List of Generations by Year


Generations is the terminology given to groups of people born in a certain period of time. This period of time is defined based on significant events occurring in the world at that time. Up until Lost Generation, the Strauss–Howe generational theory years of birth were taken into account. After that, other more commonly accepted dates are presented. Generations can be identified by year of birth or age.

Birth years from all generations

This list shows all generations that have been named.

Birth Year
Birth Year
1Arthurian Generation1433146028
2Humanist Generation1461148222
3Reformation Generation1483151129
4Reprisal Generation1512154029
5Elizabethan Generation1541156525
6Parliamentary Generation1566158722
7Puritan Generation1588161730
8Cavalier Generation1618164730
9Glorious Generation1648167326
10Enlightenment Generation1674170027
11Awakening Generation1701172323
12Liberty Generation1724174118
13Republican Generation1742176625
14Compromise Generation1767179125
15Transcendental Generation1792182130
16Gilded Generation1822184221
17Progressive Generation1843185917
18Missionary Generation1860188223
19Lost Generation1883190018
20Greatest Generation (aka G.I. Generation)1901192727
21Silent Generation1928194518
22Baby Boomers (aka Baby Boom Generation)1946196419
23Generation X (aka 13th Generation)1965198016
24Millennials (aka Millennial Generation)1981199616
25Generation Z (aka Homeland Generation)1997201216
26Generation Alpha2013202513

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