List of Black Clover Manga Chapters

Black Clover

Black Clover is a fantasy shonen manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. Check out our Black Clover lists:

All Black Clover chapters

We present all the chapters of the manga Black Clover. When new chapters are released, they will be added to the list.

1The Boy's Vow
2The Magic Knights Entrance Exam
3The Road to the Wizard King
4The Black Bulls
5The Other New Member
6Go! Go! First Mission
8Those Who Protect
9The Boy's Vow 2
10What Happened One Day in the Castle Town
13The Diamond Mage
16Mortal Combat
18Inside the Treasure Hall
19Memories of You
20One Instant
21Destruction and Salvation
22Assembly at the Royal Capital
23The Distinguished Service Ceremony
24Capital Riot
25March of the Dead
26Wild Magic Dance
27We Can Get Stronger
29Bad Loser
30A New Rival
31The Crimson Lion King
32The One Who Waits Deep in the Darkness
34Wounded Beasts
35The Strongest Guy
37Next Time We Meet
38The One I've Set My Heart On
39The Mirror Mage
40Pursuit over the Snow
42Three-Leaf Sprouts
43Explosion of Malice
45To Help Somebody Someday
46The Man Who Cuts Death
47Light Magic vs. Dark Magic
49Sin for Sin
50The Light of Judgement
51Three Eyes
52The One with No Magic
53They're Not Yours
54The Magic Knight Captains Conference
55The Captains and the Peasant Boy
56Three-Leaf Salute
57A Black Beach Story
58The Water Girl Grows Up
59The Underwater Temple
60The High Priest's Game
61Temple Battle Royale
62Rule of the Strong
63A Game with Lives at Stake
64The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning
65The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
66True Form
69The Only Weapon
70Despair vs. Hope
71Slice Open Destiny
72Beyond Limits
73End of the Battle, End of Despair
74Proof of Rightness
75The Kiten War
76The Strongest Brigade
77Whoever's Strongest Wins
78The Underdog's Declaration
79Behind the Mask
80Never Again
81Because He's Like That
82The Forest of Witches
84Battlefield Decision
85The Raging Bulls Charge
86Flames of Hatred
87Not A Failure
88Devastating Thrust
89Defectors' Atonement
91Explosive Enthusiasm
92Won't Let You Die
93The Promised World
94The Tables Turn
95Those Who Boost Each Other Up
97It's Nothing
98He's Himself
100The Red Thread of Fate
101I'm Home
102Asta's Day Off
103A Fun Festival Double Date
104The Briar Maiden's Melancholy
105Two New Stars
106We Got This Far
107The King of the Clover Kingdom
108The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness
109The Yultim Volcano Trail
110Saint Elmo's Fire
111Into the Hot Spring
112The Royal Knights Selection Test
113The Magic Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament
114Flower of Resolution
116The Vice Captain of the Coral Peacocks
117The Two Spatial Magic Users
118Mage X
120Bad Blood
121Thrash Him
122My Way
123Peasant Trap
124Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Runt
125It Was Beautiful
126Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother
127Gold and Black Sparks
128The One Who Wins Till the End...
129The Life of a Certain Man
130Burn It into You
131Going On Ahead
132The Victors
133Formation of the Royal Knights
135Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!!
136A Surging Advance
137Mereoleona vs. Raia the Disloyal
139The Black Bulls Hideout
140You Probably Don't Know, But...
141Crazy Magic Battle
143The Wizard King Vs. The Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun
144This Man is...!
145Julius Novachrono
146New Future
147An End and a Beginning
148Until Now
151Overwhelming Disadvantage
152Troublesome Woman
153The Desperate Path Toward Survival
154Golden Wind
155We Won't Lose to You
156True Form, True Power
157Fall, or Save the Kingdom
158The Lives of the Village in the Sticks
159Release from Misfortune
160You Probably Don't Know
161Human Bonds
162Lightning of Rage vs. Friends
163Smiles, Tears
164The Good-For-Nothings Rise Up!!
165The Black Bulls Charge
166The Resurrected Avenger
167Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement
168A Fight Between Those Who Swore Loyalty to the Same Man
169The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild Rose
170The Fallen Make Their Move
171The Sleeping Lion
173The Battle for Clover Castle
174Flying In
175The Silvas' Battle
177Battlefield Dancer
178Human Magic
179Battle for the Royal Chamber
180Sharpened Blades
181Spatial Mage Brothers
182The Apostles of Sephira
183The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!!
184Dream World
185Dream Encounter
186The Eyes in the Mirror
187Battle in the Space Between Heaven and Earth
188Why I Lived This Long
189Humans Who Can Be Trusted
191Storming the Shadow Palace
192Two Crimson Fists
193The Final Invaders
197False Hope
198The Five-Leaf Grimoire
199The Ultimate Natural Enemy
200World of Light
201The Top Level of the Shadow Palace
202From Another World
203Breaking the Seal
204Last Wish
205The Truth of 500 Years
206A Reunion Across Time and Space
207Ultimate Magic
210On the Brink
211The Final Attack
212Destiny's End
213The Great Soul Tree
215Three Problems
216Power Balance
217The Scales of Justice
218The Worst of the Worst
219As Pitch Black as It Gets
221The Blue Rose's Confession
222Just Between Us
223The Agrippa Family
224You Are Cursed
225The Heart Kingdom
226The Spirit Guardian's Magic"
227The All-Knowing Priestess
228Arcane Stage Mages
229The Beginning of Hope and Despair
230I'll Crush You
231The Dark Triad
232Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows
233Fate Begins to Move
234The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom
235Dark Disciples
236There's No Way We're The Same
237Sheer Obstinacy
238Zeno's Power
239Budding of Yggdrasil
240The Great War Breaks Out
241Super Midair Battle
242Humans and Evil
243Devil Host vs. Devil Host
244Cinderella Grey
245Dante vs. the Captain of the Black Bulls
246The Tree of Qliphoth
247Battlefield: Heart Kingdom
248Luck vs. Svenkin
249Leopold vs. Sivoir
250Charmy vs. Halbet
251The Curse Devil
252Water Crusade
254Power Differential
255Exploding Life
256A Captain's Duty
257Rise to Action
258Black Oath
259Raging Bull Unison
261Shadows of Night
262A Turbulent Conference
263Shadow Intel
264Stirrings of the Strongest
266Dark Garden Invitation
267The Devil-Binding Ritual
269The One Who Can't Use Magic
272Dark Prison Hunting Ground
273Day of Destiny
274The Battle Begins
275Hellfire Incarnate
277The Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn
278Undying Bodies
279The Door to Hell
280Surging Disaster
281Assault on the Kingdom
282Black Guardian
283A Huge Melee
284Ultimate Magic
285A Hellish Game of Tag
286A Night With No Morning
287Day of Atonement
289Freezing Sun
290The Highest vs. the Lowest
291A Duel with a Distant Inferior
293Smash Injustice
294As Promised
295Revenge Match
296The Sacred Valkyrie
298Transient Life
299The Sound of The End
300Beyond Tenacity
301Those Feelings
302Convergence of Hope
303Glad Tidings
304Reality and Magic
305The Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn
307A Devil's Heart
308Yuno Grinberryall
310Unyielding Right and Wrong
311Make it Home Alive
312Before the Door of Hell
313The Captain of the Black Bulls
314The Mass
315Ultra Giant Showdown
316Slash of the Unchosen
318In the Presence of the Devil King
319Grand Magic Knights vs. King of Devils
320The Cause of All This
322The Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls
324Kids' Playground
325Dark, Starry Night
327Anti Magic
329The King of Devils and the Boys with No Magic
330Declaration to the Shadows
331And the Time starts to move
332Final Declaration
333The World's Savior and Its Flaw
334Fragile Soul
336The Final Enemy
338Trouble on a Foreign Road
340An Opening
342Watch the Night
343Black Clash
344Writhing Sacred Pulse
346Five Zetten
347Truth in the Lie
349Asta vs. Sister Lily
350The Holy Woman's Confession
351With the Shogun of the Hino Country
352Well Done
353Banquet in Full Swing
354Judgment Day
355The Star Prince
357The Final Slash
358Flame Burial
359The Dancing Princess of the Battlefield Returns

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