List of Oscar Winners by Category


The Academy Awards, also known as Oscars, are awards given annually since 1929 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). These aim to reward the personalities and movies that stood out in the previous year in the most diverse categories in the film industry.

Amount of Oscar winners per category

This list quantifies the number of Oscars that have been awarded in each category of the Academy Awards. Categories that have acquired different nomenclatures over the years appear in this list separately. Both Awards of Merit and Honorary Awards categories are here presented.

Actor in a Leading Role46
Actor in a Supporting Role86
Actress in a Leading Role46
Actress in a Supporting Role86
Animated Feature Film21
Art Direction59
Art Direction (Black-and-white)25
Art Direction (Color)25
Assistant Director11
Award of Commendation12
Best Motion Picture18
Best Picture60
Cinematography (Black-and-white)27
Cinematography (Color)27
Costume Design57
Costume Design (Black-and-white)17
Costume Design (Color)17
Dance Direction3
Directing (Comedy Picture)1
Directing (Dramatic Picture)1
Documentary (Feature)79
Documentary (Short Subject)80
Engineering Effects1
Film Editing88
Foreign Language Film63
Gordon E. Sawyer Award26
Honorary Award127
Honorary Foreign Language Film Award5
International Feature Film3
Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award39
Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award42
John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation20
Makeup and Hairstyling10
Medal of Commendation18
Music (Adaptation Score)1
Music (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)19
Music (Music Score of a Dramatic Picture)1
Music (Music Score--substantially Original)4
Music (Original Dramatic Score)8
Music (Original Music Score)2
Music (Original Musical or Comedy Score)4
Music (Original Score--for a Motion Picture [not a Musical])2
Music (Original Score)47
Music (Original Song Score and Its Adaptation -or- Adaptation Score)2
Music (Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Adaptation Score)2
Music (Original Song Score or Adaptation Score)1
Music (Original Song Score)2
Music (Original Song)47
Music (Score of a Musical Picture--original or Adaptation)2
Music (Scoring of a Musical Picture)20
Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or Treatment)6
Music (Scoring: Adaptation and Original Song Score)2
Music (Scoring: Original Song Score and Adaptation -or- Scoring: Adaptation)3
Music (Scoring)8
Music (Song--original For The Picture)5
Music (Song)36
Outstanding Motion Picture3
Outstanding Picture2
Outstanding Production11
Production Design10
Scientific and Technical Award (Academy Award of Merit)21
Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)155
Scientific and Technical Award (Special Award)1
Scientific and Technical Award (Technical Achievement Award)232
Scientific or Technical Award (Academy Award of Merit)11
Scientific or Technical Award (Class I)18
Scientific or Technical Award (Class II)91
Scientific or Technical Award (Class III)182
Scientific or Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)67
Scientific or Technical Award (Technical Achievement Award)89
Short Film (Animated)48
Short Film (Dramatic Live Action)1
Short Film (Live Action)48
Short Subject (Animated)3
Short Subject (Cartoon)39
Short Subject (Color)2
Short Subject (Comedy)4
Short Subject (Live Action)17
Short Subject (Novelty)4
Short Subject (One-reel)21
Short Subject (Two-reel)21
Sound Editing21
Sound Effects5
Sound Effects Editing16
Sound Mixing17
Sound Recording28
Special Achievement Award3
Special Achievement Award (Sound Editing)1
Special Achievement Award (Sound Effects Editing)4
Special Achievement Award (Sound Effects)1
Special Achievement Award (Visual Effects)9
Special Award56
Special Effects25
Special Foreign Language Film Award2
Special Visual Effects8
Unique and Artistic Picture1
Visual Effects41
Writing (Adaptation)5
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)20
Writing (Motion Picture Story)10
Writing (Original Motion Picture Story)5
Writing (Original Screenplay)30
Writing (Original Story)12
Writing (Screenplay Adapted From Other Material)2
Writing (Screenplay Based On Material From Another Medium)13
Writing (Screenplay Based On Material Previously Produced or Published)11
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly For The Screen--based On Factual Material or On Story Material Not Previously Published or Produced)2
Writing (Screenplay Written Directly For The Screen)24
Writing (Screenplay--adapted)1
Writing (Screenplay--based On Material From Another Medium)19
Writing (Screenplay--original)1
Writing (Screenplay)21
Writing (Story and Screenplay--based On Factual Material or Material Not Previously Published or Produced)4
Writing (Story and Screenplay--based On Material Not Previously Published or Produced)1
Writing (Story and Screenplay--written Directly For The Screen)12
Writing (Story and Screenplay)7
Writing (Title Writing)1

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