List of PewDiePie Donations to Charity


PewDiePie is the name of Felix Kjellberg’s YouTube channel, one of the most popular in the world with over 100 million subscribers. The channel’s content focuses mainly on internet memes and video games.

All money raised by PewDiePie

This list shows all the money that has been raised by or with the help of PewDiePie to help various charities. Currently, Felix Kjellberg has already helped with the contribution of more than 4.7 million dollars to these institutions.

2012-02World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Wilderness Preservation$10,000[source]
2012-09St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalHelping children with cancer and other diseases$34,395[source]
2013-07Charity: WaterProviding drinking water to developing nations$446,462[source]
2014-03Save the ChildrenHelping underprivileged children with better education, healthcare, and economic opportunity$630,000[source]
2015-12SeveralCollaborate with other YouTubers in a Ellen DeGeneres' campaign to help diverse social entities$250,000[source]
2016-02Charity: WaterProviding drinking water to developing nations$152,239[source]
2016-07Crisis Text LineText-based personal support for anyone???[source]
2016-12(RED)Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa$1,300,000[source]
2018-12Child Rights for You (CRY)Helping Indian children living in poverty£173,682[source]
2019-03Brooklyn’s Cadman PlazaSupport for Brooklyn park after WWII memorial was vandalized???[source]
2019-03New Zealand Islamic Information Centre (NZIIC)Support the victims and families of shootings in 2 mosques in New Zealand???[source]
2019-07National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)Building better lives for people suffering from mental illness$32,020[source]
2019-10Team TreesInitiative to plant 20 million trees $69,420[source]
2020-01Wildfires Emergency AppealWildfire Emergency Appeal after fires in Australia$1,600[source]
2020-05George Floyd Memorial FundMemorial Fund for George Floyd???[source]
2020-06Winston's WishSupport children and their families after the death of a parent or sibling£29,666[source]
2020-06SeveralSupport victims of police violence, the sentencing project and for small business effected by looting/riots$116,000[source]
2020-07Save the ChildrenYemen Humanitarian Crisis£89,000[source]
2020-08Lebanese Red CrossSupport victims of the Beirut Explosion$100,000[source]
2021-01Save The Children LebanonLifesaving aid, protection and education opportunities helping children in Lebanon$163,588[source]
2021-01Blue Ocean FoundationPromoting healthy economic development in Colorado, US$136,919[source]
2021-01PapyrusPrevent young suicide$149,561[source]
2021-01MovemberFocusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer$148,795[source]
2021-01Comic Relief / Red Nose DayHelp protect children from the ripple effects of COVID-19$145,442[source]
2021-03BookTrustSupport children and families to access and develop joy of reading$129,073[source]
2021-04BlueCross FoundationHelps rehome and rescue different pet animals$133,169[source]
2021World Food ProgramHunger and food security???[source]
2021Make A WishFulfill the wishes of children with a critical illness???[source]
2021Alzheimer's ResearchAlzheimer's Research???[source]
2021Centre for Effective AltruismHelps to build and support the effective altruism community???[source]

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