List of Manowar Album Flags

All country flags featured on Manowar albums

This list presents the flags of countries present in the Manowar discography, respectively ordered by year and by disc.

1United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUnited KingdomHail to EnglandFull-length1984
2LatviaLatviaKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
3GreeceGreeceKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
4ItalyItalyKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
5DenmarkDenmarkKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
6FinlandFinlandKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
7SpainSpainKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
8JapanJapanKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
9DenmarkDenmarkKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
10BrazilBrazilKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
11CanadaCanadaKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
12PolandPolandKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
13NetherlandsNetherlandsKings of Metal / Herz aus StahlSingle1988
14BelgiumBelgiumKings of MetalFull-length1988
15NetherlandsNetherlandsKings of MetalFull-length1988
16NorwayNorwayKings of MetalFull-length1988
17United States of AmericaUnited StatesKings of MetalFull-length1988
18United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUnited KingdomKings of MetalFull-length1988
19SwitzerlandSwitzerlandKings of MetalFull-length1988
20ItalyItalyKings of MetalFull-length1988
21GermanyGermanyKings of MetalFull-length1988
22FranceFranceKings of MetalFull-length1988
23SwedenSwedenKings of MetalFull-length1988
24FranceFranceLive in FranceSingle1999
25GermanyGermanyLive in GermanySingle1999
26PortugalPortugalLive in PortugalSingle1999
27SpainSpainLive in SpainSingle1999
28ItalyItalyWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
29SwitzerlandSwitzerlandWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
30JapanJapanWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
31United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUnited KingdomWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
32Russian FederationRussiaWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
33FranceFranceWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
34LatviaLatviaWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
35ArgentinaArgentinaWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
36SpainSpainWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
37DenmarkDenmarkWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
38CzechiaCzechiaWarriors of the World UnitedSingle2002
39LatviaLatviaWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
40SwedenSwedenWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
41NorwayNorwayWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
42FinlandFinlandWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
43NetherlandsNetherlandsWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
44ItalyItalyWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
45BrazilBrazilWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
46GermanyGermanyWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
47United States of AmericaUnited StatesWarriors of the WorldFull-length2002
48United States of AmericaUnited StatesAn American Trilogy / The Fight for FreedomSingle2002
49BulgariaBulgariaLive in Bulgaria Kaliakra Rock FestSplit Video2007
50FinlandFinlandThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
51SpainSpainThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
52FranceFranceThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
53NetherlandsNetherlandsThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
54GermanyGermanyThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
55CzechiaCzechiaThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
56Russian FederationRussiaThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
57United States of AmericaUnited StatesThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
58DenmarkDenmarkThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
59NorwayNorwayThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
60SwedenSwedenThe Lord of Steel - LiveEP2013
61IsraelIsraelKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
62IrelandIrelandKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
63ChileChileKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
64SloveniaSloveniaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
65CzechiaCzechiaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
66RomaniaRomaniaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
67Russian FederationRussiaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
68BulgariaBulgariaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
69TurkeyTurkeyKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
70PortugalPortugalKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
71EstoniaEstoniaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
72ArgentinaArgentinaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
73LithuaniaLithuaniaKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014
74PolandPolandKings of Metal MMXIVFull-length2014

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