979
1403.21It Charges To The Dinosaur Peninsula!!23 June 1979
1413.22Counterattack Of Woman Spy Group30 June 1979
1423.23Decisive Battle!! Mysterious Human Entire Appearance7 July 1979
1433.24Diane Overthrown14 July 1979
1443.25As For Studio Grotesque Demon Boundary21 July 1979
1453.26Mask Report Of Bandage Man28 July 1979
1463.27In First Love Thief Carefulness4 August 1979
1473.28Chase The Boat Of Puzzle11 August 1979
1483.29Did You See The Torn Mouth Lady?18 August 1979
1493.3Chef Of Villain Careless Food25 August 1979
1503.31Intense Running Track / Truck Sibling1 September 1979
1513.32Home Homicide Village8 September 1979
1523.33Cossack Dies15 September 1979
1533.34Gray Eminence Who Is Laughed At The Hell22 September 1979
1543.35Starving Panic29 September 1979
1553.36The Wedding Which Is Blasted6 October 1979
1563.37Electric Light Sword Anti - Pinwheel Sword13 October 1979
1573.38Trap Of Grotesque Party20 October 1979
1583.39The Friend Who Becomes Demon27 October 1979
1593.4Beauty Teacher Crisis One Hair3 November 1979
1603.41A Turn Around Just Before The Explosion10 November 1979
1613.42Fireworks Of Electric Human Love17 November 1979
1623.43Assassin Jackal24 November 1979
1633.44Month Shadow Whole Group Of Hell Valley1 December 1979
1643.45Before The Heart Stop Five Minute!8 December 1979
1653.46Straw Doll Of Cursing15 December 1979
1663.47Mystery! Kusano Sphere Of Strategy22 December 1979
1673.48Large Thief And Thief Boy29 December 1979
1683.492nd Grade Class No. 5 , Rebel Army5 January 1980
1693.5The Mask Ogre Which Aims For The General12 January 1980
1703.51Egos' Ceremony For Revenge19 January 1980
1713.52The Hero's Symphony26 January 1980
1724.1Bullet Train To The Super Fortress2 February 1980
1734.2The Person It Is The Soap Ball9 February 1980
1744.3Oil Hell Large Panic16 February 1980
1754.4The Veda - Demon Castle Chase23 February 1980
1764.5The Red Poison Flower Where You Wriggle To The Wall1 March 1980
1774.6Girl Of Demoniac Offshoot8 March 1980
1784.7Large Tragedy Of Star15 March 1980
1794.8Large Devil Of White Bone City22 March 1980
1804.9Calls Death The Grotesque Telephone29 March 1980
1814.1Magical Cooking Love!?5 April 1980
1824.11It Is And The Rear Thief Chases12 April 1980
1834.12Dangerous Child Spy19 April 1980
1844.13Cracks The Balloon Of The Rainbow Color26 April 1980
1854.14With It Is To 100 Point Private Schools3 May 1980
1864.15Invitation To The Garden Of Badness10 May 1980
1874.16Breaking The Atami Conspiracy17 May 1980
1884.17It Cries! Baseball Young Priest24 May 1980
1894.18It Blooms At Nankai The Romance31 May 1980
1904.19Oji Of My Star7 June 1980
1914.2Gorilla Boy Large To Rage14 June 1980
1924.21It Attacks The Dead God Party21 June 1980
1934.22Super Time , Strange Experience28 June 1980
1944.23You Walk The Ceiling Reverse Side Demon5 July 1980
1954.24Trap Marvelous Strength Man12 July 1980
1964.25As For Hole Of Tiger Flight Maze19 July 1980
1974.26Space Tune Of The Princess26 July 1980
1984.27Red Cub To Insect Bomb2 August 1980
1994.28Dense Shooting Person Of Mansion Of Cursing9 August 1980
2004.29The Surprise Attack Of Super Power Detective16 August 1980
2014.3It Went Out , You Stole , It Comes Out23 August 1980
2024.31Magical Using Secret Battle30 August 1980
2034.32Large Shoot Game Of Hell6 September 1980
2044.33Sucking Blood Musical Instrument Lesson13 September 1980
2054.34Story Of Sad Discading Child27 September 1980
2064.35As For Puzzle It Is The Time , Princess4 October 1980
2074.36Is Courage Poem Of The Dog11 October 1980
2084.37Brute Force Devil18 October 1980
2094.38Large Venture Of Unlimited Demon Sky25 October 1980
2104.39The Queen's Furious Demonic Magic1 November 1980
2114.4The Champion's Enemy8 November 1980
2124.41The Greatest All - Out Battle In History15 November 1980
2134.42The Bad Dream That Ate Boys22 November 1980
2144.43Puzzle , Puzzle Seven Color Ready29 November 1980
2154.44Strange Lamp Story6 December 1980
2164.45Two People Is The Princess13 December 1980
2174.46Stomach Hell Plan20 December 1980
2184.47It Went Out In Asahi The Mermaid27 December 1980
2194.48Devil Rebellion10 January 1981
2204.49The Veda - Castle Large Accident17 January 1981
2214.5The General Dies Two Degrees24 January 1981
2224.51Sound Desired Bell31 January 1981
2235.1The North Pole Machine Empire7 February 1981
2245.2The Day When The Mankind Disappears14 February 1981
2255.3Challenges To Japan The Nail Of The Iron Which21 February 1981
2265.4Boy Detective Spy28 February 1981
2275.5Wicked Solar God7 March 1981
2285.6The Machine You Control The House14 March 1981
2295.7Beast Batter Tear21 March 1981
2305.8The Hand Ball Which The Father Sings28 March 1981
2315.9It Became The Monster The Father4 April 1981
2325.1Waiting For Poison Mansion11 April 1981
2335.11It Is Sad The Straw Raincoat Mechanic Girl18 April 1981
2345.12The Diamond Is Eaten The Queen25 April 1981
2355.13It Has Life , It Is Black The Ball2 May 1981
2365.14The Day When The Earth Surrenders9 May 1981
2375.15Greed Of Queen To Dance16 May 1981
2385.16Demon Runs The Schoolyard23 May 1981
2395.17Ghost Story! Valley Of Ghost30 May 1981
2405.18Surprise Large Star6 June 1981
2415.19Dangerous 100 Point Boys13 June 1981
2425.2Trap Of Machine Wrestler20 June 1981
2435.21The Love Which Salty Wind Carries27 June 1981
2445.22Tokyo Large Panic!4 July 1981
2455.23Woman Captain Of Milky Way Demon Boundary11 July 1981
2465.24Nessie Of Hamana Lake18 July 1981
2475.25Hole Of Sea Snake1 August 1981
2485.26Full Stomach Cooking8 August 1981
2495.27Large Fear Of Night Of Midsummer15 August 1981
2505.28As For Help Eight Enemy Or Friend?22 August 1981
2515.29Beauty Swordsman White Rose Mask29 August 1981
2525.3Large Monstrous Beast Of Large Raging Dream5 September 1981
2535.31Large Tokyo - Leading12 September 1981
2545.32It Arrests The Face Thief19 September 1981
2555.33It Is , The Joke Thief26 September 1981
2565.34Is Cursed The Departed Spirit3 October 1981
2575.35Friends!? The Cucaracha10 October 1981
2585.36Person With E.S.P.17 October 1981
2595.37Himiko , Day Beauty Child24 October 1981
2605.38Father Of Morning Husband31 October 1981
2615.39Rear End Having Tomboyish Daughter7 November 1981
2625.4The Intimate Assassinating Angel14 January 1981
2635.41Seven Transforming Drawn Past Raccoon Dogs21 November 1981
2645.42Daydream Of Sleeping Cell Boy28 November 1981
2655.43You Are Accustomed To The Genius5 December 1981
2665.44Large Escape Helicopter Blasting12 December 1981
2675.45Milky Way Invincible Electric Man19 December 1981
2685.46(The Secret) Of Woman Captain Manoeuvres26 December 1981
2695.47Shining North Pole Aurora30 January 1982
2705.48Rebellion Of Machine Empire9 January 1982
2715.49Is Taken The Enormous Aircraft Carrier16 January 1982
2725.5Magic Of Queen Last Moment23 January 1982
2735.51Sun Vulcan Moviedate unknown
2746.1Attack Of Dark Science6 February 1982
2756.2Happening! Future Soldier13 February 1982
2766.3Pia Death To We Shoot20 February 1982
2776.4Dark Land Mine27 February 1982
2786.5Demon Lies Hidden The Old Tale6 March 1982
2796.6Love Of Villain Wrestler13 March 1982
2806.7It Became The Ghost The Father20 March 1982
2816.8Beauty Doctor Who Aimed27 March 1982
2826.9Mushroom Village Of Hell3 April 1982
2836.1Secret Of Distinctiveness Kind Pomato10 April 1982
2846.11The Sands Jail Which Comes Out Of Lie24 April 1982
2856.12Magmatic Maneuvers Of Fear17 April 1982
2866.13Large Raging Ground Nadir1 May 1982
2876.14It Is Serious! Terrestrial Sinking8 May 1982
2886.15Large Marshal Of Demons15 May 1982
2896.16Lead - Lead! Crisis One Hair22 May 1982
2906.17Tear Of Raincoat Boy29 May 1982
2916.18The Adult Goes Out Day5 June 1982
2926.19Secret Of Ghost Residence12 June 1982
2936.2Flower Poison Cactus Of Death19 June 1982
2946.21Fear! Fish To Fossil26 June 1982
2956.22Attack Of Cursing Doll3 July 1982
2966.23Soap Ball Large Maneuvers10 July 1982
2976.24The Enemy Which Is Not Visible We Push Down17 July 1982
2986.25As For Dinosaur Messenger Of Demon31 July 1982
2996.26Black! Large Reversal7 August 1982
3006.27Human Jungle14 August 1982
3016.28It Is The Departed Spirit21 August 1982
3026.29Fear Of Town Of Sleep28 August 1982
3036.3Inawashiro Golden Demon Sword4 September 1982
3046.31Blue! Large Change11 September 1982
3056.32Boning Human18 September 1982
3066.33Caesar Large Blasting!?25 September 1982
3076.34It Came Out! Gold Mecessary Shooting Skill2 October 1982
3086.35The Iron It Is , Attack Of The Human9 October 1982
3096.36Shoot The Bomber Of Puzzle23 October 1982
3106.37Duel! 0.3 Seconds!16 October 1982
3116.38Attack Of Friendship!30 October 1982
3126.39The Person of Demon , It Is The Picture Book6 November 1982
3136.4The Secret Base Is Dangerous13 November 1982
3146.41Large Venture Of Transformation Father20 November 1982
3156.42Assassination! Trap Of Scorpion27 November 1982
3166.43Dead Fighting! Gold Coin Scramble4 December 1982
3176.44B0! Food To Sand11 December 1982
3186.45The Black Two18 December 1982
3196.46Super Energy Appearance25 December 1982
3206.47This Is The Ultimate Weapon8 January 1983
3216.48Secret Base Last Day15 January 1983
3226.49General! Last Challenge22 January 1983
3236.5Advancing! To The Future Which Shines29 January 1983
3247.1Challenge Of Possession Tail Human Whole Group5 February 1983
3257.2Chases Dream The Soldier2 February 1983
3267.3Bat Hell Flight19 February 1983
3277.4Racketeer Racketeer Fossil Human26 February 1983
3287.5The Dream Which Fears The Evolution Animal5 March 1983
3297.6Dead Fighting! Demon Boundary Of Viper12 March 1983
3307.7Sea Maneuvers Of Tokyo Fire19 March 1983
3317.8The Kao Soap Co. Ltd. Woman Chimera Of Badness26 March 1983
3327.9Bomb Race/Lace Of Decision Death2 April 1983
3337.1Intruder From Outer Space9 April 1983
3347.11The Day When The Fish Attacks The Human16 April 1983
3357.12The Blood Bank Which Aimed23 April 1983
3367.13The Bride Who Is Carried Off30 April 1983
3377.14Charge Soldier7 May 1983
3387.15Patience Technique Anti-Chimera Witchcraft14 May 1983
3397.16The Mt. Aso Large Explosive Maneuvers21 May 1983
3407.17Fear! Kyushu Megasium28 May 1983
3417.18The Large Tidal Wave Which Attacks Tokyo4 June 1983
3427.19As For Fuse Red Poison Flower11 June 1983
3437.2Chase! Amakusa Sun18 June 1983
3447.21The Great Bear Of Anger Necessary The Shooting Sword25 June 1983
3457.22Mischievous Large War2 July 1983
3467.23Human Slug Maneuvers9 July 1983
3477.24Comet Great Approach Of Fear16 July 1983
3487.25Gallery , Gallery Hell Of Puzzle23 July 1983
3497.26Intense Fighting! Lighthouse Of Sun30 July 1983
3507.27Sound of Death6 August 1983
3517.28Rescue The Doll Human13 August 1983
3527.29Clothes Of Cursing The Chimera20 August 1983
3537.3As For Enemy Moth Lee Tsutomu Evolution Animal27 August 1983
3547.31Trap of Spy Possession Tail Person3 September 1983
3557.32The Power Cancer / Gun Which Goes Out10 September 1983
3567.33It Is Not Accustomed To The Lead-Lead17 September 1983
3577.34Powerful Opponent! Mechanic Sinker24 September 1983
3587.35New Seeking Shooting Skill Necessary1 October 1983
3597.36It Came Out! Necessary Shooting Skill8 October 1983
3607.37Land Lady Troop15 October 1983
3617.38Become Younger! Genius Brain22 October 1983
3627.39Holding! Egg Of Possession Tail Person29 October 1983
3637.4Explosion! Anger Of Silence5 November 1983
3647.41The Gang of Hot-Rodders Which Goes Out In The Darkness12 November 1983
3657.42Challenge! Dark Knight19 November 1983
3667.43Island! As For You Blue Lightning26 November 1983
3677.44Explosion! Magnetic Bomb3 December 1983
3687.45As For Mother10 December 1983
3697.46The Saber Which Carries Out Love17 December 1983
3707.47Request Ten These Tails Of Badness24 December 1983
3717.48The Large Secret of Dream Field Doctor7 January 1984
3727.49The Last Moment of Car General14 January 1984
3737.5Reading Is Huh The Powerful Opponent21 January 1984
3747.51The Fight Which Applied Tomorrow28 January 1984
3758.1Enigma Of The Giant Robot's Appearance4 February 1984
3768.2Gathering! Soldiers Of Destiny11 February 1984
3778.3Our Friend , Bio Robot18 February 1984
3788.4Self Destruct! Mecha Humans25 February 1984
3798.5To Appear To Be Killing The Enemy3 March 1984
3808.6Rise Up Bio Robot10 March 1984
3818.7To Trap Peebo17 March 1984
3828.8Battle! Pledge On A Star24 March 1984
3838.9To Erase The Leaper31 March 1984
3848.1Farewell , Yellow7 April 1984
3858.11Enter New Soldier Jun14 April 1984
3868.12Murderer Green21 April 1984
3878.13Jun28 April 1984
3888.14New Intellect Brain5 May 1984
3898.15Flaming Oath Of Female Soldier12 May 1984
3908.16Run! 21599 Seconds19 May 1984
3918.17I see the Imperial Palace26 May 1984
3928.18Super Powered Girl's Prayer2 June 1984
3938.19My Father Is Doctorman9 June 1984
3948.2The Challenge Of Prince16 June 1984
3958.21Guard The Biobase!23 June 1984
3968.22Great Burgler Blue!30 June 1984
3978.23Gyo! Attack Of The Puppet!7 July 1984
3988.24Blossoming Of The Flower Of Love14 July 1984
3998.25Spectre Of The Prince21 July 1984
4008.26Father's Dreadful Secret28 July 1984
4018.27Female Warriors Of Hell Spider4 August 1984
4028.28Assasination Of Doctorman11 August 1984
4038.29The Day Tokyo Disappeared18 August 1984
4048.3Demon Saber Of Mightiest Kans25 August 1984
4058.31New Model? Arrival Of Megas1 September 1984
4068.32Gear's Great Tactics Reformation8 September 1984
4078.33Come Forth! New Certain Kill Technique15 September 1984
4088.34Behold The Power Of Bio!22 September 1984
4098.35Series Six Boy29 September 1984
4108.36Transform Boy6 October 1984
4118.37The Assassin Silver13 October 1984
4128.38The Riddle Of Balzion20 October 1984
4138.39Meison's Trap27 October 1984
4148.4To Steal Turbo3 November 1984
4158.41The Devilish Nursemaid10 November 1984
4168.42Gou! To Wager One's Destiny17 November 1984
4178.43Sailor Suited Warrior24 November 1984
4188.44Beautiful Conscience Circuit1 December 1984
4198.45Human Bomb Jun8 December 1984
4208.46Escape! Village Trap15 December 1984
4218.47Professor Shibata's True Colors22 January 1984
4228.48Enter Balzion29 December 1984
4238.49Fearful Bio Robot12 January 1985
4248.5Assault! Neograd19 January 1985
4258.51Farewell, Peebo!26 January 1985
4269.1Go! The Secret Power!2 February 1985
4279.2The Wrath of Star King Bazoo9 February 1985
4289.3Scramble! Soldiers16 February 1985
4299.4The Kiss is After the Battle23 February 1985
4309.5Pegasus Arrest Orders2 March 1985
4319.6The Targeted High Schooler9 March 1985
4329.7Sadly a Space Beastman!16 March 1985
4339.8The Young Girl is a Vampire23 March 1985
4349.9Shine! The Deadly Demonic Baseball30 March 1985
4359.1The Terrifying Self-Driving Car Army6 April 1985
4369.11S.O.S. Koko and Kiki13 April 1985
4379.12Mama Mermaid20 April 1985
4389.13Papa Sells Earth27 April 1985
4399.14Attack! Giant Lizards4 May 1985
4409.15Reckless Rider Mai11 May 1985
4419.16The Girl Who Had Wings18 May 1985
4429.17The Mysterious Ghostship of Nagasaki25 May 1985
4439.18Ahames' Challenge1 June 1985
4449.19Bet on Sayaka!8 June 1985
4459.2Grand Counterattack! Giluke15 June 1985
4469.21Gozma's Big Star!22 June 1985
4479.22The Soldier Who Disappeared Into a Mirror!29 June 1985
4489.23The Boy Who Rides Dolphins6 July 1985
4499.24Gyodai Runs Away13 July 1985
4509.25Fatal Song20 July 1985
4519.26Mai's 20 Year Old First Love27 July 1985
4529.27Gator's Dream of Family3 August 1985
4539.28The Cursed Crayons10 August 1985
4549.29Protect the Flower! The Phantom Butterfly17 August 1985
4559.3Run! Pegasus!24 August 1985
4569.31Reveal It! The Mystery of Bazoo31 August 1985
4579.32Nana! A Dangerous Reunion7 September 1985
4589.33The End of Giluke?!14 September 1985
4599.34The Terrible Ahames21 September 1985
4609.35Earth! Help Us!28 September 1985
4619.36Did You See It?! Our Power5 October 1985
4629.37Dragon Disappeared!12 October 1985
4639.38Phantom Baseball19 October 1985
4649.39Hide-and-Seek of Terror26 October 1985
4659.4Strange Sweets2 November 1985
4669.41Prince of a Dead World!9 November 1985
4679.42Sailor Suit Nana16 November 1985
4689.43Super Giluke23 November 1985
4699.44Leave It to Mai!30 November 1985
4709.45The Rainbow-Colored Girl, Aira7 December 1985
4719.46Beautiful Sheema!14 December 1985
4729.47Gator Family Tears21 December 1985
4739.48Pirate Booba's Storm of Love8 January 1986
4749.49Sorrowful Beast Warrior Sheema11 January 1986
4759.5The Day Gozma Trembled18 January 1986
4769.51Nana! Tell Him!25 January 1986
4779.52Booba Dies on Earth1 February 1986
4789.53Ahames of Flame!8 February 1986
4799.54Giluke's Grand Explosion!15 February 1986
4809.55Farewell, Friends of the Universe!22 February 1986
48110.1Hurry! The Earth We Rescue1 March 1986
48210.2You Saw! Enormous8 March 1986
48310.3Super Power! Wonder15 March 1986
48410.4As For Magnet Genius22 March 1986
48510.5In Woman Soldier Carefulness29 March 1986
48610.6Obtain The Machine5 April 1986
48710.7Balloon Being Accustomed To Weapon12 April 1986
48810.8Father! Mother! Younger Sister19 April 1986
48910.9The Doctor Who The Time Is Applied26 April 1986
49010.1Shoot! Trap Of Flower Girl3 May 1986
49110.11As For Mother Of Animal Soldier10 May 1986
49210.12Super Power! Wonder17 May 1986
49310.13Intense Fighting! It Is Dangerous, It Does, The Gin24 May 1986
49410.14Love And Turn31 May 1986
49510.15The Enormous You Tear7 June 1986
49610.16Enormous Reckless Driving Car Of Puzzle14 June 1986
49710.17The Human Minimini Plan21 June 1986
49810.18Big Turnaround! The Transforming Robo28 June 1986
49910.19Baraki's Dying Warning5 July 1986
50010.2Revival! Giant Robo!12 July 1986
50110.21Sorrowful Sara26 July 1986
50210.22SOS! Phoenix!2 August 1986
50310.23Please, Throbbing!9 August 1986
50410.24The Occult Summer Vacation16 August 1986
50510.25Hurry Jin, Fusion Is Impossible23 August 1986
50610.26Space Pumpkin Cooking30 August 1986
50710.27Dai's Punch Of Friendship6 September 1986
50810.28Sublime! Fiery Galus13 September 1986
50910.29Monstrous Warrior Wandarla20 September 1986
51010.3Bizarre Nefelura27 September 1986
51110.31It Vanished! The Power Of The 54 October 1986
51210.32We Like You, We Like You, Mag, We Like You11 October 1986
51310.33Papa Won't Lose!18 October 1986
51410.34Bun Disappeared In The Rapids25 October 1986
51510.35The Starry Sky's Duet1 November 1986
51610.36The Shocking Wonder Bug8 November 1986
51710.37A Ghost's First Love15 November 1986
51810.38The Day Jin Dies?!22 November 1986
51910.39Burn, Angry Sara29 November 1986
52010.4Execution City, Operation XX6 December 1986
52110.41Dai Becomes A Child13 December 1986
52210.42Don't Cry! Female Warriors20 December 1986
52310.43Cowler's Treachery!27 December 1986
52410.44Deus Beast Warriors Appear10 January 1987
52510.45Warrior! Leave The Earth17 January 1987
52610.46Only 20 Days To Live!!24 January 1987
52710.47Wanda! Death Cry31 January 1987
52810.48The End Of Cowler!!7 February 1987
52910.49Counterattack, Ra Deus14 February 1987
53010.5Farewell! Our Home Planet21 February 1987
53110.51Flash Man Movie15 March 1986
53210.52Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy!14 March 1987
53311.1The Mysterious, Beautiful Runaway7 March 1987
53411.2Strange! The Dark Underground Castle14 March 1987
53511.3The First Step into the Unknown21 March 1987
53611.4Burn! F1 Spirits!28 March 1987
53711.5The Small Swordsman, Blue4 April 1987
53811.6The God Hand of Dreams11 April 1987
53911.7Explode! Kenta's Love18 April 1987
54011.8Burn! The Flower's Sword25 April 1987
54111.9Combine! Aura of Life2 May 1987
54211.1Igam vs. Takeru9 May 1987
54311.11The Refugee From Underground16 May 1987
54411.12A Challenge! The Pride of a Shinobi23 May 1987
54511.13Chase the Idol!30 May 1987
54611.14The Great Escape to the Blue Sky!6 June 1987
54711.15Farewell, Dear Flower!13 June 1987
54811.16Deadly! Blazing Baraba20 June 1987
54911.17Smash it! The Hellish Labyrinth27 June 1987
55011.18The Dear Bloodsucking Doll!4 July 1987
55111.19Apparition! Anagumas11 July 1987
55211.2A Trap! The Sinking Giant Robo18 July 1987
55311.21The Black Shadow of the Misty Valley25 July 1987
55411.22The Winds and Clouds of an Aura Storm!1 August 1987
55511.23Mio Who Has Become a Demon8 August 1987
55611.24The Grotto of the Boy Monster15 August 1987
55711.25Akira's Lover!?22 August 1987
55811.26Lives That Disappeared on Hot Sand!29 August 1987
55911.27Thief Knight Kiros!5 September 1987
56011.28Mio is Princess Ial!?12 September 1987
56111.29The New Lethal Weapon of Friendship19 September 1987
56211.3Mama!! Baraba's Scream!26 September 1987
56311.31It Appears! The Guardian Deity Igam Dragon3 October 1987
56411.32Oyobu's Lethal Dash10 October 1987
56511.33Takeru!! Severe their Love!17 October 1987
56611.34The Love and Murderous Intentive Blues24 October 1987
56711.35The Mystery of Zeba! The Forbidden Tomb31 October 1987
56811.36Elimination! The Destructive Twin Girls7 November 1987
56911.37Soldiers Who Bet on Their Dreams14 November 1987
57011.38The Time to Erase Takeru21 November 1987
57111.39Revival! The Mysterious X1 Mask28 November 1987
57211.4Resurrect! The Lovely Melody5 December 1987
57311.41Female Thieves Haruka & Momoko12 December 1987
57411.42Fly! The Poem of a Timid Boy19 December 1987
57511.43Akira Loses His Eyesight! The Mysterious Spell26 December 1987
57611.44Transform! Underground Empire Swordsman Akira9 January 1988
57711.45Prince Igam! You're a Woman!16 January 1988
57811.46Counterattack! The Bloody Pond's Secret23 January 1988
57911.47The Night Prior to the Attack! The Dance of Death30 January 1988
58011.48Baraba! Death by Treachery6 February 1988
58111.49The Revived Princess Ial13 February 1988
58211.5Zeba! His Hair-Raising Secret Identity20 February 1988
58311.51The Great Destruction of the Underground Empire Castle!20 February 1988
58412.1The Friend You Why?27 February 1988
58512.2Three Powers Which You Swear In Life5 March 1988
58612.3Of Ra Demoniac Transformation12 March 1988
58712.4Disclosing! Dummy Man19 March 1988
58812.5Reckless Driving Engine Monstrous Beast26 March 1988
58912.6Invasion! The Dinosaur Which Lives2 April 1988
59012.7Dinosaur VS. Live Robot9 April 1988
59112.8Duel Of Love And Anger!16 April 1988
59212.9The Rose Is Fragrant Hotly!23 April 1988
59312.1Maze To Tear30 April 1988
59412.11The Brain Animal V It Is The Man7 May 1988
59512.12Super Genius14 May 1988
59612.13Burning Steel Iron Colon21 May 1988
59712.14Scream Of Pan Man Isamu Mediating / Helping28 May 1988
59812.15Necessary Shooting! Dead God Gouache4 June 1988
59912.16The Love Letter Of Yosuke11 June 1988
60012.17The Doll , Which Cries! The Doll , Which It Attacks!18 June 1988
60112.18Trap! Height Loves The Brain Animal25 June 1988
60212.19Moth Lee Tsutomu Boy Of Ra2 July 1988
60312.2Failure Of Ra Counterattack!9 July 1988
60412.21It Is Great Hearing! Voice Of Mother...16 July 1988
60512.22Space Karaoke Expert Appearance23 July 1988
60612.23You Betted In Comma 1 Second Life30 July 1988
60712.24Playing , Hundred Points Take?6 August 1988
60812.25Crane 8 Large Brain Animals Of Castle!13 August 1988
60912.26The Enormous Cub To Insect Of Aizu!20 August 1988
61012.27Daughter! Shooting Giga Plan27 August 1988
61112.28Challenge Of Enormous Giga Volt / Bolt3 September 1988
61212.29Live Boxer Of Vengeance10 September 1988
61312.3Now Here The Soldier 517 September 1988
61412.31Mother! Scream Of Parasitic Monster24 September 1988
61512.32Puzzle Of Kemp , Blood And Rose8 October 1988
61612.33The Persevering Iron It Is15 October 1988
61712.34Future And Now The Love , Which Runs!22 October 1988
61812.35Isamu Mediating/Helping And Promise Of Kemp!29 October 1988
61912.36Crash! Tackle Of Friendship5 November 1988
62012.3716 Year Old Kemp Dinothere Transformations12 November 1988
62112.38The Destructive Weapon Which Moves!19 November 1988
62212.39Protect! The Life Of One Grain Of Outer Space26 November 1988
62312.4Love! Blessing And Jewel Thief3 December 1988
62412.41Transparent Human , Greatly Confession!10 December 1988
62512.42Challenge From Outer Space17 December 1988
62612.43Mystery! Last Form24 December 1988
62712.44Large Reckless Driving Of Tear!14 January 1989
62812.45Reversal One Shot Game21 January 1989
62912.46Storm! Last Fight28 January 1989
63012.47Thousand Nodding Brains!4 February 1989
63112.48Birth! Boy King11 February 1989
63212.49Collapse Of Great Professor18 February 1989
63313.110 Large Squadron , Gathering You Ask! Turbo Ranger25 February 1989
63413.2Did You Look At The Fairy?4 March 1989
63513.3Violent Demon Castle! Cursing 20,000 Years11 March 1989
63613.4Racketeer , Racketeer Human18 March 1989
63713.5It Is Escaping! Town Of Samurai25 March 1989
63813.6Violent Demon Zombie1 April 1989
63913.7The Violent Demon Animal, Which Eats The Sweetheart8 April 1989
64013.8The Sky It Flies The House15 April 1989
64113.9As For Yearning Flute Of Demon22 April 1989
64213.1Calls The Ogre The May Doll29 April 1989
64313.11Blast Running! Woo Ra Highway!6 May 1989
64413.12The Violent Demon Animal , Which Becomes The Star13 May 1989
64513.13Put The Trap On The Witch20 May 1989
64613.14With Respect To Going/Participating! Roaming Transfer Student27 May 1989
64713.15Necessary Aiming of Shooting3 June 1989
64813.16Shooting, The V Turbo Bazooka10 June 1989
64913.17The Teacher Who Becomes The Child17 June 1989
65013.18Transformation 5 Minutes24 June 1989
65113.19Crash! Demon Sibling1 July 1989
65213.2As For Violent Demon Family8 July 1989
65313.21DOS Carp Game15 July 1989
65413.22Springtime of Life Load22 July 1989
65513.23Ghost Fullest Capacity29 July 1989
65613.24We Fear! Sea Of Summer5 August 1989
65713.25The Puppy Which Fights12 August 1989
65813.26Power! Without Fail Decease19 August 1989
65913.27Girl Violent Demon Phosphorus19 August 1989
66013.28Union Failure26 August 1989
66113.29Hurry! New Robot!2 September 1989
66213.3End Of Radar9 September 1989
66313.31Woman Soldier Paulownia Mosquito23 September 1989
66413.32Large Mysterious Bird Of Demon6 October 1989
66513.33Take! The Face Of Ocean Flat13 October 1989
66613.34Reverse Side Of Skill20 October 1989
66713.35The Demon God Sword Which Calls Love27 October 1989
66813.36Memory Of Destiny3 November 1989
66913.37Kung Fu Puzzle Girl10 November 1989
67013.38Person UF0 Hell Picture17 November 1989
67113.39The End Of Ragorn24 November 1989
67213.4Walking! Shikoku Child1 December 1989
67313.41The Star Is We!8 December 1989
67413.42Birthday!15 December 1989
67513.43Soldier Of 6 Public Attentions!22 December 1989
67613.44Flow Violent Demon Legend5 January 1990
67713.45Super Magic Boy12 January 1990
67813.46Counter Attack!19 January 1990
67913.47SOS Transformation Failure26 January 1990
68013.48Secret Of Flow Violent Demon2 February 1990
68113.49It Is Beautiful, It Comes, The Paulownia Mosquito9 February 1990
68213.5We Fear, That It Should, Large Seal16 February 1990
68313.51Graduation Ceremony Of Springtime Of Life23 February 1990
68414.1The Five Sibling Warriors2 March 1990
68514.2Vengeance for Dad! Vengeance for Mom!9 March 1990
68614.3Challenge! Tiger Of The Galaxy16 March 1990
68714.4Intoxicate Earth23 March 1990
68814.5Orphaned Galactic Egg30 March 1990
68914.6I Hate People Who Work Hard6 April 1990
69014.7The 45 Meter Elementary Schooler13 April 1990
69114.8Shine, Drop of Life!20 April 1990
69214.9Gingaman Appears27 April 1990
69314.1Drink My Blood!4 May 1990
69414.11Dangerous Treasure Hunt11 May 1990
69514.12Arthur's Super Transformation18 May 1990
69614.13Do Re Mi Fight25 May 1990
69714.14Cute Liar1 June 1990
69814.15Two Reds!!8 June 1990
69914.16Hungry Heroes15 June 1990
70014.17Fumiya's Love Declaration22 June 1990
70114.18I'll Save Money!!29 June 1990
70214.19Red Brawling Robot6 July 1990
70314.2Fire Up, Sibling Robot!13 July 1990
70414.21Three-Man Vaulting Box Team20 July 1990
70514.22The Shining Handsome Young Man27 July 1990
70614.23Five-kun Dolls3 August 1990
70714.24Slow Turtle Ninja10 August 1990
70814.25The Sakurajima Of Friendship17 August 1990
70914.26It's Kyushu, Yay!24 August 1990
71014.27Don't Sleep or Die31 August 1990
71114.28Hell's Chorus7 September 1990
71214.29Fusion VS Combination14 September 1990
71314.3Black Gollin21 September 1990
71414.31Dangerous Mother28 September 1990
71514.32Gaku Dies!5 October 1990
71614.33The Killer Flip12 October 1990
71714.34Canned Humans19 October 1990
71814.35Gaku's Secret26 October 1990
71914.36The Great Twin Strategy2 November 1990
72014.37Human Cannon!9 November 1990
72114.38Fake Sibling Teachers16 November 1990
72214.39Please Love Me23 November 1990
72314.4A Boy's Demonic Sword30 November 1990
72414.41Scary Date7 December 1990
72514.42Kung Fu Soul14 December 1990
72614.43TV Love21 December 1990
72714.44Deadly Robot Battle11 January 1991
72814.45Into the Enemy Base18 January 1991
72914.46The Whereabouts of Dad and Mom25 January 1991
73014.47The Super Beast Molts1 February 1991
73114.48Journey to the Stars8 February 1991
73215.1Seek The Warriors15 February 1991
73315.2The Third Warrior22 February 1991
73415.3The Power Of Five1 March 1991
73515.4The Fighting Bride8 March 1991
73615.5Fall For Me15 March 1991
73715.6Get Angry, Robo!22 March 1991
73815.7Ryu's Marriage!?29 March 1991
73915.8The Laughing Diamond5 April 1991
74015.9Muddy Love12 April 1991
74115.1Cup Noodles19 April 1991
74215.11A Dangerous Game26 April 1991
74315.12Hellbound Bus3 May 1991
74415.13Maze Of Love10 May 1991
74515.14Love's Deadly Bazooka17 May 1991
74615.15High School Student Warrior24 May 1991
74715.16The Papers' Revolution31 May 1991
74815.17The Revived Empress7 June 1991
74915.18Gai Dies!14 June 1991
75015.19I Can See!21 June 1991
75115.2Marriage Vacuum Cleaner28 June 1991
75215.21Walking Garbage5 July 1991
75315.22Exploding Love12 July 1991
75415.23A New Squadron Debuts19 July 1991
75515.24Launch, Super Robot26 July 1991
75615.25The Laughing Shadow-People2 August 1991
75715.26I'm a Primitive9 August 1991
75815.27The Great Escape From Hell16 August 1991
75915.28The Founding Dimensional Beast23 August 1991
76015.29The Final Battle30 August 1991
76115.3The Three Majin Stand6 September 1991
76215.31The Sentai Disbands13 September 1991
76315.32Wings!! One More Time20 September 1991
76415.33It's a Cockroach27 September 1991
76515.34Traitorous Ryu4 October 1991
76615.35The Fighting Courage Given by a Dove11 October 1991
76715.36A Walking Appetite! Ant-People18 October 1991
76815.37Birth! Emperor Tranza25 October 1991
76915.38Sudden Hammer!1 November 1991
77015.39Spin, Roulette of Life8 November 1991
77115.4Command! Change the Sentai15 November 1991
77215.41Transformation Impossible! The Base Destroyed22 November 1991
77315.42Sleep on My Chest!29 November 1991
77415.43Sneak into the Commander's Body6 December 1991
77515.44Majin Robot! Veronica13 December 1991
77615.45Victorious Hot Milk20 December 1991
77715.46The Tomato Field's Great Demon King10 January 1992
77815.47Emperor Tranza's Glory17 January 1992
77915.48A Kiss That Calls Death24 January 1992
78015.49Maria... Her Love and Death31 January 1992
78115.5Respective Battles to the Death7 February 1992
78215.51Flap Your Wings! Birdmen!14 February 1992
78316.1The Birth21 February 1992
78416.2The Revival28 February 1992
78516.3Fight In The Land of Despair6 March 1992
78616.4Reawaken, Legendary Weapons13 March 1992
78716.5Scary Riddles27 March 1992
78816.6Arise, Daizyuzin!3 April 1992
78916.7I Can See! I Can See!10 April 1992
79016.8Terror! Eaten in an Instant17 April 1992
79116.9Run! Prince of the Eggs24 April 1992
79216.1Monkeys No More!1 May 1992
79316.11My Master!8 May 1992
79416.12Papa's a Vampire!?15 May 1992
79516.13Fire! The Golden Arrow22 May 1992
79616.14Become Small!29 May 1992
79716.15Destroy! The Dark Super Sword5 June 1992
79816.16The Great Sneeze Plot12 June 1992
79916.17The Sixth Hero!19 June 1992
80016.18The Hate-Filled Brother's Sword26 June 1992
80116.19Female Warrior Scorpion3 July 1992
80216.2Daizyuzin's Last Day10 July 1992
80316.21The Guardian Beast's Great Riot17 July 1992
80416.22Combine Gouryuzin24 July 1992
80516.23The Knuckleball of Infatuation31 July 1992
80616.24Hope Springs-a-Turtle7 August 1992
80716.25The Park Where Demons Dwell14 August 1992
80816.26Be Carefull of Shaved Ice21 August 1992
80916.27I Want to Eat Mei28 August 1992
81016.28Great Upgrade! Clay Monsters4 September 1992
81116.29A Mystery!? The Attacking Beast Knight God11 September 1992
81216.3Satan Comes!!18 September 1992
81316.31Reborn! The Ultimate God25 September 1992
81416.32Geki! Kill Your Tears2 October 1992
81516.33Teach Me! The Jewel of Bravery9 October 1992
81616.34Stay Alive, Burai!16 October 1992
81716.35Ninja Warrior, Boi23 October 1992
81816.36Smash It! The Mirror of Death30 October 1992
81916.37A Dinosaur is Born6 November 1992
82016.38Princess Mei's Seven Metamorphoses!!13 November 1992
82116.39Tears of a Subterranean Beast20 November 1992
82216.4Burai's Deathly Departure27 November 1992
82316.41Blaze, Burai!!4 December 1992
82416.42Burai Dies!11 December 1992
82516.43Live Again, Zyusouken!18 December 1992
82616.44Japan's Best Swordwoman25 December 1992
82716.45The Foolish Boy8 January 1993
82816.46Presenting the Vicious Squadron15 January 1993
82916.47Break In! The Final Deciding Battle22 January 1993
83016.48The Son From Darkness29 January 1993
83116.49The Gods Lost!!5 February 1993
83216.5Long Live the Dinosaurs!!12 February 1993
83317.1Transform19 February 1993
83417.2It's Ch'i Power!!26 February 1993
83517.3Your Souls, Please!5 March 1993
83617.4We Were Naive!!12 March 1993
83717.5The Jewels Have Come26 March 1993
83817.6Break Through the Wind2 April 1993
83917.7Traitor!9 April 1993
84017.8Father!!16 April 1993
84117.9Don't Be Vain23 April 1993
84217.1Ah, the Vengeful Goddess30 April 1993
84317.11Magnet Gauss!7 May 1993
84417.12Drunk On Tofu14 May 1993
84517.13Ka-Kabuki Boy21 May 1993
84617.14Well, Time to Get Married28 May 1993
84717.15The 3 Stooges' Soccer4 June 1993
84817.16Rumbling Child Stones11 June 1993
84917.17The New Hero Has Arrived18 June 1993
85017.18The Secret Byakko-chan25 June 1993
85117.19The Heart-Throbbing Pretty Girl2 July 1993
85217.2First Opening of the Gorma Palace9 July 1993
85317.21The Birth of a Mythical Ch'i Beast16 July 1993
85417.22The Great Secret Art of the Tiger Cub!!23 July 1993
85517.23True Love At Full Speed30 July 1993
85617.24The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball!!6 August 1993
85717.25Droves of Evil Dairangers13 August 1993
85817.26A Bad, Bad, Bad Guy20 August 1993
85917.27It's the Final Punch27 August 1993
86017.28Everyone's Here!!3 September 1993
86117.29The Secret Inside Story of a Mother and Child's Tears10 September 1993
86217.3The Deadly, Fast-Talking Wanderer17 September 1993
86317.31Another Hero Comes Forth24 September 1993
86417.32Demon with the Golden Kick1 October 1993
86517.33An Idol's First Experience8 October 1993
86617.34A Prickly Maiden Hunt15 October 1993
86717.35New Secret Art, the Dance of Spiders22 October 1993
86817.36A 6,000-Year Grudge...29 October 1993
86917.37You Have to See It!! Enormous One5 November 1993
87017.38Huh!! A Ceasefire!?12 November 1993
87117.39The Demon Fist Falls in the Setting Sun19 November 1993
87217.4Farewell! 3 Stooges26 November 1993
87317.41Kujaku's Great Ascension3 December 1993
87417.42A Straight Line to Mom10 December 1993
87517.43Forbidden Past is Revealed17 December 1993
87617.44Touching!! You'll Cry, Too!24 December 1993
87717.45Disbanding For Real!!7 January 1994
87817.46The Heroes Are Stark Naked14 January 1994
87917.47The Amazing Truth21 January 1994
88017.48Death of the Heroic Master!!28 January 1994
88117.49The Final Showdown4 February 1994
88217.5Let's Go!11 February 1994
88317.51Gosei Sentai Dairanger Movie17 April 1993
88418.1Ninjas We Are!18 February 1994
88518.2A Dangerous Lady25 February 1994
88618.3American Ninja4 March 1994
88718.4The Yokai Policeman11 March 1994
88818.5The Odd Couple's Curious Game18 March 1994
88918.6The Eyeball Prince!25 March 1994
89018.7What a Big Guy1 April 1994
89118.8The Bakeneko Shop!!8 April 1994
89218.9An Enthralling Live Performance15 April 1994
89318.1The Old Man Who Cries Like a Baby22 April 1994
89418.11Rags Over All!!29 April 1994
89518.12The New Juusho Appear!6 May 1994
89618.13Get Lost, Bad Luck!13 May 1994
89718.14I Am the Young Prince!!20 May 1994
89818.15Yech! These Guys Are Tough!27 May 1994
89918.16Red Monkey Slays the Ogre3 June 1994
90018.17The Demon Sword and Underpants!!10 June 1994
90118.18Hello, Mushroom Kid!17 June 1994
90218.19The Deadly Trap in the Darkness24 June 1994
90318.2The Flower Kunoichi Gang!!1 July 1994
90418.21Monkey See, Monkey Finisher8 July 1994
90518.22Laugh For Me15 July 1994
90618.23The Shocking Appearance of the Enormous White Bird!!22 July 1994
90718.24Ah, the End of Act I29 July 1994
90818.25A New Journey Begins!5 August 1994
90918.26The Great Secret of House Tsuruhime12 August 1994
91018.27The End of Mighty Shogun19 August 1994
91118.28A Superstar Comes to Japan!!26 August 1994
91218.29The First Super Battle in History2 September 1994
91318.3Reunion With A Traitorous Father9 September 1994
91418.31Look! That's Our New Shogun!16 September 1994
91518.32We'll Lick You Good, Face Thief23 September 1994
91618.33The Village of Amanojaku30 September 1994
91718.34The Bride's Sand Trap!!7 October 1994
91818.35The Punishment Sisters!14 October 1994
91918.36The Wild Ninja!!21 October 1994
92018.37Karakasa Dance Queen!28 October 1994
92118.38Moo! What a Bad Cow!4 November 1994
92218.39It's a Very Special Episode!!11 November 1994
92318.4A Modern Kitsune Battle18 November 1994
92418.41Stray Ghosts25 November 1994
92518.42Ninja Power Hijacked!2 December 1994
92618.43The Heavenly Triad's Final Day9 December 1994
92718.44Our Battered, Broken Counterattack16 December 1994
92818.45The Hasty Santa!23 December 1994
92918.46New Year's Manga Hell6 January 1995
93018.47100 Human Fireworks13 January 1995
93118.48The Great Yukionna's Snowball Fight20 January 1995
93218.49Sudden Poverty!!27 January 1995
93318.5A Special Honor: The Yokai Inn3 February 1995
93418.51Hero Failure10 February 1995
93518.52Resolution: Father and Child17 February 1995
93618.53Sealed!!24 February 1995
93718.54Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Movie16 April 1994
93819.1Invasion! 19993 March 1995
93919.2Assemble!! Chōriki Sentai!10 March 1995
94019.3Crisis! Secret of the Chōriki17 March 1995
94119.4Bizarre!! Papa is an Iron Man24 March 1995
94219.5Fierce Love!! The Burning Brothers31 March 1995
94319.6Fearsome Foe! A Thinking Machine7 April 1995
94419.7Complete!! The Chōriki Robot!14 April 1995
94519.8Clash!! Super Giant Battle!21 April 1995
94619.9Out of Nowhere!! A Traitor!28 April 1995
94719.1Here I Am! I'sa Burglar!5 May 1995
94819.11Submit! The Refrigerator of Love12 May 1995
94919.12Explosion!! Baby19 May 1995
95019.13Mirage! The Dog of the Gods26 May 1995
95119.14I Love You, Pinocchio!2 June 1995
95219.15My Friend! Rest in Passion!!9 June 1995
95319.16Naughty!! The Future Boy16 June 1995
95419.17The Stolen Transformation Brace23 June 1995
95519.18A Father's Unusual Love30 June 1995
95619.19New Robot: Red Shock!7 July 1995
95719.2100 Iron Punches!!14 July 1995
95819.21The Storm-Calling Kendama21 July 1995
95919.22The Secret Combination Order!!28 July 1995
96019.23The Last Swimsuit...4 August 1995
96119.24The Laughing Man of Nostalgia!!11 August 1995
96219.25The One-Shot Festival Match18 August 1995
96319.26The 600 Million Year Old Boy Warrior25 August 1995
96419.27The King's Gallant Debut1 September 1995
96519.28Behold! The Miracle Fortress!8 September 1995
96619.29Dance! The Invasion Cram School!!22 September 1995
96719.3The World's A-Snooze!29 September 1995
96819.31Door-to-Door Diet13 October 1995
96919.32The Terrifying School Nightmare20 October 1995
97019.335 Robot Rampage27 October 1995
97119.34The Emperor's Final Challenge3 November 1995
97219.35A Violent Explosive Jerk10 November 1995
97319.36Direct Fart Attack!!17 November 1995
97419.37I Am Gunmajin24 November 1995
97519.38A Majin's Life Isn't Easy1 December 1995
97619.39The Prince Dies In A Duel8 December 1995
97719.4The Mysterious Princess Appears!15 December 1995
97819.41A Dangerous Pair!!22 December 1995
97919.42The Sentai's Public Execution!!12 January 1996
98019.43Seven Transformations Are the Key19 January 1996
98119.44The World's Greatest Beauty26 January 1996
98219.45Destruction!! The Chōriki Base2 February 1996
98319.46Earth's Final Day!!9 February 1996
98419.47Rise! Shine! Be Reborn!!16 February 1996
98519.48Heroes of Love!23 February 1996
98620.1Fighting for Traffic Safety!1 March 1996
98720.2Dancing Noise Pollution8 March 1996
98820.3The Beginner's Mark of Justice15 March 1996
98920.4A Red Light To Enlarging22 March 1996
99020.5Racing Formation, Up Ahead!29 March 1996
99120.6We Are... One-Way Traffic5 April 1996
99220.7Blue is Prohibited Entry?!12 April 1996
99320.8I Don't Have the Transformation Brace19 April 1996
99420.9U-Turn to the Stars26 April 1996
99520.1The Great Reversal!! Bicycle Training3 May 1996
99620.11The Rage of Weight Allowance Exceeded10 May 1996
99720.12The Signal Jerk from Outer Space17 May 1996
99820.13Move Out, My Beloved Emergency Vehicle!24 May 1996
99920.14Full Speed Ahead to Lightning Hell31 May 1996
100020.15Loving Under a Provisional License7 June 1996
100120.16Caution: Evil Schemes Ahead!14 June 1996
100220.17A Head-on Fashion Collision!21 June 1996
100320.18Lying Heart Maintenance28 June 1996
100420.19The Hit-and-Run Lover!5 July 1996
100520.2The Sweetest Cars in Race-tory!!12 July 1996
100620.21The GPS to End All GPS19 July 1996
100720.22A Tragic Traffic Rule Obsession26 July 1996
100820.23Overheating for a Princess!2 August 1996
100920.24Jump Start?! A New Leader!9 August 1996
101020.25The Mystery Girl Who Jumped the Queue!16 August 1996
101120.26Non-Stop Weapon Delivery23 August 1996
101220.27The Crossroads of Job Transfer...30 August 1996
101320.28Farewell, Signal Friend!!6 September 1996
101420.29An Unforeseeable Monster Accident!!13 September 1996
101520.3A Crashing Debut! The Working Vehicles!!20 September 1996
101620.31Full Model Change! VRV Robo27 September 1996
101720.32Wrong Way RV Robo!4 October 1996
101820.33Awaken! Racing Dapp11 October 1996
101920.34The Matchmaking Girl Who Jumped the Queue18 October 1996
102020.35The Traitorous Signal Fiend25 October 1996
102120.36Operation: Clean Up the Mystery Exhaust1 November 1996
102220.37The Deadly Intergalactic Highway Operation8 November 1996
102320.38Safe to Back Up!? The Imo-Yōkan Lifestyle15 November 1996
102420.39The Highway-Loving Space Pet22 November 1996
102520.4Naniwhat the Heck! A Scramble Crossing Robo!?29 November 1996
102620.41The Biker Lord's Terrifying Fuel Check6 December 1996
102720.42All Engines Stalling! Giant Robots in Peril!!13 December 1996
102820.43Merry Carmagic Christmas!!20 December 1996
102920.44The Indomitable Wacky Race Chase!10 January 1997
103020.45The True Starting Line of Love17 January 1997
103120.46Immediate Revocation of Transformation Power!24 January 1997
103220.47Go for Broke!? The Do-or-Die Drive to Space31 January 1997
103320.48Forever Fighting for Traffic Safety!!7 February 1997
103421.1Unforgivable! The Twisted Invaders!14 February 1997
103521.2Check It Out! Our Galaxy Mega!21 February 1997
103621.3You've Got to Be Kidding Me!? A Humongous Nejire Beast28 February 1997
103721.4Smash! Shiborena's Trap7 March 1997
103821.5Finish It! This Is A Secret Move Battle!14 March 1997
103921.6We Did It! Out-of-Control DigiTank21 March 1997
104021.7What Is It? Annoying Stalker Girl28 March 1997
104121.8Like I'll Lose! Turn it Around with Teamwork6 April 1997
104221.9Expose It! The Fiend Within the CD13 April 1997
104321.1Farewell! Sad Android20 April 1997
104421.11Danger! The Temptation of the Red Rose27 April 1997
104521.12What Trouble! Our Good-For-Nothing Teacher4 May 1997
104621.13Dokidoki! The Teacher is like the Wind11 May 1997
104721.14Shock! My Neighbor is from Nejirejia18 May 1997
104821.15See Through It! The Genius High School's Trick25 May 1997
104921.16This is Freaking Bad! Will We Die?1 June 1997
105021.17Isn't It Too Awesome!? Super Miku is Doing Fantastically8 June 1997
105121.18I'll Protect It! The Mysterious Boy's Forest15 June 1997
105221.19Hit It! The Indomitable Killer Punch22 June 1997
105321.2We're Counting on You! New Robo DeltaMega29 June 1997
105421.21Now! Life-Gambling Super Gattai6 July 1997
105521.22Escape! The Devil's Labyrinth13 July 1997
105621.23Why! My Egg is a Nejire Beast27 July 1997
105721.24Running Solo! The Silver New Face3 August 1997
105821.25Cutting it Close! 2.5 Minute Time Limit10 August 1997
105921.26Is it True!? The End of Nejirejia17 August 1997
106021.27Destroy Them! The Devil Corals of Death24 August 1997
106121.28Throw Up Your Hands! The Explosive Granny Whirlwind31 August 1997
106221.29I Want to Lose Weight! Miku's Suspicious Diet7 September 1997
106321.3Explosion! Friendship Combination14 September 1997
106421.31Stop Him! Gileel is Out of Control21 September 1997
106521.32Are We Finished!? It Looks Bleak for GalaxyMega28 September 1997
106621.33Joy! A Girlfriend from the Moon5 October 1997
106721.34Let Me Show You! Big Bro's Miracle Shoot12 October 1997
106821.35Overcome It! MegaSilver's Greatest Crisis19 October 1997
106921.36Take Off! The Wings of Hope Dancing in Space26 October 1997
107021.37Why? Chisato Has an Old Man's Voice2 November 1997
107121.38Shudder! Nejirejia's Evil Sentai16 November 1997
107221.39Exposed! MegaRed's Identity23 November 1997
107321.4How Scary! The Bad Women30 November 1997
107421.41Snapped! The Blue Terror NejiBlue7 December 1997
107521.42Shake Them Off! The Evil Pursuers14 December 1997
107621.43Don't Lose! The Climactic Battle is on Christmas Eve21 December 1997
107721.44Take it Easy! Kenta's New Year's Eve Panic28 December 1997
107821.45Stubborn! Hinelar's Big Strike Back4 January 1998
107921.46Stop it! The Boat to Hell11 January 1998
108021.47Plunge In! The Terrifying Hinelar City18 January 1998
108121.48Crush Them! Hinelar's Dark Desires25 January 1998
108221.49Despair! Everyone Hates Us!?1 February 1998
108321.5Grandiose! The Scorching Hot Super Warrior Yugande8 February 1998
108421.51Grab Them! Our Diplomas15 February 1998
108522.1The Legendary Blade22 February 1998
108622.2Second Coming Of The Star-Beasts1 March 1998
108722.3Wisdom Of The Earth8 March 1998
108822.4The Meaning of Earth Power15 February 1998
108922.5The Deadly Kiba Blades22 March 1998
109022.6Star-Beasts in Peril29 March 1998
109122.7The Time of Rebirth5 April 1998
109222.8Cooking of Love12 April 1998
109322.9The Secret Kitten19 April 1998
109422.1Flute Of The Wind26 April 1998
109522.11A Warrior's Sincerity3 May 1998
109622.12Reliving the Nightmare10 May 1998
109722.13Beast Striker Retaliation17 May 1998
109822.14Two Sayas24 May 1998
109922.15The Hiccups of Terror31 May 1998
110022.16Home of the Heart7 June 1998
110122.17True Courage14 June 1998
110222.18The Mysterious Black Knight28 June 1998
110322.19The Vengeful Knight5 July 1998
110422.2One Man's Battle12 July 1998
110522.21Trial by Tomato19 July 1998
110622.22The Light Appears2 August 1998
110722.23Conflict's End9 August 1998
110822.24Budo's Determination16 August 1998
110922.25The Black Knight's Decision23 August 1998
111022.26Brothers in Flame30 August 1998
111122.27The Mummy's Allure6 September 1998
111222.28Papa's Drastic Change13 September 1998
111322.29Merchant of Darkness20 September 1998
111422.3Star-Beasts of Steel27 September 1998
111522.31The Cursed Stone4 October 1998
111622.32The Auto Steed of Friendship11 October 1998
111722.33Beloved Saya18 October 1998
111822.34Iries the Invincible25 October 1998
111922.35Gouki's Decision1 November 1998
112022.36The Indomitable Haruhiko8 November 1998
112122.37The Ambition of Bookrates15 November 1998
112222.38Hyuuga's Decision22 November 1998
112322.39Massage of the Heart29 November 1998
112422.4The Sorrowful Monster6 December 1998
112522.41The Monster's Revival13 December 1998
112622.42The Giant Monster's Terror20 December 1998
112722.43The Miracle's Footprints27 December 1998
112822.44The Earth's Giant Monster3 January 1999
112922.45The Fairy's Tears10 January 1999
113022.46Wind of Anger17 January 1999
113122.47The Devil's Plot24 January 1999
113222.48The End of Mokk31 January 1999
113322.49Mountain of Miracles7 February 1999
113422.5The Legends of Tomorrow14 February 1999
113523.1Rescue Soldiers! Rise Up21 February 1999
113623.2The Psyma Family Tornado28 February 1999
113723.3Explosive Bonds!7 March 1999
113823.4Flower Petals In Abnormal Weather14 March 1999
113923.5Time To Become A Hero21 March 1999
114023.6The Mold Cometh!28 March 1999
114123.7The Beautiful Psyma's Trap4 April 1999
114223.8Rescue Sentai Activity Suspended11 April 1999
114323.9Stolen Powers18 April 1999
114423.1Proud Yellow25 April 1999
114523.11The Two Great Red-Hot Psyma Beasts2 May 1999
114623.12The Do-or-Die New Coupling Fusion9 May 1999
114723.13The Younger Siblings' Rebellion16 May 1999
114823.14The Dreadful Virus23 May 1999
114923.15Infant Demon Drop's Sortie30 May 1999
115023.16The Thief and the Psyma Egg6 June 1999
115123.17Matoi's Bridal Candidate13 June 1999
115223.18The Counterattacking V-Lancers27 June 1999
115323.19A Total Defeat4 July 1999
115423.2Undying Rescue Spirits11 July 1999
115523.21The New 6th Soldier!18 July 1999
115623.22The Dark King's Last Decisive Battle!25 July 1999
115723.23The Ghost Rescue Mission1 August 1999
115823.24Little Kid Rescue Soldiers8 August 1999
115923.25The Grand Witch's Hour Of Descent15 August 1999
116023.26The Fiery Dragon Prince's Birth22 August 1999
116123.27Yellow Leaves the Front29 August 1999
116223.28The Kidnapped Boy!5 September 1999
116323.29The Forboding Starry Sky12 September 1999
116423.3Escape! The Dark Planet19 September 1999
116523.31Cut Down the Psyma Zone26 September 1999
116623.32Wedding Bells3 October 1999
116723.33An Innocent Psyma Warrior10 October 1999
116823.34Death, Else Destruction17 October 1999
116923.35The Black Snake's Trap24 October 1999
117023.36Secret Art! The Tornado Drop31 October 1999
117123.37The Beauty is a Psyma Beast!?7 November 1999
117223.38The Infinity Chain, Grandchildren, and Persimmons14 November 1999
117323.39Break the Infinity Chain!21 November 1999
117423.4Zero Seconds to Base Destruction28 November 1999
117523.41The Man Matoi Could Not Beat5 December 1999
117623.42The Hellish Psyma Beast Army12 December 1999
117723.43The Terrible Psyma Tree19 December 1999
117823.44Rescue File 9926 December 1999
117923.45The Year's First Dream is a Psyma Melody2 January 2000
118023.46The Flame-Throwing Firefighter Robo9 January 2000
118123.47The Dark King! The Cost of Revival16 January 2000
118223.48The Showdown at Psyma Paradico23 January 2000
118323.49Awakening! The Two Destructive Gods30 January 2000
118423.5Burning Rescue Spirits6 February 2000
118524.1Time's Escaped Convicts13 February 2000
118624.2The Future That Can't Be Seen20 February 2000
118724.3A Dream Of Acceleration27 February 2000
118824.4The Hostage Is An Alien5 March 2000
118924.5The Third Combination12 March 2000
119024.6In Guise Of Invited Guest19 March 2000
119124.7Domon Hospitalized26 March 2000
119224.8An Explosion In Art2 April 2000
119324.9The Don's Melancholy9 April 2000
119424.1Escape To Tomorrow16 April 2000
119524.11The City Of The Struggle For Life And Death!23 April 2000
119624.12Wish Upon A Star30 April 2000
119724.13Battle Casino7 May 2000
119824.14Dead Heat14 May 2000
119924.15Search For The Sniper!21 May 2000
120024.16A Dream Of Noodles28 May 2000
120124.17Nejireta Seiken4 June 2000
120224.18Premonition Of Shadow11 June 2000
120324.19Rider's Banquet25 June 2000
120424.2The Bond Becomes New2 July 2000
120524.21Sion's Way9 July 2000
120624.22Amorous Temptation16 July 2000
120724.23Beat Up23 July 2000
120824.24Yellow, And Sometimes Blue30 July 2000
120924.25Broken Trust6 August 2000
121024.26Countdown Of Trust13 August 2000
121124.27Little Hometown20 August 2000
121224.28Meeting Time27 August 2000
121324.29The New Warrior Of Fire3 September 2000
121424.3Register Fire's Cry10 September 2000
121524.31Lost Idea Game17 September 2000
121624.32Help The Criminal1 October 2000
121724.33Little Lady8 October 2000
121824.34Assassin15 October 2000
121924.35Tomorrow Isn't Coming22 October 2000
122024.36Stay In Your True Face29 October 2000
122124.37Aimed At Power5 November 2000
122224.38Pleasant Dreams12 November 2000
122324.39A Lie Soaked In Rain19 November 2000
122424.4Ayase Withdraws?!26 November 2000
122524.41Revelation Of The Prophet3 December 2000
122624.42The Metal Destroyer10 December 2000
122724.43An Order To Revise History17 December 2000
122824.44Revolt Against Time24 December 2000
122924.45The End Of Tomorrow Research?!31 December 2000
123024.46The Future's Alienation7 January 2001
123124.47The End Of Don14 January 2001
123224.48Return To The Future21 January 2001
123324.49Beyond A Thousand Years28 January 2001
123424.5To An Infinite Tomorrow4 February 2001
123524.51Episode 51date unknown
123624.51date unknownSeason 25
123725.1The Lion Roars!!18 February 2001
123825.2The Spirit King Arises!!25 February 2001
123925.3The Wild Eagle Is Vanishing!!4 March 2001
124025.4The Pair That Never Give Up!11 March 2001
124125.5The Mountain Is Shaking!!18 March 2001
124225.6The Bison Is Yearning!!25 March 2001
124325.7Recalling A Dream!!1 April 2001
124425.8The Dog Runs!!8 April 2001
124525.9The Twins Are Smiling15 April 2001
124625.1The Moon Is Beckoning!!22 April 2001
124725.11Father Journeys To The Capital29 April 2001
124825.12Which Is The Genuine Article!?6 May 2001
124925.13The Baby's First Cry Is Frozen13 May 2001
125025.14The Soul Bird Is Screaming20 May 2001
125125.15The Demon Howls!!27 May 2001
125225.16The Magic Flute Blows!!3 June 2001
125325.17The Disappearance Phenomenon...10 June 2001
125425.18The Magic Beasts Are Armed!!24 June 2001
125525.19The Iron Bison Quits!?1 July 2001
125625.2The Captured Sorceress8 July 2001
125725.21Loki Is Confused15 July 2001
125825.22The Big Bison Breaks!!22 July 2001
125925.23Loki Dies?!29 July 2001
126025.24The Silver Wolf Flashes5 August 2001
126125.25The Third Demon Princess Arrives12 August 2001
126225.26Loki's Alive Again19 August 2001
126325.27The Young Bird Is Sulking26 August 2001
126425.28Secrets Bequeathed!!2 September 2001
126525.29The Deer Is Healing9 September 2001
126625.3The Full Moon Is Killing The Wolf!16 September 2001
126725.31The 100 Beasts Task Force Is Annihilated23 September 2001
126825.32The Three Heads Are Devouring30 September 2001
126925.33The Boy Is Praying7 October 2001
127025.34The Strong Org Weeps!!14 October 2001
127125.35The 100-Beasts Blade Is Pillaged!!21 October 2001
127225.36The Soldiers Dance28 October 2001
127325.37Yaba-iba Burns4 November 2001
127425.38Spirit Of The Deceased King's Peak Deciding Battle11 November 2001
127525.39The God Is Taking Away18 November 2001
127625.4Sky Island Is Dying25 November 2001
127725.41Becoming Santa2 December 2001
127825.42The Org Ninja Invasion!9 December 2001
127925.43The Lion Is Scorching Hot16 December 2001
128025.44Gao's Rock Falls23 December 2001
128125.45Battling Until The End30 December 2001
128225.46New Year's Day Is Under Attack6 January 2002
128325.47The Steam Engine Blast Race!13 January 2002
128425.48Those Guys Are Being Resurrected20 January 2002
128525.49The Matrix Closes27 January 2002
128625.5The 100 Beasts Die3 February 2002
128725.51The 100 Beasts Growl!!10 February 2002
128826.1Scroll 1: Wind and Ninjas17 February 2002
128926.2Scroll 2: Giant and Mecha24 February 2002
129026.3Scroll 3: Sixty Seconds and the Impostor3 March 2002
129126.4Scroll 4: Tunnel and Siblings10 March 2002
129226.5Scroll 5: The Chief and the Bath17 March 2002
129326.6Scroll 6: Scissors and Kunoichi24 March 2002
129426.7Scroll 7: Thunder and Ninjas31 March 2002
129526.8Scroll 8: Wind and Thunder7 April 2002
129626.9Scroll 9: Thunder Brothers and the Hourglass14 April 2002
129726.1Scroll 10: The Thunder God and the Ruined Valley21 April 2002
129826.11Scroll 11: Dream Eating and A New Beginning28 April 2002
129926.12Scroll 12: The Steel Frame and Father/Daughter5 May 2002
130026.13Scroll 13: Mustache and Engagement Ring12 May 2002
130126.14Scroll 14: Crybaby and the Candy19 May 2002
130226.15Scroll 15: The Giant Waterbug and the Contest26 May 2002
130326.16Scroll 16: The Mist and the Prediction Device2 June 2002
130426.17Scroll 17: The Darkness and the Island of Death-Bouts9 June 2002
130526.18Scroll 18: Father and Sons' Bonds23 June 2002
130626.19Scroll 19: The Big Box and the Wind-Thunder Giant30 June 2002
130726.2Scroll 20: The Punch and the Rival7 July 2002
130826.21Scroll 21: Masks and Riddles14 July 2002
130926.22Scroll 22: Wings and Ninjas21 July 2002
131026.23Scroll 23: Cologne and the Great Detective28 July 2002
131126.24Scroll 24: Drums and the Lightning4 August 2002
131226.25Scroll 25: The Ghost and the Schoolgirl11 August 2002
131326.26Scroll 26: Bow and Arrow and Sea Bathing18 August 2002
131426.27Scroll 27: Grilled Meat and Zero Gravity25 August 2002
131526.28Scroll 28: Hurrier and the Counterattack1 September 2002
131626.29Scroll 29: The Lingering Heat of Summer and the Stamp8 September 2002
131726.3Scroll 30: Idol and Friendship15 September 2002
131826.31Scroll 31: Meteors and the Three Wolves22 September 2002
131926.32Scroll 32: The Grim Reaper and the Final Secret29 September 2002
132026.33Scroll 33: The Mammoth and the Six Ninjas6 October 2002
132126.34Scroll 34: The Mushroom and 100 Points13 October 2002
132226.35Scroll 35: The Flash and the Three-String20 October 2002
132326.36Scroll 36 - Ring and Revenge27 October 2002
132426.37Scroll 37: The Third Spear and the Great Escape3 November 2002
132526.38Scroll 38: The Demon Sword and the Balloons10 November 2002
132626.39Scroll 39: The Seventh Spear and the Mysterious Stone17 November 2002
132726.4Scroll 40: The Decoy and Ninja Law24 November 2002
132826.41Scroll 41: The Medal and the Comedian1 December 2002
132926.42Scroll 42: The Armor and the Raging Arrow8 December 2002
133026.43Scroll 43: The Greatest Union and the Big Clash15 December 2002
133126.44Scroll 44: Her Majesty and the Misfortune Fan Beast22 December 2002
133226.45Scroll 45 - The Refuge and Spring Cleaning29 December 2002
133326.46Scroll 46: New Year's Meal and the Three Giants5 January 2003
133426.47Scroll 47: The Seal and Space Unification12 January 2003
133526.48Scroll 48: The Trap and the Eternal Life19 January 2003
133626.49Scroll 49: Mission and the Heavenly Ninja26 January 2003
133726.5Scroll 50: The Darkness and a New World2 February 2003
133826.51Scroll 51: Wind, Water and Earth9 February 2003
133927.1Abare Dinosaur Great Attack16 February 2003
134027.2Birth! Abareno23 February 2003
134127.3Children's Hero Abare System2 March 2003
134227.4Completed! The Secret Abare Base9 March 2003
134327.5Abare Cure! Bubububuum!16 March 2003
134427.6Abare Idol Aged Daughter23 March 2003
134527.7Abare Baby Exploding Dinosaur!30 March 2003
134627.8WAKE UP! Abare Survivor!6 April 2003
134727.9The Abare Leaguer Is Paralyzed13 April 2003
134827.1Abare Survivor20 April 2003
134927.11Abare Psychic. Oink.27 April 2003
135027.12The Abare Saw Cuts Kyoto!4 May 2003
135127.13The Abare Samurai Topknot!11 May 2003
135227.14Excavation Of Abare Saurus18 May 2003
135327.15Ride! Abare Surfing!25 May 2003
135427.16Naught But Demons Abare World1 June 2003
135527.17The Battlefield's Abare Strut8 June 2003
135627.18Who Is It? Abare Killer!22 June 2003
135727.19Nice To Meet You, Abare-Buddy!29 June 2003
135827.2Killer-Oh, Abare First Formation13 July 2003
135927.21Abare In Love! Kirokiro20 July 2003
136027.22Little Girls' Abare Song27 July 2003
136127.23Abare Broadcast Dogyuun!3 August 2003
136227.24Abare High School Girls, Really?10 August 2003
136327.25Bring Luck! Abare Horse Painting17 August 2003
136427.26The Abaren Fishing Log24 August 2003
136527.27Abare Blue Turns Into Abare Red31 August 2003
136627.28Abaren Bride7 September 2003
136727.29Willful Disciple, Abare Battle14 September 2003
136827.3Most Terrible! Abaren Vorian Organization21 September 2003
136927.31That Abare, The Ultimate Luck!28 September 2003
137027.32Full Throttle5 October 2003
137127.33Never Forget The Abare Soldier12 October 2003
137227.34Game Start! Charge Abare Star19 October 2003
137327.35Like Abare Nadesco, Seven Changes!26 October 2003
137427.36Wonderful Abare Queen Part 12 November 2003
137527.37Wonderful Abare Queen Part 29 November 2003
137627.38Birth And Abare Pink16 November 2003
137727.39Keep Going! Abare Father Part 123 November 2003
137827.4Keep Going! Abare Father Part 230 November 2003
137927.41Keep Going! Abare Father Part 37 December 2003
138027.42That Thing Hidden In The Abare Kid14 December 2003
138127.43Abare Killer Is Immortal?!21 December 2003
138227.44Is The Abare All A Salaryman's Dream?28 December 2003
138327.45As It Open, It Is Abare Rumba4 January 2004
138427.46Pray! Abare Visual System11 January 2004
138527.47Five Abaranger18 January 2004
138627.48Final Abare Game25 January 2004
138727.49Breaking In! Abare Final Decisive Battle1 February 2004
138827.5Abare Is Equal To Number8 February 2004
138928.1Fireball Newcomer15 February 2004
139028.2Robo Impact22 February 2004
139128.3Perfect Blue29 February 2004
139228.4Cyber Dive7 March 2004
139328.5Buddy Murphy14 March 2004
139428.6Green Mystery21 March 2004
139528.7Silent Telepathy28 March 2004
139628.8Rainbow Vision4 April 2004
139728.9Stakeout Trouble11 April 2004
139828.1Trust Me18 April 2004
139928.11Pride Sniper25 April 2004
140028.12Baby-Sitter Syndrome2 May 2004
140128.13High Noon Dog Fight9 May 2004
140228.14Please Boss!16 May 2004
140328.15Android Girl23 May 2004
140428.16Giant Destroyer30 May 2004
140528.17Twin Cam Angel6 June 2004
140628.18Samurai Go West13 June 2004
140728.19Fake Blue27 June 2004
140828.2Running Hero4 July 2004
140928.21Mad Brothers11 July 2004
141028.22Full Throttle Elite18 July 2004
141128.23Brave Emotion25 July 2004
141228.24Cutie Negotiator1 August 2004
141328.25Witness Grandma8 August 2004
141428.26Cool Passion15 August 2004
141528.27Funky Prisoner22 August 2004
141628.28Alienizers Returns29 August 2004
141728.29Mirror Revenger5 September 2004
141828.3Girl Hazard12 September 2004
141928.31Princess Training19 September 2004
142028.32Discipline.March26 September 2004
142128.33Swat Mode On3 October 2004
142228.34Celebrety Game10 October 2004
142328.35Unsolvable Case17 October 2004
142428.36The Mother Universe24 October 2004
142528.37Hard Boiled License31 October 2004
142628.38Cycling Bomb7 November 2004
142728.39Requiem World14 November 2004
142828.4Gold Badge Education21 November 2004
142928.41Trick Room28 November 2004
143028.42Skull Talking5 December 2004
143128.43Meteor Catastrophie12 December 2004
143228.44Mortal Campaign19 December 2004
143328.45Accidental Present26 December 2004
143428.46Proposal Panic9 January 2005
143528.47Wild Heart , Cool Brain16 January 2005
143628.48Fireball Succession23 January 2005
143728.49Devil's DekaBase30 January 2005
143828.5Forever Dekaranger6 February 2005
143928.52Kodansha Special - DekaRed Vs DekaBreak11 March 2005
144029.1Stage 1: The Morning the Journey Begins ~Maagi Magi Magiiro~13 February 2005
144129.2Stage 2: Bring Out Courage ~Maagi Magi Magika~20 February 2005
144229.3Ride The Magical Dragon27 February 2005
144329.4King Of The Demons6 March 2005
144429.5The Way Of Love13 March 2005
144529.6Ruler Of Darkness20 March 2005
144629.7Into The Dream27 March 2005
144729.8You're Surely The Heroine3 April 2005
144829.9Fire's Union Of Frienship10 April 2005
144929.1If The Flowers Bloom17 April 2005
145029.11Night Of The Vampire24 April 2005
145129.12The Mark Of Determination1 May 2005
145229.13It Is Mother8 May 2005
145329.14Burning Furnace Punch15 May 2005
145429.15The Bride's Older Brother22 May 2005
145529.16Key To The Gate29 May 2005
145629.17I Don't Need Your Kindness5 June 2005
145729.18Powers United12 June 2005
145829.19Lamp Of Magic3 July 2005
145929.2Kissing A Frog10 July 2005
146029.21Let's Go On The Magical Express17 July 2005
146129.22A Date In Kyoto?24 July 2005
146229.23Forbidden Magic7 August 2005
146329.24The Mentor's Risk14 August 2005
146429.25Stolen Courage21 August 2005
146529.26Believe!28 August 2005
146629.27My Bonds4 September 2005
146729.28Through All Eternity...11 September 2005
146829.29Repeating "What's That?"18 September 2005
146929.3Power Of Legend25 September 2005
147029.31The Extraordinary Demon2 October 2005
147129.32Father's Promise9 October 2005
147229.33Toward The Infershia16 October 2005
147329.34Bonds Of Courage23 October 2005
147429.35Valley Of The Pantheon30 October 2005
147529.36Divine Retribution6 November 2005
147629.37Sniping13 November 2005
147729.38Big Brother's Promise20 November 2005
147829.39Contrary Brother And Sister27 November 2005
147929.4The Gorgon's Garden4 December 2005
148029.41The Teacher Of Teachers11 December 2005
148129.42Confrontation - Two Ultimate Gods18 December 2005
148229.43Garden Of Thorns25 December 2005
148329.44Scent Of Mother8 January 2006
148429.45Two Friends15 January 2006
148529.46Head For The Lake22 January 2006
148629.47The Magic Is In You29 January 2006
148729.48Decisive Battle5 February 2006
148829.49Return Of Legend12 February 2006
148930.1The Heart Of The Demon God19 February 2006
149030.2Dragon Thieves26 February 2006
149130.3The Champion’s Blades5 March 2006
149230.4Lost Vehicles12 March 2006
149330.5The Perl Of The Empire19 March 2006
149430.6Cursed Fog26 March 2006
149530.7The Scale Of The Salamander2 April 2006
149630.8The Treasure Of Atlantis9 April 2006
149730.9The Ninja Of The Paper Crane16 April 2006
149830.1The Missing Adventure Red23 April 2006
149930.11Decisive Battle On Isolated Island30 April 2006
150030.12The Pipes Of Hamelin7 May 2006
150130.13The Treasure Of Princess Kaguya14 May 2006
150230.14The Reviving Past21 May 2006
150330.15The Capital Of Water28 May 2006
150430.16The Crystal Of Water4 June 2006
150530.17The Mirror Of Ashu11 June 2006
150630.18The Man Is Still Alive25 June 2006
150730.19The Dazzling Adventurer9 July 2006
150830.2The Brand New Giant16 July 2006
150930.21The Mallet Of Luck23 July 2006
151030.22The Ring Of Solomon30 July 2006
151130.23The Dangerous Partners6 August 2006
151230.24The First Cheer Drum13 August 2006
151330.25The Forbidden Fruit20 August 2006
151430.26The Glass Slipper27 August 2006
151530.27The Feng Shui Trap3 September 2006
151630.28The Armor Of Legend10 September 2006
151730.29The Golden Sword17 September 2006
151830.3The Furious Goldewn Demon24 September 2006
151930.31Flame Of The Country’s Ruin1 October 2006
152030.32Secret Adventure School8 October 2006
152130.33The Sun Of Lemuria15 October 2006
152230.34The Distant Memories22 October 2006
152330.35The God's Heart29 October 2006
152430.36The Demon’s Iron Rod5 November 2006
152530.37The Showbiz World I Long For12 November 2006
152630.38The Rainbow Cloth19 November 2006
152730.39The Stone Of Prometheus26 November 2006
152830.4The Western Ashu3 December 2006
152930.41The Mercurius Vessel10 December 2006
153030.42The Age Of The Questers17 December 2006
153130.43The Dangerous Gift24 December 2006
153230.44The Hermit's Hot Spring7 January 2007
153330.45The Strongest Wicked Demon14 January 2007
153430.46Tje Dark Awakening21 January 2007
153530.47The Box Of Dispair28 January 2007
153630.48The Terrifying High Priest4 February 2007
153730.49Endless Adventure Spirits11 February 2007
153831.1Niki-Niki Fierce Beast-Fist!18 February 2007
153931.2Waki-Waki! Beast-Fist Gattai!25 February 2007
154031.3Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power4 March 2007
154131.4Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom Fists11 March 2007
154231.5Uja-Uja! What Should I Do?18 March 2007
154331.6Juwan! ...What's That?25 March 2007
154431.7Shuba-Shuba Dancing!1 April 2007
154531.8Koto-Koto... Intently Koto-Koto8 April 2007
154631.9The Kena-Kena Woman15 April 2007
154731.1Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand22 April 2007
154831.11Ukya-Ukya! Beast-Fist Armament29 April 2007
154931.12Zowan-Zowan! Confrontation Beast-Fist, Training Starts6 May 2007
155031.13Shin-Shin! The Spirit's Dance13 May 2007
155131.14Netsu-Netsu! Forget the Technique20 May 2007
155231.15Howa-Howa! Mama Skills27 May 2007
155331.16Jiri-Jiri! Confrontation Beast Hall, Extracurricular Class3 June 2007
155431.17Goro-Goro! Teacher and Student Love10 June 2007
155531.18Sharkin-Kin! The Body is Strong24 June 2007
155631.19Lesson 19: Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio8 July 2007
155731.2Lesson 20: Gicho-Gicho! Triangle Opposition Match15 July 2007
155831.21Lesson 21: Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Extreme Ki Extremely22 July 2007
155931.22Lesson 22: Kyui-Kyui! Date with a Celebrity29 July 2007
156031.23Lesson 23: Gure-Gure! Sukeban Captain5 August 2007
156131.24Lesson 24: Garu-Garu! What!? My Younger Brother!?12 August 2007
156231.25Lesson 25: Hine-Hine! Just My Violet Fierce Ki19 August 2007
156331.26Lesson 26: Mohe-Mohe! Consulting your Worries26 August 2007
156431.27Lesson 27: Beran-Beran! Burn, Commentator2 September 2007
156531.28Lesson 28: With Bishi-Bishi Pikin Osu!9 September 2007
156631.29Lesson 29: Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping16 September 2007
156731.3Lesson 30: The Sei-Sei and Dou-Dou Woman23 September 2007
156831.31Lesson 31: We Muni-Muni!30 September 2007
156931.32Lesson 32: Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village7 October 2007
157031.33Lesson 33: Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chushingura14 October 2007
157131.34Lesson 34: Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Beast Fist Giant God, Kenzan21 October 2007
157231.35Lesson 35: Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Bloom28 October 2007
157331.36Lesson 36: Mukyu-Mukyu! The Three Kaito Sisters4 November 2007
157431.37Lesson 37: Gyan-Gyan! Useless Arrangred Marriage Interview11 November 2007
157531.38Lesson 38: Biba-Biba! Another Retsu18 November 2007
157631.39Lesson 39: Uro-Uro! The Children Don't Return25 November 2007
157731.4Lesson 40: Head, Bakan! The Shocking Truth2 December 2007
157831.41Lesson 41: Zushi-Zushi! No More9 December 2007
157931.42Lesson 42: Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On!16 December 2007
158031.43Lesson 43: Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu23 December 2007
158131.44Lesson 44: Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody6 January 2008
158231.45Lesson 45: Pikin! Showdown of Destiny13 January 2008
158331.46Lesson 46: Gyawa-Gyawa Memories20 January 2008
158431.47Lesson 47: Pika-Pika! My Path27 January 2008
158531.48Lesson 48: Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Judgement3 February 2007
158631.49Lesson 49: Zun-Zun! The Beast-Fist, for All Time10 February 2008
158732.1Grand Prix 1: Allies of Justice17 February 2008
158832.2Grand Prix 2: Reckless Guys24 February 2008
158932.3Grand Prix 3: Basic Investigation2 March 2008
159032.4Grand Prix 4: Engine Trouble9 March 2008
159132.5Grand Prix 5: Sometimes a Mother!?16 March 2008
159232.6Grand Prix 6: The Maiden's Heart23 March 2008
159332.7Grand Prix 7: Partner Amigo30 March 2008
159432.8Grand Prix 8: The Greatest Miracle6 April 2008
159532.9Grand Prix 9: Tomorrow is There13 April 2008
159632.1Grand Prix 10: Starting Alright20 April 2008
159732.11Grand Prix 11: Airwave Jack27 April 2008
159832.12Grand Prix 12: Sosuke Banki!4 May 2008
159932.13Grand Prix 13: Tank Full of Chivalry11 May 2008
160032.14Grand Prix 14: Doki Doki Every Day18 May 2008
160132.15Grand Prix 15: Engine Stall25 May 2008
160232.16Grand Prix 16: Honour Recovery1 June 2008
160332.17Grand Prix 17: Wings of Justice8 June 2008
160432.18Grand Prix 18: Commoner Hero15 June 2008
160532.19Grand Prix 19: Gunpei's True Intentions22 June 2008
160632.2Grand Prix 20: Siblings Battle!6 July 2008
160732.21Grand Prix 21: Childish Guys13 July 2008
160832.22Grand Prix 22: Final Request20 July 2008
160932.23Grand Prix 23: Reckless Flash27 July 2008
161032.24Grand Prix 24: First Smile3 August 2008
161132.25Grand Prix 25: Goodbye Mother10 August 2008
161232.26Grand Prix 26: Love Affair17 August 2008
161332.27Grand Prix 27: Granddaughter Hanto!24 August 2008
161432.28Grand Prix 28: Partner Gunpei31 August 2008
161532.29Grand Prix 29: Stop Hiroto7 September 2008
161632.3Grand Prix 30: Friendship's Punch14 September 2008
161732.31Grand Prix 31: Idol Debut21 September 2008
161832.32Grand Prix 32: Search for Treasure28 September 2008
161932.33Grand Prix 33: Primeval Engines5 October 2008
162032.34Grand Prix 34: Devilish Woman12 October 2008
162132.35Grand Prix 35: Engine's Bonds19 October 2008
162232.36Grand Prix 36: Sosuke... Eternally26 October 2008
162332.37Grand Prix 37: Engine Banki!2 November 2008
162432.38Grand Prix 38: The Maiden's Seriousness9 November 2008
162532.39Grand Prix 39: Nostalgic Children16 November 2008
162632.4Grand Prix 40: Shogun Revival23 November 2008
162732.41Grand Prix 42: Advanced Childcare30 November 2008
162832.42Grand Prix 42: Campus Secret7 December 2008
162932.43Grand Prix 43: Year-End Big Cleanup14 December 2008
163032.44Grand Prix 44: Project Christmas Eve21 December 2008
163132.45Grand Prix 45: Hatsuyume Plans!4 January 2009
163232.46Grand Prix 46: Runaway Bomper11 January 2009
163332.47Grand Prix 47: Ministry Shake-Up18 January 2009
163432.48Grand Prix 48: Justice Dissolution25 January 2009
163532.49Grand Prix 49: Final Battle1 February 2009
163632.5Grand Prix 50: Road of Justice8 February 2009
163733.1Act 1: The Gallant Appearance of the Five Samurai15 February 2009
163833.2Act 2: The Stylish Combination22 February 2009
163933.3Act 3: An Extermination Skill Contest1 March 2009
164033.4Act 4: Nightly Tears of Sympathy8 March 2009
164133.5Act 5: The Beetle Origami15 March 2009
164233.6Act 6: The Abusive King22 March 2009
164333.7Act 7: Marlin Fishing29 March 2009
164433.8Act 8: The Brides are Spirited Away5 April 2009
164533.9Act 9: The Tiger's Rebellion12 April 2009
164633.1Act 10: The Great Sky Combination19 April 2009
164733.11Act 11: A Threefold Strife26 April 2009
164833.12Act 12: The Very First Super Samurai Combination3 May 2009
164933.13Act 13: Heavy Cries10 May 2009
165033.14Act 14: The Foreign Samurai17 May 2009
165133.15Act 15: The Imposter and the Real Deal's Arrest24 May 2009
165233.16Act 16: The Power of the Kuroko31 May 2009
165333.17Act 17: The Sushi Samurai7 June 2009
165433.18Act 18: Samurai Promotion14 June 2009
165533.19Act 19: Learning the Samurai Disposition28 June 2009
165633.2Act 20: The Lobster Origami's Transformation5 July 2009
165733.21Act 21: The Father and Son Bears19 July 2009
165833.22Act 22: Lord Butler26 July 2009
165933.23Act 23: The Rampaging Gedoushu2 August 2009
166033.24Act 24: The True Samurai Combination9 August 2009
166133.25Act 25: The Dream World16 August 2009
166233.26Act 26: Decisive Match Number One23 August 2009
166333.27Act 27: The Switched Lives30 August 2009
166433.28Act 28: The Lantern Samurai6 September 2009
166533.29Act 29: The Runaway Lantern13 September 2009
166633.3Act 30: The Manipulated Academy20 September 2009
166733.31Act 31: The Dinosaur Origami27 September 2009
166833.32Act 32: The Bull Origami4 October 2009
166933.33Act 33: The Great Bull King11 October 2009
167033.34Act 34: Fatherly Love, Girlish Innocence18 October 2009
167133.35Act 35: The Eleven Origami, The Complete Combination25 October 2009
167233.36Act 36: The Curry Samurai1 November 2009
167333.37Act 37: The Epic Glue Battle8 November 2009
167433.38Act 38: Showdown with the Rifle Squad15 November 2009
167533.39Act 39: The Very Urgent First Aid Emergency22 November 2009
167633.4Act 40: The General Heads to the Front Lines29 November 2009
167733.41Act 41: The Sent Words6 December 2009
167833.42Act 42: The Two-Hundred Year Long Ambition13 December 2009
167933.43Act 43: One Last Sword Stroke20 December 2009
168033.44Act 44: The Eighteenth Head of the Shiba House3 January 2010
168133.45Act 45: The Impersonator10 January 2010
168233.46Act 46: The Showdown Clash17 January 2010
168333.47Act 47: Bonds24 January 2010
168433.48Act 48: The Final Great Decisive Battle31 January 2010
168533.49Act 49: A Samurai Sentai Eternally7 February 2010
168634.1The Gosei Angels Descend14 February 2010
168734.2Fantastic Goseigers21 February 2010
168834.3Landick Power Divided28 February 2010
168934.4Resound, The Angel's Song7 March 2010
169034.5Magical Hyde14 March 2010
169134.6Breakout Goseigers21 March 2010
169234.7Protect the Earth!28 March 2010
169334.8Runaway Gosei Power4 April 2010
169434.9Gotcha Gosei Girls11 April 2010
169534.1Hyde's Partner18 April 2010
169634.11The Spark of Landick Power25 April 2010
169734.12The Miraculous Gosei Headder Great Assembly2 May 2010
169834.13Run! The Mystic Runner9 May 2010
169934.14Birth of the Ultimate Tag!16 May 2010
170034.15Countdown! The Life of the Earth23 May 2010
170134.16Dynamic Alata30 May 2010
170234.17A New Enemy! The Yuumajuu6 June 2010
170334.18The Earth Purifying Knight of Destiny13 June 2010
170434.19Gosei Knight Will Not Allow It20 June 2010
170534.2Fall in Love Goseigers27 June 2010
170634.21Elegant Eri4 July 2010
170734.22Over the Rainbow18 July 2010
170834.23Burn! Goseigers25 July 2010
170934.24The Miracle Attack Goseigers1 August 2010
171034.25Nostalgic Moune8 August 2010
171134.26The Laughing Gosei Angels15 August 2010
171234.27Wake Up Agri!22 August 2010
171334.28A Father's Treasure29 August 2010
171434.29The Goseigers are Sealed!5 September 2010
171534.3Romantic Eri12 September 2010
171634.31Never Give Up, Goseigers!19 September 2010
171734.32Perform the Ultimate Miracle!26 September 2010
171834.33The Dreadful Matrintis Empire3 October 2010
171934.34Gosei Knight Justice10 October 2010
172034.35Find the Perfect Leader!17 October 2010
172134.36Run, Agri!24 October 2010
172234.37Excited Moune31 October 2010
172334.38Alice vs. Gosei Knight7 November 2010
172434.39Epic Zero14 November 2010
172534.4Strong Alata21 November 2010
172634.41Exploding Bonds of Friendship!28 November 2010
172734.42Passionate Hyde5 December 2010
172834.43The Empire's All-Out Attack12 December 2010
172934.44The Ultimate Final Battle19 December 2010
173034.45The Messiah is Born26 December 2010
173134.46Gosei Knight is Targeted9 January 2011
173234.47The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan16 January 2011
173334.48The Fighting Gosei Power23 January 2011
173434.49Fight Towards the Future30 January 2011
173534.5Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty6 February 2011
173635.1Space Pirates Appear!13 February 2011
173735.2The Worth of this Planet20 February 2011
173835.3Transforming Courage into Magic ~Maagi Magi Go Gokai~27 February 2011
173935.4Why Are We Comrades?6 March 2011
174035.5Judgment Pirates20 March 2011
174135.6The Most Important Thing27 March 2011
174235.7Nikiniki! Kenpou Training3 April 2011
174335.8Little Spy Tactics10 April 2011
174435.9Lion, Run17 April 2011
174535.1Card Game24 April 2011
174635.11A Serious Strife1 May 2011
174735.12Guaranteed Showy Samurai8 May 2011
174835.13Tell Me Which Way It Is15 May 2011
174935.14Practicing Traffic Safety Even Now22 May 2011
175035.15The Privateer Appears29 May 2011
175135.16Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai!5 June 2011
175235.17Go Find the Amazing Silver-Colored Man12 June 2011
175335.18Big Rampage with a Dinosaur Robot Drill26 June 2011
175435.19Armor of the 15 Warriors3 July 2011
175535.2The Lost Forest10 July 2011
175635.21An Adventurer's Soul17 July 2011
175735.22A Promise on a Shooting Star24 July 2011
175835.23People's Lives are Earth's Future31 July 2011
175935.24Foolish Earthlings7 August 2011
176035.25Pirates and Ninjas14 August 2011
176135.26Shushutto The Special21 August 2011
176235.27A More Than Usual Gokai Change28 August 2011
176335.28Wings Forever4 September 2011
176435.29Rampage Seven Transformations and a New Combination11 September 2011
176535.3Just My Friend's Soul18 September 2011
176635.31Shock!! A Secret Operation25 September 2011
176735.32Make Our Powers One2 October 2011
176835.33It's a Hero!!!9 October 2011
176935.34A Wish Come True16 October 2011
177035.35To the Next Dimension23 October 2011
177135.36Partner Pirate30 October 2011
177235.37The Strongest War-Machine6 November 2011
177335.38The Power to Seize Dreams13 November 2011
177435.39Why? We're High School Students20 November 2011
177535.4The Future Becomes the Past27 November 2011
177635.41Something I Don't Want to Lose4 December 2011
177735.42The Strongest Man in the Universe11 December 2011
177835.43Becoming the Legendary Hero18 December 2011
177935.44A Wonderful Holy Night25 December 2011
178035.45A Flustered Ninja8 January 2012
178135.46Qualified to Be a Hero15 January 2012
178235.47The Results of Treason22 January 2012
178335.48The Fated Showdown29 January 2012
178435.49The Greatest Treasure in the Universe5 February 2012
178535.5Day of the Decisive Battle12 February 2012
178635.51Farewell Space Pirates19 February 2012
178736.1Special Mission Task Force, Assemble!26 February 2012
178836.2A Promise Made 13 Years Ago4 March 2012
178936.3GT-02 Animal, Move Out!11 March 2012
179036.4Special Ops and Determination18 March 2012
179136.5Enetron Transportation Plan25 March 2012
179236.6Combine! Go-Buster-Oh1 April 2012
179336.7Bad Maintenance on Ace?!8 April 2012
179436.8Protect the Machine Blueprints!15 April 2012
179536.9Usada Recovery Strategy!22 April 2012
179636.1The Reason We Fight29 April 2012
179736.11The Targeted Weakpoint6 May 2012
179836.12You Like Going Undercover?13 May 2012
179936.13A Surprising Day Off20 May 2012
180036.14Ça va? Rescue Strategy27 May 2012
180136.15The Golden Buster and the Silver Buddy3 June 2012
180236.16The Man Who Came From Subspace10 June 2012
180336.17Its Name Is Go-Buster Beet!17 June 2012
180436.18Cooperative Operations 3000 Meters in the Earth24 June 2012
180536.19My Combination! Buster Heracles1 July 2012
180636.2Five-Part Concentration! Great Go-Buster!8 July 2012
180736.21Farewell, Blue Buster!15 July 2012
180836.22The Beautiful Avatar: Escape22 July 2012
180936.23Those Who Follow Their Intent29 July 2012
181036.24A très bien Summer Festival5 August 2012
181136.25Unravel the Avatars' Secret12 August 2012
181236.26Tiny But Deadly! The Command Center's SOS19 August 2012
181336.27The Berserk Duo Escape the Labyrinth!26 August 2012
181436.28Warning: Likelihood of Chickens!2 September 2012
181536.29Breaking into Subspace!9 September 2012
181636.3Messiah Shutdown16 September 2012
181736.31Space Sheriff Gavan Arrives!23 September 2012
181836.32Friendship Tag With Gavan!30 September 2012
181936.33Morphin! Powered Custom7 October 2012
182036.34The Enemy Is Beet Buster?!14 October 2012
182136.35Roar, Tategami Lioh!21 October 2012
182236.36Go-Buster Lioh, Kaching!28 October 2012
182336.37The Black and White Bride4 November 2012
182436.38Event! Ace Deathmatch11 November 2012
182536.39Finishing Blow! Messiah's Fist18 November 2012
182636.4Suffering J and the Messiahloid25 November 2012
182736.41The Thief Pink Buster!2 December 2012
182836.42Attack! Within the Megazord9 December 2012
182936.43Christmas Determination16 December 2012
183036.44Christmas Eve: Time to Complete the Mission23 December 2012
183136.45Happy New Year! A Small Formidable Enemy Returns6 January 2013
183236.46The New Fusion and Thermal Runaway!13 January 2013
183336.47Reset and Back-Up20 January 2013
183436.48Setting the Trap27 January 2013
183536.49Preparation and Selection3 February 2013
183636.5Eternal Bonds10 February 2013
183737.1Brave 1: He's Here! The Red King17 February 2013
183837.2Brave 2: Gaburincho! A Snapping Combination24 February 2013
183937.3Brave 3: It's Gonna Get Wild! The Slashing Brave3 March 2013
184037.4Brave 4: Fire Away! Courageous GabuRevolver10 March 2013
184137.5Brave 5: Boom! Ankydon with Cavities17 March 2013
184237.6Brave 6: Stop! Sing Canderrilla24 March 2013
184337.7Brave 7: Angry! Daigo's in Big Trouble31 March 2013
184437.8Brave 8: Where Am I? Get Through the Maze7 April 2013
184537.9Brave 9: So Strong! Pteraidenoh14 April 2013
184637.1Brave 10: Thunder! Gold Revival21 April 2013
184737.11Brave 11: Utchī! How Cool28 April 2013
184837.12Brave 12: Attack! The King and I5 May 2013
184937.13Brave 13: Jakkireen! I'll Protect Your Heart12 May 2013
185037.14Brave 14: Oh No! Spirit Base19 May 2013
185137.15Brave 15: How Irritating! Dogold's Ambition26 May 2013
185237.16Brave 16: Taken Away! My Treasure2 June 2013
185337.17Brave 17: Clashing of Teeth! Kyoryu Gray9 June 2013
185437.18Brave 18: Exhausted! Kung-Fu Strike23 June 2013
185537.19Brave 19: Kyawain! Runaway Family30 June 2013
185637.2Brave 20: Unluckyu! The Tanabata Windfall7 July 2013
185737.21Brave 21: Zuon! Plezuon Returns14 July 2013
185837.22Brave 22: Im-poss-i-ble! Deboth's Resurrection21 July 2013
185937.23Brave 23: Go! Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin28 July 2013
186037.24Brave 24: Burn! The Seven Kyoryugers4 August 2013
186137.25Brave 25: What's This! The Deboth Army's Nightmare11 August 2013
186237.26Brave 26: Oh My! The Gabutyra Human18 August 2013
186337.27Brave 27: O Matsurincho! Red's Super Evolution1 September 2013
186437.28Brave 28: Ah Torin! The Hundred Million-Year-Old Grudge1 September 2013
186537.29Brave 29: Big Attack! Dance Carnival8 September 2013
186637.3Brave 30: Give It to Me! The Guardians' Fragment15 September 2013
186737.31Brave 31: Vacance! The Eternal Holidays29 September 2013
186837.32Brave 32: Victory! It's a Sports Match6 October 2013
186937.33Brave 33: Maximum! I Will Protect the Lady13 October 2013
187037.34Brave 34: Revival! Bragigas Appears20 October 2013
187137.35Brave 35: Super Amazing! Gigant Kyoryuzin27 October 2013
187237.36Brave 36:GIGAGABURINCHO! The Miraculous Silver10 November 2013
187337.37Brave 37: Revenge! Deboss Army Ghosts17 November 2013
187437.38Brave 38: Love Touch! Gorgeous Zourima24 November 2013
187537.39Brave 39:Full Force! 10 Dinosaurs' Power1 December 2013
187637.4Brave 40: Good and Cool! It's Tough Being an Old Man8 December 2013
187737.41Brave 41: Yanasanta! Deboss World Battle15 December 2013
187837.42Brave 42: Wonderful! Christmas of Justice22 December 2013
187937.43Brave 43: Sword of Spirit! Howling Straizer5 January 2014
188037.44Brave 44: Grinning Chaos! Countdown to Destruction12 January 2014
188137.45Brave 45: No Way, Dad! Silver's End19 January 2014
188237.46Brave 46: A Big Duel! A Blow of Love and Tears26 January 2014
188337.47Brave 47: Strike Back! The Greatest, Final Brave2 February 2014
188437.48Finale Brave: Big Explosion! Goodbye Kyoryugers9 February 2014
188538.1Starting Station: Let's Ride the Limited Express Train16 February 2014
188638.2Station 2: We Are Here23 February 2014
188738.3Station 3: If She's Imagined It, She'll Put Her Life on the Line2 March 2014
188838.4Station 4: Don't Forget Your Personal Belongings9 March 2014
188938.5Station 5: Beyond the Vanishing Tracks16 March 2014
189038.6Station 6: What Are We Looking For?23 March 2014
189138.7Station 7: Inconsolable, Unmotivated6 April 2014
189238.8Station 8: Explosion on the Rainbow Line18 April 2014
189338.9Station 9: Love is a One-Way Ticket20 April 2014
189438.1Station 10: Tokatti Dies at Sunset27 April 2014
189538.11Station 11: The Emperor of Darkness4 May 2014
189638.12Station 12: The Rainbow Commuter Pass11 May 2014
189738.13Station 13: Dash, Fire Extinguisher18 May 2014
189838.14Station 14: Perplexed Detective, Famous Detective25 May 2014
189938.15Station 15: The Thing In Your Heart1 June 2014
190038.16Station 16: The Dangerous Special Train8 June 2014
190138.17Station 17: The Sky After the Rain22 June 2014
190238.18Station 18: And What Do We Call You?29 June 2014
190338.19Station 19: Depart! Build Dai-Oh6 July 2014
190438.2Station 20: Smiling Is Dangerous13 July 2014
190538.21Station 21: The Runaway Bride20 July 2014
190638.22Station 22: The Birth of the Empress27 July 2014
190738.23Station 23: United Hand in Hand10 August 2014
190838.24Station 24: Pass the Junction17 August 2014
190938.25Station 25: Right Out of a Fairy Tale24 August 2014
191038.26Station 26: The Fight that Started in a Bathhouse31 August 2014
191138.27Station 27: A New Power7 September 2014
191238.28Station 28: Being Lame is Cool14 September 2014
191338.29Station 29: The Meeting with the Oncoming Train21 September 2014
191438.3Station 30: The Birthday Celebration28 September 2014
191538.31Station 31: The Hyper Ressha Terminal5 October 2014
191638.32Station 32: Determination12 October 2014
191738.33Station 33: Decisive Karate Match19 October 2014
191838.34Station 34: Big Romance Uproar26 October 2014
191938.35Station 35: The Terminal is Stolen9 November 2014
192038.36Station 36: Dreams Get a Perfect 10016 November 2014
192138.37Station 37: Unreasonable Quiz23 November 2014
192238.38Station 38: Let's Make a Movie30 November 2014
192338.39Station 39: The Beginning of the End7 December 2014
192438.4Station 40: Who Is He? He Is Whom?14 December 2014
192538.41Station 41: The Christmas Battle21 December 2014
192638.42Station 42: Words to Reach You28 December 2014
192738.43Station 43: Door That Won't Open11 January 2015
192838.44Station 44: To Subarugahama18 January 2015
192938.45Station 45: The Home We Left Behind25 January 2015
193038.46Station 46: The Final Destination8 February 2015
193138.47Final Station: That Which Shines15 February 2015
193239.1We are Ninja!22 February 2015
193339.2Become the Last Ninja!1 March 2015
193439.3The Powerful Enemy Gabi Appears!8 March 2015
193539.4Elephant Appears! Paonmaru!15 March 2015
193639.5Space Ninja UFOmaru!22 March 2015
193739.6Tengu Spirited Away5 April 2015
193839.7Spring Ninja Festival!12 April 2015
193939.8The Nekomata That Leapt Through Time!19 April 2015
194039.9Ninjutsu VS Magic, a Big Battle!26 April 2015
194139.1Yeehaw! The Golden Starninger3 May 2015
194239.11Shinobimaru, Come Back!10 May 2015
194339.12Ultimate Showdown! Miraculous Fusion17 May 2015
194439.13Burn Up! Ninja Sports Rally24 May 2015
194539.14Watch Out For Crying Wolf Swindlers!31 May 2015
194639.15Youkai, I Never Make a Mistake7 June 2015
194739.16Father Tsumuji is a Super Ninja!?14 June 2015
194839.17Goodbye, Star Ninger!21 June 2015
194939.18The Youkai Whom Yakumo Loved28 June 2015
195039.19Find the Celestial Otomo Nin!5 July 2015
195139.2The Chouzetsu! Lion Ha-Oh!12 July 2015
195239.21Burn Up! Dream Ninja Baseball19 July 2015
195339.22Super Combination! Ha-Oh Shurikenjin26 July 2015
195439.23It's Summer! Ninja Courage Test2 August 2015
195539.24It's Summer! Western Youkai Continually Arrive in Japan!9 August 2015
195639.25It's Summer! Beware of Dracula16 August 2015
195739.26It's Summer! Last Ninja Race Progress Report!23 August 2015
195839.27It's Summer! Birth of the Chouzetsu Star30 August 2015
195939.28Mad Dash! Kibaoni Ninja Army6 September 2015
196039.29Official Ninja Board Game!13 September 2015
196139.3The Ninja School is Targeted!20 September 2015
196239.31Ninjas On the Run!27 September 2015
196339.32Hella Hot Ninja! Achaa!4 October 2015
196439.33The Kunoichi That Loved Yakumo11 October 2015
196539.34Legendary Global Ninja, Jiraiya Calling On!18 October 2015
196639.35Kinji's Dark Path to Becoming a Youkai!25 October 2015
196739.36Kinji, Glorious Superstar!8 November 2015
196839.37Shuriken Legend ~Path of the Last Ninja~15 November 2015
196939.38Does the Witch Girl like Yakumo?22 November 2015
197039.39Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu, Appears!29 November 2015
197139.4A Dangerous Santa Claus!6 December 2015
197239.41Kibaoni Party, Five Round Duel!13 December 2015
197339.42Otomo Nin Wars! Nekomata Strikes Back20 December 2015
197439.43Legendary Ninja! The Big Youkai Karuta Card Plan27 December 2015
197539.44Final Battle! The Last Ninja's Ordeal17 January 2016
197639.45Three Generations! All Ninja Rally24 January 2016
197739.46The Finishing Shuriken, Awakens!31 January 2016
197839.47To the Future Without Hiding Wasshoi!7 February 2016
197940.1The Exhilarating Animal Land14 February 2016
198040.2Better Not Underestimate This Planet21 February 2016
198140.3Want to Go Back But Can't28 February 2016
198240.4Howl in the Ring6 March 2016
198340.5Monarch of the Jungle13 March 2016
198440.6A Wild Present20 March 2016
198540.7A Go-Go-Go-Ghost Appears27 March 2016
198640.8Melody of the Savanna3 April 2016
198740.9The Day That Won't End10 April 2016
198840.1The Most Dangerous Game17 April 2016
198940.11Big Animal Gathering24 April 2016
199040.12The Short-Nosed Elephant1 May 2016
199140.13The Summit Eyewitness8 May 2016
199240.14The Lying Thief is Foolish15 May 2016
199340.15The Terrifying Sniper22 May 2016
199440.16Find the Zyumans29 May 2016
199540.17An Extra Player Interlopes5 June 2016
199640.18Branded by Fear12 June 2016
199740.19Who to Believe26 June 2016
199840.2Monarch of the World3 July 2016
199940.21Prison Break17 July 2016
200040.22Awakening? Misunderstanding?24 July 2016
200140.23Giant Beast Hunter31 July 2016
200240.24Revived Memory7 August 2016
200340.25Unhappy Camera14 August 2016
200440.26I Want to Protect an Important Day21 August 2016
200540.27Which One is Real?28 August 2016
200640.28The Space Pirates Return4 September 2016
200740.29King of Kings11 September 2016
200840.3The Legendary Giant Beast18 September 2016
200940.31The Giant Beast Rises25 September 2016
201040.32Two-Facedness2 October 2016
201140.33Cat Trick Payback9 October 2016
201240.34The Giant Beast Hunter Strikes Back16 October 2016
201340.35The Zyuohgers' Final Day23 October 2016
201440.36Halloween Prince30 October 2016
201540.37Monarch of the Heavens13 November 2016
201640.38Soar High in the Sky20 November 2016
201740.39Calories and a Necklace27 November 2016
201840.4A Man's Ideals4 December 2016
201940.41The First and Last Chance11 December 2016
202040.42Fate of This Planet18 December 2016
202140.43The Christmas Witness25 December 2016
202240.44Monarch of Humanity8 January 2017
202340.45Undone Seal15 January 2017
202440.46The Immortal God of Destruction22 January 2017
202540.47The Final Game29 January 2017
202640.48The Earth is Our Home5 February 2017
202741.1The Number One Super Star in the Galaxy12 February 2017
202841.2Let's Go! The BN Thieves19 February 2017
202941.3The Man from the Desert Planet26 February 2017
203041.4The Dreaming Android5 March 2017
203141.5The Nine Ultimate Saviors12 March 2017
203241.6Take Flight! Dancing Star!19 March 2017
203341.7Take Back the Birthday!26 March 2017
203441.8Commander Shou Lonpou's Secret2 April 2017
203541.9Burn Up, Dragon Mastar9 April 2017
203641.1The Small Giant, Big Star!16 April 2017
203741.11The 3 KyūTama That Will Save the Galaxy23 April 2017
203841.1211 Ultimate All-Stars30 April 2017
203941.13Stinger's Challenge to His Brother!7 May 2017
204041.14Dance! Space Dragon Palace!14 May 2017
204141.15Saviors of the Ocean Planet Vela21 May 2017
204241.16Stinger is Reunited with His Brother28 May 2017
204341.17Sun Shining Upon the Dark Dome!4 June 2017
204441.18Emergency Deployment! Space Heroes!11 June 2017
204541.19Sprite of the Woodland Planet Keel25 June 2017
204641.2Stinger VS Scorpio2 July 2017
204741.21Farewell, Scorpio! Time for the Argo Ship's Revival!9 July 2017
204841.22The True Identity of the Legendary Savior23 July 2017
204941.23Be My Shield!30 July 2017
205041.24I Will Become a Shield Who Fights!6 August 2017
205141.25Planet Toki! A Boy's Resolve13 August 2017
205241.26Dark Warrior, Hebitsukai Metal20 August 2017
205341.27Indabee Panic Aboard the Orion!?27 August 2017
205441.28The BN Thieves Break Up...3 September 2017
205541.29The Strongest Warrior of the Orion System10 September 2017
205641.3Alright! The Miraculous KyūTama17 September 2017
205741.31The Big Nāga Rescue Plan!24 September 2017
205841.32Orion, Into Eternity!1 October 2017
205941.33Takeoff! Battle Orion Ship8 October 2017
206041.34The Mysterious Masked Warrior Appears15 October 2017
206141.35The Galaxy's No.1 Idol's Secret22 October 2017
206241.36The Legend from Lucky's Home Planet29 October 2017
206341.37Lucky, Reunion With His Father12 November 2017
206441.38Oh Balls! The 9 Rapid-fire Crises!19 November 2017
206541.39The Big Adventure at Perseus26 November 2017
206641.4Play Ball! The Hellish Deathball3 December 2017
206741.41Break In! Planet Southern Cross10 December 2017
206841.42Your Father or the Galaxy? Lucky's Resolve17 December 2017
206941.43Swear "Alright, Lucky" on the Holy Night24 December 2017
207041.44Don Armage's True Identity7 January 2018
207141.45Tsurugi's Life and Earth's Crisis14 January 2018
207241.46The Interval Between Hope and Despair21 January 2018
207341.47The Saviors' Promise28 January 2018
207441.48Yell Through the Galaxy! Alright, Lucky4 February 2018
207542.1Phantom Thieves Who Stir Up a Storm11 February 2018
207642.2Global Police, Give Chase18 February 2018
207742.3We'll Definitely Get Them Back25 February 2018
207842.4Forbidden Relationship4 March 2018
207942.5Targeted Global Police11 March 2018
208042.6What Must Be Protected18 March 2018
208142.7Always Being Saved25 March 2018
208242.8The Thieves' True Identities1 April 2018
208342.9To See Them Again8 April 2018
208442.1This Isn't Over Yet15 April 2018
208542.11The Filming Must Go On22 April 2018
208642.12The Magic Bracelet29 April 2018
208742.13The Best and Worst Day Off6 May 2018
208842.14The Set Trap13 May 2018
208942.15A Police Officer's Job20 May 2018
209042.16Because We Are Comrades27 May 2018
209142.17Secret Feelings3 June 2018
209242.18The Secret of the Collection10 June 2018
209342.19Punishment for Disobeying Orders17 June 2018
209442.2The New Phantom Thief is a Cop24 June 2018
209542.21Friend or Foe, Are You On Board?1 July 2018
209642.22Love is an Essential Part of Life8 July 2018
209742.23Status Gold15 July 2018
209842.24A Promise to Return Alive22 July 2018
209942.25Gonna Be the Strongest Ever29 July 2018
210042.26Black Market Auction5 August 2018
210142.27Dancing Yes-Man12 August 2018
210242.28Fight on Your Birthday Too19 August 2018
210342.29Photos are Memories26 August 2018
210442.3Together on Vacation2 September 2018
210542.31Surrendering Ganglar9 September 2018
210642.32Challenge to a Duel16 September 2018
210742.33We're the Kid Phantom Thief Club23 September 2018
210842.34The Legendary Gun30 September 2018
210942.35The Good, the Bad, and the Normal7 October 2018
211042.36Shoot the Bomb14 October 2018
211142.37The Place You Call Home21 October 2018
211242.38The Collection from Space28 October 2018
211342.39Bet It All on This11 November 2018
211442.4I Can't Stop Worrying18 November 2018
211542.41Door to Another World25 November 2018
211642.42Decisive Battle Time2 December 2018
211742.43The Man Who Came Back9 December 2018
211842.44Truth Discovered16 December 2018
211942.45Looking Forward to Christmas23 December 2018
212042.46Can't Leave the Game6 January 2019
212142.47What I Can Do Now13 January 2019
212242.48The True Faces Underneath the Masks20 January 2019
212342.49As Phantom Thieves, As Police27 January 2019
212442.5An Eternal Adieu3 February 2019
212542.51We'll Surely Meet Again10 February 2019
212643.1Que Bom! Ryusoulger17 March 2019
212743.2Make Our Souls One24 March 2019
212843.3The Spell's Gaze31 March 2019
212943.4Dragon and Tiger!! Fastest Battle7 April 2019
213043.5Hell's Guard Dog14 April 2019
213143.6Counterattack!! Tankjou21 April 2019
213243.7The Princess of Cepheus28 April 2019
213343.8The Miracle Singing Voice5 May 2019
213443.9Suspicious Treasure Chest12 May 2019
213543.1Unbeatable Counter19 May 2019
213643.11The Blazing Quiz King26 May 2019
213743.12A Scorching Illusion2 June 2019
213843.13Ryusoul Tribe Prime Minister!?9 June 2019
213943.14The Golden Knight23 June 2019
214043.15King of the Deep Sea30 June 2019
214143.16Hope Submerged into the Sea7 July 2019
214243.17The Captive Tough Guy14 July 2019
214343.18A Big Pinch! I Can't Transform!!21 July 2019
214443.19Attack on Tyramigo28 July 2019
214543.2Supreme Artist4 August 2019
214643.21The Light and Dark Kishiryū11 August 2019
214743.22The Deceased Lives!?18 August 2019
214843.23The Phantom Ryusoul25 August 2019
214943.24The Karate Dojo of Love1 September 2019
215043.25Dancing Kleon8 September 2019
215143.26The Seventh Knight15 September 2019
215243.27The Peerless Fist22 September 2019
215343.28Micro Offense and Defense29 September 2019
215443.29Canalo's Marriage6 October 2019
215543.3Knockdown! High Spec13 October 2019
215643.31Melody From the Sky20 October 2019
215743.32When the Rain of Hatred Stops27 October 2019
215843.33The New Assassin10 November 2019
215943.34The Space Dragon is Here!17 November 2019
216043.35The Earth's Biggest Battle24 November 2019
216143.36The Super Fast Bodyguard1 December 2019
216243.37Birth of the Scariest Tag!8 December 2019
216343.38The Sky Temple15 December 2019
216443.39The Stolen Christmas22 December 2019
216543.4The Nightmare in the Fog5 January 2020
216643.41The Prestigious Sword Disappeared12 January 2020
216743.42Stage of the Decisive Battle19 January 2020
216843.43Druidon Mother26 January 2020
216943.44Tested Bonds2 February 2020
217043.45Recovering a Heart9 February 2020
217143.46The Noble Kishiryu16 February 2020
217243.47In the Space Between Happiness and Despair23 February 2020
217343.48The Earth's Purpose1 March 2020
217444.1The Mashin are Born!8 March 2020
217544.2Leader Verification15 March 2020
217644.3Vise Guy! Your Opinions Are Not Needed22 March 2020
217744.4Princess of a Dying Country29 March 2020
217844.5Neglected Shovellow!5 April 2020
217944.6Waiting As My Teammate Turns Five12 April 2020
218044.7On With Your Training19 April 2020
218144.8Lightning Express26 April 2020
218244.9The Card Game Path of My Youth3 May 2020
218344.1The Girl After Shiguru10 May 2020
218444.11Repeating Time21 June 2020
218544.12Wonderdrill's Nice Guy28 June 2020
218644.13The Great Underground Decisive Battle5 July 2020
218744.14The Solitary Ace12 July 2020
218844.15Listen to Takamichi's Voice19 July 2020
218944.16Marshmallow Royale26 July 2020
219044.17House Stone2 August 2020
219144.18Fall to Darkness9 August 2020
219244.19Partner16 August 2020
219344.2Dangerous Pair23 August 2020
219444.21Occasional Fishing Expert30 August 2020
219544.22Are You Ready, Witch?6 September 2020
219644.23Mabushiina's Mother13 September 2020
219744.24Let's Make a Band!20 September 2020
219844.25The Cute Shrine Maiden27 September 2020
219944.26I Give You An Arrow Weapon4 October 2020
220044.27Runner in a Big Pinch11 October 2020
220144.28Shiguru's Tears18 October 2020
220244.29The Illusionary Atamald25 October 2020
220344.3The Proud Super Warrior8 November 2020
220444.31Toy15 November 2020
220544.32Head Over Heels For Sayo22 November 2020
220644.33Giant Animal Panic: The Big Crash!29 November 2020
220744.34Blue and Yellow Passion6 December 2020
220844.35Wanderer Mabushiina's Notebook13 December 2020
220944.36Rap20 December 2020
221044.37Sena 1/527 December 2020
221144.38Under My Uncle's Moon10 January 2021
221244.39The Emperor Has a Sniper17 January 2021
221344.4The Casualty24 January 2021
221444.41I Want to Be What I Am31 January 2021
221544.42Battles Without Honor and Humanity7 February 2021
221644.43Dirty Hero14 February 2021
221744.44Let Him Rest in Peace21 February 2021
221844.45You All Have Sparkled28 February 2021
221945.1The World of Kikai is Kikikaikai!7 March 2021
222045.2The Gao Beast is Troublesome!14 March 2021
222145.3A Serious Witch!21 March 2021
222245.4It's Huge and Noisy!28 March 2021
222345.5A Sushi Tournament!4 April 2021
222445.6Unpleasant and Mysterious Garbage Handling!11 April 2021
222545.7The Prince of the Demon World is Short-Tempered!18 April 2021
222645.8Door to Door from Another World?!25 April 2021
222745.9World Pirates, Pleasant Twokai!2 May 2021
222845.1Blue Sky Day and Night!9 May 2021
222945.11Everyone's Playing Tag?!16 May 2021
223045.12Super Slow Snail, a Mussel!23 May 2021
223145.13Recycling Once Again!30 May 2021
223245.14Duel! Zenkai VS Twokai!6 June 2021
223345.15Tune in! A Sharp Turn into Retro!13 June 2021
223445.16It's a Magnet at its Limit!20 June 2021
223545.17Nununu Occult Club!27 June 2021
223645.18Life is Short, Fall in Love at Full-Force!4 July 2021
223745.19Zenkai Change, Super Zenkai!11 July 2021
223845.2Swordsman and World Pirate, A Brother's Promise.18 July 2021
223945.21Giant Monsters of Great Destruction!1 August 2021
224045.22Let's Have a Bullfighting Party!8 August 2021
224145.23Three Great Combos, The Biggest Battle on Earth!15 August 2021
224245.24The Invasion is Complete! Can You Recapture it?!22 August 2021
224345.25Start Over! Zenkaiger-kai!29 August 2021
224445.26Remodeled Prince and Dark Surgeon!5 September 2021
224545.27A Great Voyage Through Seven Worlds!12 September 2021
224645.28Weekly Shonen Manga World of Great Illustrations!19 September 2021
224745.29Do You Know The Prince's Aim?26 September 2021
224845.3Is the Machine Next Door Persimmon-Eating Destruction?!!3 October 2021
224945.31Full Combination! New Release!10 October 2021
225045.32Sakasama Gets Angry! Is That a Monkey?17 October 2021
225145.33Great Teacher Demon Master!24 October 2021
225245.34Pumpkin Carving Competition!31 October 2021
225345.35Diamond ◆ A Big One?!14 November 2021
225445.36The Surprisingly Shocking Great Kidnapping!21 November 2021
225545.37Grudge Radish, Deep Roots!28 November 2021
225645.38Your Ancestors! Great Spirit World5 December 2021
225745.39Infinite Happy Birthdays!12 December 2021
225845.4Rescue My Father, One Chance!19 December 2021
225945.41The Slippery Depths of the Noodle Swamp!26 December 2021
226045.42New Hero! Secret Meeting!!9 January 2022
226145.43The Weather Chicken's Head is Directly Opposite the Wind!16 January 2022
226245.44SD Equals Small Plus Deformed?!23 January 2022
226345.45Is it the Lowest Fortune?!30 January 2022
226445.46A Little God Who Jumped Out!6 February 2022
226545.47Enter The Palace! I'm Proud Even In Front of The Boss!13 February 2022
226645.48Sky Full of Stars, The Dynasty Collapses!20 February 2022
226745.49My World, Everyone's World27 February 2022
226846.1Avataro6 March 2022
226946.2Big Peach, Small Peach13 March 2022
227046.3Light Thief20 March 2022
227146.4Onigiri Rice Balls27 March 2022
227246.5Holed Up Dog3 April 2022
227346.6Short-Lived Pheasant10 April 2022
227446.7Group of Teachers17 April 2022
227546.8Long Hair Captivity24 April 2022
227646.9Worn Out Taro and Robotaro1 May 2022
227746.1The Oni Saw The Rainbow8 May 2022
227846.11The Dog Gets Sunstroke15 May 2022
227946.12The Moon Is Lying22 May 2022
228046.13Goodbye Taro29 May 2022
228146.14Substitute Jiro5 June 2022
228246.15Welcome Back Taro12 June 2022
228346.16Darkness Switch19 June 2022
228446.17Light and Tsubasa26 June 2022
228546.18A Jawsome Strike3 July 2022
228646.19Hello Ghost10 July 2022
228746.2High Nose Elegy17 July 2022
228846.21The Extreme Ramen Path24 July 2022
228946.22Hellish Road of Manga31 July 2022
229046.23Dog Becomes a Dog7 August 2022
229146.24Son, Trench Coat for Two14 August 2022
229246.25Hero-Worker21 August 2022
229346.26Finale Forward Step-Out28 August 2022
229446.27Duel for Real4 September 2022
229546.28Secret's Secret11 September 2022
229646.29Mourning and Murasame18 September 2022
229746.3Juto Hunter25 September 2022
229846.31Doggie Face Reveal2 October 2022
229946.32Duel Part 29 October 2022
230046.33The Wasshoi Bird16 October 2022
230146.34Natsumi Meets Me23 October 2022
230246.35Origami Song30 October 2022
230346.36Dog Dog Battle13 November 2022
230446.37I and Ni and Za and Shi20 November 2022
230546.38Nonsensical Cooking27 November 2022
230646.39Unexpected Button Pressing4 December 2022
230746.4Dangerous Love Ride11 December 2022
230846.41Santa Struggling18 December 2022
230946.42Off-Putting Family25 December 2022
231046.43Run Through Time, Run Through the Mysteries8 January 2023
231146.44White Revealed, Black Revealed15 January 2023
231246.45Laughing Village, Rugged Village22 January 2023
231346.46A Natsumi Night's Dream29 January 2023
231446.47DonNo Conference5 February 2023
231546.489 Donbro12 February 2023
231646.49Last Memories19 February 2023
231746.5We Have Made True Bonds26 February 2023

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